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Private Concerts in Prague Churches and Palaces

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We organize custom-designed private concerts for individuals and groups, the most popular being organ concerts in churches. These concerts must be booked several weeks in advance, and can be coordinated with clients.
We rent the churches, palaces, chapels, baroque gardens, private boats for concerts. We arrange the musicians that prepare the special repertory according to the clients demands. We also organize concerts for the choirs in Prague and outside Prague.
Choose the place you like to have a concert in and we will prepare the program for you.
Here is the offer of some of churches in Prague:

We organize private custom concerts in the Church of St. Ursula
( Svata Vorsila in Czech ) that is a Baroque church from the years 1698-1704 ,
built by Marco Antonio Canevalle by the convent of St. Ursula founded in 1674-1678 .

The church of St. Ursula is situated close to the National Theatre on Narodni Street..

There are rich Baroque decorations inside - stucco from Tomass Steinfels - 1707.

On the main altar there are paintings from Jan Krystof Liska , Petr Brandl
( well known painter of the Czech Baroque time ) , Jan Rudolf Byss and Jan Bruono Rissi .
By the church there is a statue of St. Jan Nepomuk.

The Catholic church is privately owned by the order of St. Ursula.

The concert can be any day from 7,00 p.m. till 8,00 p.m. , except for Catholic holidays .

We offer :

Baroque Masters Concert
Religious Music Concert
Organ Concert
Czech Composers Concert
Romantic Music Concert
Arias of Italian Operas Concert
Concerts according to the customer´s wish

The concerts must be booked 1 month in advance.

In case that this particular church is not available for the concert; we can organize the concert in
some other church situated in the historical part of Prague.

The most popular concert is the Organ Concert:

St. Ursula Church

Vladimir Roubal organ

Jan Verner trumpet

Jana Koucka soprano

Karolina Berkova alto

1. Dietrich Buxtehude Lobt Gott, ihr Christen , allzugleich
2. Pavel J. Vejvanovksy Sonata G Minor
3. Antonin Dvorak Preludium B Major
4. Antonin Dvorak Inflammatus from Stabat Mater
5. Georg Ph. Telemann Adagio
6. Antonin Dvorak Two Biblical Songs
7. Georg F. Handel Ode
8. Vladimir Roubal Organ Improvisation
9. Jeremiah Clarke Suita D Major - March

The Church of st. Vojtech ( st. Adalbert ) Originally a Gothic temple it is mentioned as early as 1318 in old documents. Except of the presbytery it was restored in the Baroque style in the years 1720-1730. By the church was built the Baroque Chapel of the Holy Cross . Inside the Church there survived the original Gothic galleries and also the original statue of Our Lady from the end of the 15th century. The organist for the church was the famous Czech composer Antonin Dvorak in the years 1873-1876.
It is a Catholic Church.
It mus be booked ahead.

The Church - of Our Lady of Snow ( Panny Marie Snezne )
The church is of a Gothic character and was started in 1347 by the Emperor Charles IV. to remind him of his coronation as emperor. He founded by the monastery of the Carmelitas by the walls of the Old Town . But only the presbytery was finished and that is the present church. After 1397 they slowed down the construction and the church has never been finished . The church was planned to be a major building as it is today.
The vault of the church was reconstructed in 1603 in the Renaissance style by the new order that had become the owners of the place - the Fransiscans. Inside there is the highest altar in Prague from 1651. The altar painting was painted by Vaclav Vavrinec Reiner - the Annunciation of Virgin Mary from 1724.
It is a Catholic church .
By the Church there is the Fransiscan monastery.
It must be booked 6-4 weeks ahead to get the permition to make the concert there from the archbishopry.

Saint James ´s Church
".................Pythagoras entered a smithy and he heard the banging sounds of four hammers. According to the hermetic legend he had the hammers weighed, and discovered that their weight corresponded with their precise proportions, six, eight, nine, and twelve, which corresponded with the 5th and 4th musical octaves. From this example alchemist Robert Fludd deduced a whole inner structure combining architecture with music. He discovered a whole range of correspondences which characterise geometric proportions of so-called "right" construction.
The Church of St. James is unique among Prague´s holy temples, it has an unusual nave, which distantly echoes the principles of "right" construction, which provides excelent interior acoustics.
The pipe organ in St. James´s Church is the work of Adam Stark of Loket. It dates back to 1702-1705, and os one of the most excellent instruments of its kind, not only because of its considerable size, be because of its majestic sound.
The musical masters at the Church of St. James were the composers Bohuslav Matej Cernohorsky and Antonin Dvorak (1841-1904), Antonin Dvorak composed here one of his most famous masses - the world famous "Stabat Mater"............"

"..........A famous legend is linked to the Church of St. James, near the entrance on the right side the dried husk of an arm still hangs, the arm of a thief. It is said that he tried to steal a statue of the Virgin Mary, as well as some valuable pearls, but was caught by the statue itself, when it came to life. It is said that it caught him by the arm and held him, till guards arrived..............."

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