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Prague Breweries and Beerhouses Tour

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It must be booked in advance. It is a driven four hour tour. You can see the Prague famous breweries, the oldest still existing one was founded in the year 1499, very interesting is the biggest one and some others. It is possible to buy the breweries souveniers. Taste different kinds of the best beers with us!
Beer tasting is paid separately.

The price list of Private Prague Sightseeing Tours.
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Join us to learn more about the Czech pub culture that has spread across generations. Because of the city is known for Czech lager and golden spired rooftops, there is the deep-rooted beer scene, offering visitors a chance to taste history.
"At the turn of the 17th century Emperor Rudolph II´s personality was like a magnet in the metropolis on the Vltava, the largest city on the continent at the time, he attracted important figures from all over Europe.
Rudolph learned from his mistakes, when he made them, and appointed a very special figure in his court, to separate the wheat from the chaff, to distinguish the wise men from the fraudulent.
This man was Tades Hajek of Hajek (1525-1600), a man of Renaissance, a promoter of refinement whose word ultimately determined who was accepted at court, and who was not.
Hajek was a man of many talents and interests, he was an astronomer, who abided by Copernicus´s theory of the solar system, he was the founder of Meridian Astronomy, he was the key to bringing Tycho de Brahe and Johannes Kepler to Prague.
He was an expert in geodesy, and he was the first to tyr to build a triangular measuring system around Prague, he was a botanist, who invited to Prague Italian herb specialist Matthioli, he was an alchemist, a physician, a mathematician, who lectured at the University, and studied the phenomeon known as the "Parallax View", while observing comets, a translator, a member of the Brotherhood of the Rose and the Cross), he was one the first astronomers to discuss the Cassiopea constellation, discovered in 1572, he rejected the interpretation that it was a new planet, he rejected the theory of Aristoteles taht comets were result of vapours created by the atmosphere, he also denied the astrological interpretation that comets were a source of bad luck, a sign of natural disaster and war."
Hajek was married three times,(though the University carrier demanded a celibacy) and like a good Praguer, wrote an essay called "ON BEER" ("DE CERVECERIAL"), where he presented one of the first theories on oxidisation, it was published in 1564."

text - Jiri Kuchar - "Praha esotericka"

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The price list of Private Prague Sightseeing Tours.
The price list of Transfer in Prague.

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