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Golfing in the Czech Republic

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We arrange cross-country tours in the Czech Republic. These tours take in the most interesting and significant sights, and even allow you to spend evenings in local castles. You can also combine the tours with golfing - we will take you to the country's best links for your games.

Contact us and we will suggest the special program just for you.
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The main golf season in the Czech Republic is from April to October, however, in winter time you could usually play several golf courses in the area of Prague. Golf has got a long tradition and a high level of standard in the Czech Republic. The first golf course were built on the territory of the Czech Republic already in time of the Austro-Hungarian monarchy and they weer at the same time the first ones in the entire Austro-Hungarian monarchy. It was established in Karlovy Vary spa (Carlsbad), in the valley of the Tepla River, in 1904. Shortly after that, some of the oldest Czech courses started appearing in Marianske Lazne, and by Prague. In the 1920's some the first clubs were founded, and more courses were being established. This tradition continued even during World War II, and throughout the totalitarian persecution of the 1950's when golf was strongly suppressed as a sport. Thanks to tradition, which developed during the era of the first Czechoslovak Republic (after the year 1918) , and to the number of enthusiastic players, the standard of golfing facilities remained very high. After the political changes of 1989 there was a breakthrough and this sport relived its former bloom. Most of the courses were renovated and modernised, in some cases reconstructed to meet strict specific criteria. New golf courses have been created, many of them world class, headed by top professionals, such as for example the first European golf course managed by the Gary Player company. At present, new modern projects are under way and the general interest in golf is rapidly growing. The Czech Golf Federation was one of the founding members of the European Golf Federation. It currently unites over 50 clubs, the Czech Senior Association, and Czech PGA. Local courses host a number of attractive European and world tournaments at a high level of standard. Many professional players and coaches are active within the Federation.

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