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Adventure Country Trips
We are offering exciting adventure. Take one!

Tour Code: Adventure

Famous Architecture Country Trips
Visit an interesting place of architecture gems.

Tour Code: Architecture

Army Related Country Trips
Learn about historical battlefields, fortresses, commanders and weapons.

Tour Code: Army

Beer & Wine Tasting Country Trips
Are you beer or wine lover? Take a trip to the sea of beer!

Tour Code: Beer-Wine

Castles & Chateaux Country Trips
Huge selection of trips to famous Czech castles and chateaux.

Tour Code: Castles

Classical Music Country Trips
Learn more about famous composers in our country.

Tour Code: Classical Music

Famous People Country Trips
Visit places and museums of famous people in Czechia.

Tour Code: Famous People

Follow Your Ancestors Footsteps
Are you interested in your fammily tree? We arrange tour for you.

Tour Code: C B1

Chateau Gardens Country Trips
Explore beautiful chateau gardens!

Tour Code: Gardens

Glassworks Country Trips
Discover secrets of world famous Czech glass and crystal!

Tour Code: Glassworks

Half Day Country Trips
Is your time limited? Select one of half day trip of your interest!

Tour Code: Half Day

History of Your Interest Country Trips
Learn more about the history of Bohemia.

Tour Code: History

Livestock and Wildlife
Speciality livestock breaders, ZOO and open space safari, speciality farms and wildlife keepers.

Tour Code: Livestock

Manufacturers in Czech Republic
Explore a manufacturer of your interest.

Tour Code: Manufacturers

Medieval Towns Country Trips
Visit real medieval town in Bohemia!

Tour Code: Medieval Towns

Military Related Country Trips
Visit memorial places of WW2, concenration camps and battlefields, antique armouries, fortresses, commanders!

Tour Code: Military

Museums of Your Interest Country Trips
Visit a museum of your interest!

Tour Code: Museums

Natural Areas and Biosphere Reserves Country Trips
Select one of beautiful natural area for your visit!

Tour Code: Natural Areas

One Day Country Trips
Are you planning to spend more time on trips? Select one day lasting country trips!

Tour Code: One Day

Famous Ossuaries Country Trips
Explore one of famous ossuaries in Bohemia.

Tour Code: Ossuaries

Point of Interest Country Trips
Select a trip to an interesing place in Czech Republic.

Tour Code: Point of Interest

Religion Related Country Trips
Listing of trips related to catholicism, judaism and protestantism.

Tour Code: Religion

Spa Towns Country Trips
Explore life in famous spa towns in Cechia.

Tour Code: Spa Towns

Underground and Subterranean Country Trips
Explore underground systems, cellars, mines or caves.

Tour Code: Underground

UNESCO Protected Sites Country Trips
Listing of sites protected by UNESCO.

Tour Code: UNESCO

World War 2 Country Trips
Learn more about the sites of WW2.

Tour Code: WW2

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