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Private Vintage Streetcar Ride

Order Tour Code: P 33
Tour availability: Tour available in summer season Tour available in winter season Recognized by UN as an unique heritage site
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Come to see Prague from the private vintage tram.
Enjoy a pleasure sightseeing ride in Prague.
One streetcar capacity is maximum 24 persons.
One streetcar and trailor capacity is maximum 60 persons.
It is possible to hire 5 streetcars as a maximum.
The tram is passing the historic center of Prague according to the clients wish (and where are the rail tracks). Refreshment and music performance are possible.
The guide can accompany you and explain the sights from the vintage tram, if you want.

You can have a small party in the tram, passing the historic city, seeing the historic sights, drinking your glass of champaigne, or beer.

The private historic tram ride must be booked in advance.
Let us know , when, at what time, for how many people the tram ride should be, how long time ride should last and what drinks you would like to drink and we will arrange it for you and will calculate the price.
We recommend the route: Republiky Square, Wenceslas Square, National Theatre, Old Town stop, Malostranska stop, Chotkova street, Belveder, Prague Castle.
The cost of this route:
1 private tram (from 1 to 24 persons)................7600,- Kc
1 private tram and trailor (maximum 60 persons).....10880,- Kc


The first horse drawn tram was possible to see in Prague in 1875. The foundation for the collection of historical vehicles of Prague public transport was laid as early as in 1929 when a former horse tram car from 1886 was allocated for museum purposes. However, this car appeared in Prague streets as a historical vehicle several years earlier - in 1925 on the occasion of celebrations of the 50th anniversary of opening horse tram in Prague. Tradition of documenting the history of Prague public transport is even older. In 1908 the Technical Museum for the Czech Kingdom in cooperation with the Electric Company of the Royal Capital City of Prague laid foundations of a collection of components of overhead trolley system for Prague trams and three years later the Technical Museum acquired also a historical bogie of a motor car of the electric line Praha-Liben-Vysocany built in 1896 by a pioneer in use of electric drive in transport, a Czech inventor and electrical engineer, Frantisek Krizik. Currently, this bogie can be seen in the National Technical Museum in Prague.

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Last updated on Jun 29, 2014