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Dobris Chateau

Privately Owned Chateau. Possibility Of Private Tours Any Time. Romantic Private Night Touring Of The Chateau Interiors After A Reservation.

Order Tour Code: C S2
Tour availability: Tour available in summer season Tour available in winter season

This lovely rococo chateau dates from the 18th century. Once appropriated by the Union of Communist Writers, whose ghosts are still wondering around the chateau rooms how the guides witness, it was returned to its rightful owners, the Colloredo-Mansfelds in 1998 and is now a private residence open to the public.
We can arrange for you the night private tour of the cheateu after a reservation in advance, it is open also in winter.
A combination with Antonin Dvorak´s Museum , or the Pilgrim Site of the Holy Mountain in Pribram is possible.

The rococo chateau with its expressive plastery descends from 1745-1765, when its reconstruction realized Jindřich Pavel Mansfeld. His daughter Marie Isabella got married with František Gundakar Colloredo. This was the foundation of the noble stock Colloredo-Mansfeld, which was staying untill the second world war. In 1942 was the chateau expropriated by the nacis and in 1945 it revolved to the state and was used for about 50 years as the home of writers. In 1998 it was returned together with the French and English Park into private property. The nowadays owner is Dipl. Ing. Jerome Colloredo-Mansfeld.

The price list of Private Country Trips.

Opening hours: from Monday to Sunday
November-March: 8.30a.m. - 4.00p.m.
April- May: 8.30a.m. - 5.00p.m.
June-October: 8.30a.m. - 5.30p.m.

1 hour to drive - SW
4 hour round trip

Trips :
1)Dobris castle trip number S2 – 4hour round trip

Trips combinations :
2)Dobris castle S2 + Karlstejn SW1 – 6hour round trip
3)Dobris castle S2 + Holy Mountain in Pribram S1 – 6hour round trip
4)Dobris castle S2 + Orlik castle S4 - 6hour round trip
5)Dobris castle S2 + Pribram museums S1 - 6-8 hour round trip
6)Dobris castle S2 + Holy Mountain in Pribram S1 – 6-8hour round trip
7)Dobris castle S2 + Karlstejn castle SW1 + Holy Mountain in Pribram S1 – 8hour round trip
8)Dobris castle S2 + Plzen brewery SWW1 - 8hour round trip
9)Dobris castle S2 + Karlstejn castle SW1 + Nizbor crystal factory W3 – 8hour round trip
10)Dobris castle S2 + Hluboka castle SS3 - 8hour round trip
11)Dobris castle S2 + Pribram museums S3 + Holy Mountain in Pribram S1 - 8-10 hour round trip
12)Dobris castle S2 + Orlik castle S4 + Hluboka castle SS3 - 10hour round trip
13)Dobris castle S2 + Nizbor crystal factory W3 + Plzen brewery SWW1 - 10hour round trip
14)Dobris castle S2 + Karlstejn castle SW1 + Plzen brewery SWW1 - 11hour round trip
15)Dobris castle S2 + Holy Mountain in Pribram S1 + Plzen brewery SWW1 - 11hour round trip
16)Dobris castle S2 + Plzen brewery SWW1 + Hluboka castle SS3 - 11hour round trip
17)Dobris castle S2 + Cesky Krumlov SS1 – 12hour round trip

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The price list of Private Country Trips.

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Last updated on Feb 10, 2011