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Plzen - Pilsner Urquell Brewery and Beer Museum and Beer Tasting

Brewing and beer tasting. Passages of the brewery cellars. Beer museum.

Order Tour Code: C SWW1
Tour availability: Tour available in summer season Tour available in winter season

Don’t miss the oldest beer museum and the most famous brewery in the world. The Pilsner Urquell was the first beer made with the lower fermentation method. Come and taste the best beer in CR. It is open every day.

A combination with Krivoklat castle , Karlstejn castle , Nizbor crystal factory or Karlovy Vary - Carlsbad spa is available.

By touring the Pilsen brewery you will learn about the unique brewing process for Pilsner Urquell, the only original of Pilsner type beer.
Your first stop will be in the modern Visitors´ Centre, which is dominated by a model of the brewery from the previous centre. Here we show a short film on the history of Plzensky Prazdroj.
During the tour you will visit the authentic places where Pilsner Urquell has been produced from the beginning. You will go through the heart of the brewery, the brew house, by a labyrinth of storage cellars which have retained the traditional methods for producing beer.
The tour is combined with a tasting of unfiltered Pilsner Urquell beer in the original cellars.

The world famous Pilsner Urquell beer is brewed in this town. During the tour in the Pilsner Brewery visitors can sample it in one of 9km long passages of the brewery cellars. The tradition of beer brewing in Plzen dates back to the days of city founding in the late 13th century. However, only the 1840s brought the significant improvements to the beer-brewing process. This type of beer produced in Plzen for over 150 years is generaly considered the archetype of a quality of light lager. The technology and name are imitated by many beer brewers. It is possible to have lunch in the brewery restaurant. Than you can go to see the historical city centre .
Don´t miss to see the unique BREWERY MUSEUM in the town Plzen . It is the oldest brewery museum in the world . The history of brewing in Bohemia is very interesting - the first written mention of brewing of beer here is from 1088, even though it is safe to assume that beer was produced here much earlier. The mobile model of the steam brewing house is installed there - it is a technical curiosity. You can see there also two-floor medieval cellar, carved out in the rock,it served to store the fermentation vats, the lager-barrels, and the ice which kept the room cool.

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History of brewing in Pilsen Beer began to be brewed in Pilsen shortly after the founding of the royal city in 1295. The right to malt, brew and serve beer was inherited and always related to a burgher's house. From the time of Wenceslaus II, 250 Pilsen burghers obtained this right. However, over seven hundred years the burghers brewed poor-quality, top-fermented beer, and as a result better beer was imported from Bavaria or Saxony and cheaper beer from the surrounding areas.
In 1839 the burgher brewers joined together and became shareholders in a modern brewery, which was to produce sufficient amounts of good beer. This happened, and in 1842 the Mesťansky pivovar (Burgess' Brewery) opened its gates for the first time to receive the famous specialist from Bavaria, the brewer Josef Groll. Groll, not yet thirty years of age, succeeded in brewing the first golden, full-bodied and delicious bottom-fermented beer - the Pilsen pale lager.
"What admiration there was when its golden colour shone forth and its snow-white foam rose above it, how the drinkers rejoiced at how this local product gloried in the full, remarkable taste, previously unknown for beer", recorded a chronicler.
The new beer's fame quickly spread and meant the end of imports into Pilsen. The beer also won renown beyond Pilsen and soon led to its export. This was the job of the carriers, whose heavy wagons crossed the country from town to town. There was exceptional interest in the Pilsen pale lager - it soon reached the west Bohemian spas and the rich patients from the German states and France, and it gradually began to gain the admiration of the world, including America in the 1870s. In the meantime, attempts increased both at home and abroad to imitate the beer, causing the Mesťansky pivovar in 1859 to register the trademark Plzenske pivo - Pilsner Bier. The number of breweries in Pilsen also increased - all brewed Pilsner beer and enjoyed the fame of the beer produced by the Mesťansky pivovar. And this led to a further change. In 1898 the trademark that is famous today, Pilsner Urquell (in Czech Plzensky Prazdroj) was created (apparently in conjunction with the Mesťansky pivovar's Berlin business representatives) and registered.
In this respect it's necessary to mention that beers called Pils, Pilsner or Pilsener is today produced all over the world. Their consumers don't associate them with the city of Pilsen but only with the excellent, strongly hop-flavoured golden pale lager which was first brewed in the Pilsen Mesťansky pivovar in 1842.
This beer of unparalleled quality, comparable in its appearance to a work of art, is a symbol of the Czech nation's skill and ability. It's the most effective and friendliest way of spreading the country's good name all around the world. Pilsner Urquell inspires by its originality. Brewers, artists, businessmen, millions of people who sit down at a table with their friends.

SW from Prague – 1,5hours

Trips :
1)Plzen brewery and museum trip number SWW1 – 6-8hour round trip

Trips combinations :
2)Plzen CSWW1 + Krivoklat castle CW1 - 9hour round trip
3)Plzen CSWW1 + Karlstejn castle CSW1 - 9hour round trip
4)Plzen CSWW1 + Nizbor crystal factory CW3 - 9hour round trip
5)Plzen CSWW1 + Karlovy Vary spa CWW2, or Karlovy Vary spa with seeing the Moser Glassworks CWW3 – 10hour round trip
6)Plzen CSWW1 + Nizbor crystal factory CW3 + Krivoklat castle CW1 - 11hour round trip
7)Plzen CSWW1 + Nizbor crystal factory CW3 + Karlstejn castle CSW1 - 11hour round trip
8)Plzen CSWW1 + Karlstejn castle CSW1 + Krivoklat castle CW1 - 11hour round trip
9)Plzen CSWW1 + Nizbor crystal factory CW3 + Karlovy Vary spa CWW2, or Karlovy Vary spa with seeing the Moser Glassworks CWW3 - 12hour round trip
10)Plzen CSWW1 + Krivoklat castle CW1 + Karlovy Vary spa CWW2, or Karlovy Vary spa with seeing the Moser Glassworks CWW3 - 12hour round trip
11)Plzen CSWW1 + Karlstejn castle CSW1 + Karlovy Vary spa CWW2, or Karlovy Vary spa with seeing the Moser Glassworks CWW3 - 12hour round trip
12)Plzen CSWW1 + Marianske Lazne spa & Porcelain Factory Slavkov CWW1 - 10hour round trip
13)Plzen CSWW1 + Marianske Lazne spa & Porcelain Porcelain Factory Slavkov CWW1 + Karlovy Vary spa CWW2, or Karlovy Vary spa with seeing the Moser Glassworks CWW3 - 12hour round trip
14)Plzen CSWW1 + Marianske Lazne spa & Porcelain Factory Slavkov CWW1 + Karlovy Vary spa CWW2, or Karlovy Vary spa with seeing the Moser Glassworks CWW3 + Sirem of F.Kafka CB3 - 13hour round trip
15)Plzen CSWW1 + Cesky Krumlov town and castle CSS1 - 12hour round trip
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