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Our guide will help you to choose the shops, either antique, crystal, jewelry, or any other ones, you would like to see and will accompany you there to save you time.
It can be a walking or driven 4 hour tour.


The price list of Private Prague Sightseeing Tours.
The price list of Transfer in Prague.

We recommend our business partner in Prague - the crystal shops, please , click on their web sites : CELETNA CRYSTAL

We recommend our business partner - the famous artist - glass-maker Jindrich Dolezal, please , click on his web sites : JINDRICH DOLEZAL GLASS

Glass making in the Czech lands has a thousand year , uninterrupted history of creativity and craftsmanship. The groundwork for success was laid at its very beginning . This country was called a land where the place and its naturalness itslef is blessed with an abundance of materials necessary for manufacture , i.e. with wood for firing the kilns and for burning down to ashes , used than for producing potash , and copious amounts of quality silica and limestone . Bohemia also contains plenty of fire-resistant materials for ovens and pans , with energy created from mountains steams and brooks for turning grinding machines and crushers. Another main factor contributing to its success is its people with their craftsmanship, know-how and their rare sense for crystal and its usage as glass pearls , vessels and windows. Czech crystal makers first received attention for their work in the Middle Ages . Czechs have influeenced glass making in neighbouring countries since the second half of the 16th century . It took another 100 years for cultivated Bohemian crystal , known for its excellent cut and engraving , to outshine Venetian crystal as well as crystal markets around Europe and in the Americas , at that time admired around the world . Through their own discoveries , they have influenced the wolrd crystal culture more than once and have actively taken part in helping it to flourish . They preferably developed handmade production - shaping and coloring melted glass mixtures in the smelts , and surface and refind etching , cut and mainly painting . They began to build a technical glassmaking school systém in the middle of the 19th century , in the 1920s they began to educate the first specialized glass creators at an Art University . No glass and crystal producer on earth can match as many techniques and technology in surface refinement of products used by the Czech producers under the labels Bohemia Crystal and Bohemia Glass. Studio creation is among the indisputable successes of modern Czech glassmaking based on mastery and invention . Some of these creators went beyond abstract boundary between so-called useful and free art . They created the first sculptures from glass and area composition of an artistic quality comparable with works of leading sculptors and painters.

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The price list of Private Prague Sightseeing Tours.
The price list of Transfer in Prague.

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