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How to spend your time in a pleasant way

Prague is a city of artists, what was Paris in the beginning of the 20th century for artists , is Prague today.
You can become a painter yourself during a lesson of drawing or painting led by a professional painter.
Painting can become a pleasant game for you or even a romantic conquest of your soul.

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Using the painterīs professional staff - colours of the best quality , brushes made in Siberia ( the best ones in the world - blind persons with the most sensitive touch made them using hair of squirrels ) , etc..
All this you may enjoy in the painterīs studio or outside - (in a public park on the top of the hill called Petrin with the best view of the city) - painting Prague architecture , inspired by the colours of nature , or make any abstract painting and be inspired just by your imagination ...
Maybe in you is hidden... the new Claude Monet.
Discover yourself with us.

The lessons of painting can be part of any city tour you choose.

about the artist
The exhibition TRANS-PERSONAL LUMINISM - a new trend in art , arising from novel technology of painting , based on the application of oil painting to different materials , especially metals, under special physical experiment conditions in a laboratory .
This trend was founded by VITALIJ VLASENKO.

The Legend About The Magic Pillars

In a country far away, a stream fed by five springs high in the mountains flowed through a valley, where nearby their was a monastery. The only reminder of the earthly world in this open valley of kind palms are the walls of a monestary with it�s five bell towers reaching from the middle of the court yard upwards to the sky as symbols of the entirety of time and space. Within these five towers are five bells with their clappers which were known as the five dreams.

According to the old legends, one morning five young men; from the most powerful families in the regions, came to the gates of the monastery. They started to speak of a dream each of them had the previous night. Remarkably, all five of these men had the same dream. The night before an old hermit appeared before them and showed them from the stone hill the five springs which fed one stream, the springs were lying side by side like five continents, the local people called four of them the world cardinal points; kept together by the fifth point, immortality. There was also a local myth that the water had the power to heal, but only selected men could be healed from it. The springs are hidden deep in the forrest and the settling of this place is only known by the stag, which is very unusual, because the stag has waited for the selected men to come for such a long time, that his antlers are interlaced so much that the shadow thrown on the earth by them looks like a crown of thorns. The old hermit asked in their dreams each of the men to go in search of the blessings from the abbot of the monastery, to remove water from the springs. So that as each of the men could bring the healing water from the springs to the hermit. The hermit who was respected in the region as a holy man, wanted to heal with this water, the people that were coming to ask him for the advice and help.

Those five men had clear eyes, good hearts and strong belief; they were brave, equitable, and of the wise mind. The hermit told them in the dream that the first spring heals people with good hearts, the second heals those that are strong in their beliefs, the third one heals brave people who protect the weak, the forth one was for the only people, that are not afraid of the truth, and the fifth spring was for the wise people who give their knowledge to those that need it.

The abbot blessed those men and they set out the journey. When leaving the main gate � the old woman stopped them and gave them five coats, on each of them were embroidered five rings, she promised them that these coats will guarantee them the protection and inviolability.

They wandered the world many days and nights, they represented the return of life to the country desolated by the war, illnesses and poverty, when they would give their help, they were called the messengers of the good and faith.

One day, tired by the journey, they reached a mountain that they recognized from the dream. The sun was already setting behind the hills when they started to walk toward the sun up the mountain. On the top of the mountain they found a cave and in it the hermit from the dream.The cave was surrounded by people from near and far who needed help from him. He welcomed them, offerd them food and nightīs lodging. Tired, they layed down and covered themselves with their magic coats. In the night all of them had the same dream which then woke them up. The stag appeard in front of them with his mangeled antlers; suddenly he talked to them saying - I have been waiting for you for many years and I can only die in peace after showing the right five men the five springs of magic healing water . He turned and ran directly into the woods. The Five men threw their coats over the shoulders and follewed him. It seemed to them that he disappered, but some of them saw him in a distance turned at them and waiting. He kept turning and waiting for them to catch up� and then, he disappeared.

The men have heard the trickle of water and found the river running down the hill over the stones, they followed the stream and discovered five streams merging into one, fed from five fountains. The men were relieved they finally reached their goal. They had the feeling that they were everywhere and nowhere at the same time, in the middle of something that is supernatural. They put down their coats and each of them knelt by one fountain to dip water for the hermit and his ill ones.

Suddenly, a crowd of people with torn dresses and weapons in their hands, who had tried to get help from the hermit, followed the five men into the night, hoping that in the beautiful coats were hidden riches. They wanted the five men to hand over everything they had.

They caughted the first one and he told them that the only thing he has was a good heart, so they beheaded him by the first fountain, and its water turned red. They swooped at the second man and he told them that the only thing he has is his belief. We donīt want your faith they thundered at him, and beheaded him by the second fountain, at the last moment he whisper maybe that the God will forgive you. The third man tried to protect them , because he was brave, so they knocked him down on his knees and beheaded him by the third fountain. The fourth was standing and watching the horror and fury, he succeded to only say � my friends had no weapons, and you out numbered them ten to one, how cowardly and poor people you are, without any shame for what you are doing. So they beheaded him as well, and the forth fountain turned red by his blood. The fifth man told them � only a silly person destroys the good things, because he is ignorant. We carried for you big riches, that cannot be balanced by gold and you destroyed everything. The crowd of riff-raff shouted � we want that riches, we will let you live if you give it to us. The wise man answered them � you killed the good, you killed the faith, you killed the bravery and the justice, how can you drink the healing water if it is mixed with human boold, my wiseness is for nothing now, because I cannot wake these up, kill me as well, I donīt want to live without my friends. He knelt by the people and they angrily beheaded him also by the last fountain. Disapponted they left . Suddenly, five angels flew down and coverd the dead bodies of the men and fountains by which they were beheaded, with their magic coats on which five magic rainbow rings were. The rings started to wave and changed into five fountains with pure water and by then the angels decided to guard this water and to hide it so they tied together their wings and coverd the fountains and changed them into five pillars.

The dawn started and the sun opposite the moutain rised up in the sky, like on the vault of the temple, above the pillars a rainbow settled and from the coats were the stone walls formed around the pillars, which reminds us all of the earthly world .

The hermit awoke five men from their dreaming and showed them the miracle � on the top of the mountain the temple was standing, and the route leading to it up along the river, and he told them � this is your home, your monastery, go there and protect your riches, allow me only, so as I with my peoplel that need the help � follow you today to drink water that heals.

The five men couldnīt find their coats, so they gathered white cloth and cut it into five pieces that they slipped on over their shoulders with the sun shiming on them the whole way to the monastery.

In the middle of the courtyard they built five wooden bell towers reaching with their points towards the sky like warning fingers, the symbols of the entirety of time and space, the bells in their clappers were called the five dreams.

The old legend says that in time of wars, plague, and fire to the monastery five guardian angels fly down and hide it with their wings to protect its riches. Today only five magic pillars guarding the fountains remind us of the old story about the miracle water that heals. That is why people call this place The Guard.

The famous artist from Armenia that settled in Prague. His paintings are displayed throughout the world , they were bought also by Bruce Willis, Phil Collins, Charles Aznavour , Arnold Rifkin - movie producer ,......

The art originates from the roots of Armenian culture . Since the beginning of his career , he has been inspired by female beauty . In his lyrical abstract compositions you find colours full of sun . His style is unique for its fluent transitions color tones with inner contrasts .

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