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Cubist Prague Tour

Nothing like this happened anywehere else in Europe, almost 50 Cubist houses were built just in Prague.

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Tour availability: Tour available in summer season Tour available in winter season Tour is not available at this time Recognized by UN as an unique heritage site
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Come with us to see how several ingenious architects, one hundred years ago, included Cubism in architecture in our magic city.
Explore with us the last major avant-garde art movement in Prague.
Visit with us the only Cubist Café in the world.
Tickets are not included.
Nothing like this happened anywehere else in Europe, almost 50 Cubist houses were built just in Prague.

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"The peculiar phenomenon - Czech Cubism - has been forever embedded in art history, mostly thanks to architecture. Coincidentally, there were several exceptional architects in Prague,who developed this topic theoretically before the construction started."
"The House of the Black Madonna, also called the House of the Golden Grill, is the most noted cubist edifice of Prague and probably also of Europe, although the purity of its architectural style is sometimes disputed.
This original edifice of Josef Gocar in such a mystic location very much charmed Czech poet Jaroslav Seifert, who mentioned it in his poem "Prayer on the Sidewalk" included in his collection of poems called City in Tears. Here is a little excerpt:
Pensive I reached the corner of Fruit Market and Celetna and kneeling down on the sidewalk, I raised my exes to the black Madonna, who is standing here and over my head she holds her hand, and I prayed: Virgin Mary, since it is necessary that I too die, don´t let me die like that dog......."
The House of the Black Madonna was very well received, considering the time and the location. It was discussed in tabloids and architecture magazines as well as prestigious magayine Der Architekt in Vienna. In short, Josef Gocar had created a masterpiece that changed his life. He became a sought-after architect, new commissions were pouring in and he forever made his mark in the history of architecture."
Jan Bonek: "Cubist Prague"
"An ostensible small thing - a streetlamp created from truncated cones placed on top of each other and decorated only with alternating grooved and smooth triangles - became the icon of the unique Cubist style. The illuminant itself made of metal and glass is of Cubist shape as well. The streetlamp is there bacause when Adam´s Pharmacy was designed, the Prague City Council ordered to revitalize the much neglected area behind the pharmacy leading to Jungmann Square.Therefore, in 1912, the damaged pavement and the garden wall with a portal behind the Church of Our Lady of the Snow were repaired and a valuable Gothic tampynum from 1347 was placed above the original gate, based on the deisgn of Emil kralicek. Since this area was very dark, the architect decided to give it some intimate llighting. There is a drawing that shows not only the entire reconstruction of the area but also an onlooking bartender from the local Pinkas Pub....."
Jan Bonek: "Cubist Prague"

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