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Private Black-Light Shows

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Black light shows are typical for Prague.
Allow us to arrange just for your group the private black light show:
Combination of ballei, modern dance, animation movie, pantomime, light effects
Non- verbal show full of surprising moments
Extravaganza based on effects of UV lights and fluorescent colors
Interactive show, where participation of audience is welcome
Suitable for all age groups

A principle is based on creative use of a simple trick, so called "black cabinet". A primitive form of this principles was known even in ancient China and later on it has been used by magicians. Partially it was used also in cinema (Mélies) and theatre (Stanislavský). In the Black theatre it means that the black-dressed actors holding the requisites are not seen by the viewers against black background. By this way the requisites, things and objects seem to move themselves. However, this trick is not the main purpose of the plays performed by Jiří Srnec and his actors, but a way which could evoke scenic and mimic metaphoric, realised by movements of graphic artefacts and actors accompanied by music.

Theatre with different capacities in the city centre of Prague
Non-barrier entry and seats for immobile people available
Possibility of having show at any location chosen by clients (suitable for gala dinners...)
Private shows available any time of the day, possibility of catering, welcome drinks etc.
Professional and flexible approach to all our clients

Contact us and we will suggest the special program just for you.
We will calculate a special price for you.

The price list of Transfer in Prague.

It is possible to buy also the individual tickets.
If you don´t want to book the private black-light show just for your party, or for your group, we also offer the tickets for individuals to join the black-light show with others.
Contact us what evening you would like to join the black-light show in Prague and we will let you know at what time the show starts and what is the price for the ticket.
The individual tickets must be paid in advance by the credit card.

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Please send an e-mail to order the tour!

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