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Bezdez Castle and Romantic Central Mountains


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The Royal castle of Bezdez is one of the most important Gothic castles in Bohemia. It had been founded by Premysl Otakar II. It is built on the clinkstone hill of Velky Bezdez and it creates a characteristic dominant feature of the region. It was built during the years of 1260 – 1280. It met the demands for the inaccessible and at the same time the representative Royal castle. One year after the death of Premysl Otakar II, the Bezdez castle became the jail for Queen Kunhuta and her adolescent son Václav II, who were held over there after the Battle at Moravian Field by the Margrave called Otto Braniborsky. Together with creation of the cloister during the times of Ferdinand II, the Benedictine Monks transferred a duplicate of the Madonna of Montserrat sculpture into the castle in 1666, and thus the castle became the place of pilgrimage. The castle started to desolate and to be unoccupied in the 18th century. The romantic silhouette of the castle has drawn attention of the number of artists, among the others of the known Czech Romantic poet Karel Hynek Macha.

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Czech Central Mountains and Macha area is a spacious area in the Czech Republic northwestern inland. The region is located in the foothills of the Ore Mountains and the Lusatian Mountains. Major part of this territory belongs to the protected landscape area called the Bohemian Highlands.
The region has the character of a hilly country, it is called the Macha’s region. The town of Doksy is located on the banks of the well-known Macha Lake, out of which you can see the landmark of the entire region, the state castle of Bezdez.
The region where the Labe river flows through the steep slopes in a shape of canyons is located close to Litomerice. This area called Porta Bohemica – the Bohemian Gateway – gives us the magnificent panoramic views in many locations.
Bohemian Highlands and the Macha’s region is an area for an adequate recreation. You will find a maximum space for your pleasure here and you will not be deprived even if your primary interest is the "get-to-know" activity. Even though our country is so small, it can still surprise us by its beauty.
North from Prague within 70km
It is 1 hour to drive.
The castle is situated on the steepy hill and there is a difficult access, the view from the castle is worth it.
We recommend a visit of the summer resort Doksy by the Macha´s lake.
It is a 5 hour round trip.

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Last updated on May 26, 2008