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Prague Churches with the Organist

Musical Tour

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It is the tour with the well known Prague organist and our guide, they will accompany you to the different churches and you will have the unique opportunity to listen to the organ music in the churches with the great accoustics. Interesting for the musicians, lovers of music, especially for the choirs, for everybody that would like to sing in the churches trying their accoustics, having unforgetable experience.

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We can offer f.i. the private visit of the church of st. Francis of Assissi, there is the organ with the best sound in the whole city. Many famous people played on this organ, f.i. Christoph Willibald Gluck in time, when he studdied at the Prague University. Later f.i. Jan Nepomuk Skroup, the father of our composer of the Czech anthem, but at the same time the young only 19 years old student Antonin Dvorak, later famous composer. The church was dedicated in 1688, it was the first building of the so called high baroque style in the city and its architecture is of the European significance. The church has been used for the organ concerts.
The choirs can have the unique opporutinity to sing a few songs at different churches accompanied by the professional organist.
Than the group will go on to see and sing at the other church of the Old Town. For instance the church of st. Jilji, that originally dates back to the 13th century, maybe earlier, has got the great accoustics. The present church is from 1371, baroque inside, it has got the famous history, also there was filmed inside the movie Amadeus by Milos Forman.
Another option is the visit of the church with the oldest Prague organ from 1673 and the church with the largest organ.
Our guide will explain all the history of the visited sights.
One more option is to go to see the old Gothic church of st. Vojtech. The oldest part dates back to the 13th century, later it was reconstructed in 1367 and in the end of the 17th century decorated in the baroque style. There is the organ on which played the most famous Czech composer Antonin Dvorak earning money for his studies.
The beginning of this tour is early in the morning.
The Early Morning Stroll Through Romantic Prague
"Prague is beautiful in the daybreak when you can hear the river Vlatava lapping below teh Charles Bridge. The deserted streets and parks are just preparing to wake up. The astronomical clock gracing the tower of the Old Town Hall beats the time at regular intervals, but the statuettes of its saints only bow down to the ever-present pidgeons, The city strats to wake up."

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