Extending tables/lists in a custom web-page

Selectable option:

Change this page with extending tables/lists in this page


The page has at least one table or list, where you can define, how many rows this table/list should have.

For each existing row of the extendible table/list, you can:

You can also insert new rows after the last existing row.

If the table/list has no rows yet (it is empty), you can insert new rows on the place of the table/list, thus creating the table/list.

You must supply a number for each row of an extendible table/list. The number is set to 0 on the beginning and you can leave it on this value for all rows you don't want to rearrange.
For the different selectable options on the row the number has the following meaning:

After you are done with rearranging/extending/deleting the table rows, Submit request to get into the Change this page form to finish your changes of the page.

You will notice, that in the Change this page form the tables/lists are already rearranged in the way you have requested and you can fill in the data there.

If you don't want to rearrange any tables/lists, but want only change data, you can select Change this page directly from the maintenance menu.

You don't have to supply any password here, because you cannot change anything on the server from here. You only request the server to send you the Change this page form with appropriately rearranged tables/lists.