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Prague Christmas Tour

Discover Christmas Prague!

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Tour availability: Tour available in winter season Recognized by UN as an unique heritage site

Come with our guide to see the famous Prague Christmas markets. Learn more about two main Christmas holidays in the Czech Republic, the evening of st. Nicholas and the Christmas night of the Infant Jesus, also what are the Czech Christmas customs and traditions, like the foretelling of the future and predicting the well-being of the family in the coming year, what to do with the fish scales, etc.. Enjoy with us the unforgetable time of the year in Prague. It is 100% customized tour for you.
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The Christmas markets in Prague start in the end of November, 4 weeks before the Christmas Eve, with the first Advent. There are two main Christmas holidays within this time of the year, with the main event on 24 December, and prior to that the festivities on 5 December which celebrates the eve of the Mikulas that is Nicholas name day. This day is not a public holiday, and the celebrations commemorating St Nicholas are primarily for children.
The most popular Christmas traditions continue through the whole December, a very popular night in of st.Nicholas in December the 5th, on this evening, the Old Town takes on a childlike sense of excitement, Costumed adults – dressed as Mikulas, angels and devils - take to the streets to engage children. This night you can witness the spectacle of adults or teenagers dressed up as a trio of St Nicholas, dressed as a bishop, an angel and a devil wandering through the streets. The Christmas is celebrated on December 24th and 25th, like the night of the Infant Jesus. It is Baby Jesus who brings children presents on Christmas Eve. This most popular holiday is celebrated with family, but the locals and the visitors to Prague can also enjoy public Christmas festivities, like the the Christmas tree in Old Town Prague and the famous Prague Christmas Markets, there are 7 of them.

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Prague Christmas
Prague Christmas

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The Christmas dinner is the first meal on 24th December. The children believe that they will see the Golden Pig flying on the sky in the evening, if they won´t eat anything until the evening. The main course is typically fried carp with potato salad which follows after fish soup. Several weeks before Christmas you can see many tubs with fish in the streets in the cities and the families come to choose one fish for the Christmas diner and they should buy one small one that is returned back to the lake, or to the river. It is the baby Jesus that delivers the Christmas tree and all the presents on December 24th night.
During the Advent, many people light candles on an advent wreath. It has four candles. One is lighted on the first Advent Sunday, two on the second, three on the third. Finally, on the last Sunday before Christmas, all four are lit.
The visitors of the Prague Christmas markets listen to the traditional Czech carols. There is also the well-known classical music piece composed for Christmas time, the Czech Christmas Mass, composed in 1796 by Jan Jakub Ryba. It is possible to visit Prague concerts at the churches during the whole advent time, or the evening Christmas mass on December 24th.
Very popular are Christmas sweets like shortbread, vanilla rolls, wasp's nests and there must be on the table the Christmas bread called vanocka.

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Last updated on Dec 17, 2019