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Kutna Hora UNESCO
Medieval Town Ossuary Silver Mine Cathedral of St. Barbora Movie Borthers Grimms

Tour Code: CE1

Konopiste Chateau
Franz Ferdinand d'Este's Family the archduke Franz Ferdinand was killed in Sarajevo in 1914 it was the beginning of WWI

Tour Code: CSE1

Telc Town & Chateau UNESCO
Unique Example of Renaissance Architecture

Tour Code: CSEE1

Brno & Austerlitz-Slavkov
Vila Tugendhat protected by UNESCO Spilberk castle with casemates Slavkov - Austerlitz Napoleon´s Battle of Three Emperors

Tour Code: CSEE3

Breznice Chateau
Love Story of Ferdinand Tyrol and Filipina Wesser

Tour Code: CS5

Vojna Communist Labour Camp
Memorial to the victims of Communism

Tour Code: CS6

Cesky Krumlov Castle UNESCO
Magic 16th Century Town

Tour Code: CSS1

Hussita´s Medieval Town The 14th Cent. Underground System

Tour Code: CSS10

Prachatice Medieval Town
Sumava National Park UNESCO Reserve Husinec Village Birthplace of Jan Hus Reformer of Catholic Church

Tour Code: CSS11

Karlstejn Castle
It Was Built To House the Coronation Jewels

Tour Code: CSW1

Lidice Village
WW2 Memorial. Village Destroyed After the Assassination of Reinhardt Heydrich in Prague in 1942.

Tour Code: CW2

Kynzvart Chateau & Spa
Chancellor Prince of Metternich

Tour Code: CWW6

Becov Castle
Schrine of St. Maurus. Relic of European Significance

Tour Code: CWW7

WW2 Memorial Concentration Camp & WW2 Prison

Tour Code: CNW3

Ploskovice Chateau
Ferdinand V Habsburg

Tour Code: CNWW1

Zakupy Chateau
Ferdinand V Habsburg. Wedding of Franz Ferdinand d'Este and Sophia Chotek

Tour Code: CNN2

Frydlant Castle
Albrecht Waldstein Commander of the Imperial Troops in the 17th Cent.. Maybe the inspiration of Franz Kafka´s "Castle".

Tour Code: CNN8

Jicin Medieval Town
Commander Albrecht Valdstein. Jewish Sights. Karl Kraus.Bohemian Paradise UNESCO Geopark.

Tour Code: CNN9

Stara Boleslav
Catholic Pilgrim Site. Site of St. Wenceslas´s Martyr Death

Tour Code: CNE3

Bouzov Castle
Museum of the Teutonic Order German Knights Order. Eugene von Habsburk.

Tour Code: CNEE2

Follow steps of Jan Hus
100 Years Before Martin Luther Jan Hus Started the Reforms in the Catholic Church

Tour Code: CB4

Follow steps of Emperor Charles IV.
Sites the Emperor Charles IV Stamped With His Influence

Tour Code: CB5

Franz Ferdinand d'Este
About the Archduke, who was assassinated in Sarajevo 1914.

Tour Code: CB7

Our licenced tour guides speak fluent English, German , French, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Japanese, Turkish, Portuguese, Greek, Swedish, Norwegian, Finish, Danish, Polish, Hungarian, Chinese, Hebrew, Dutch, Rumanian, Latvenian, Serbian, Croatian, Bulgarian, Tartar, Indonesian, Ukrainian and many other languages.
All types of transportation are at your disposal, cars, vans, limousines, buses and coaches.
The trip can start any time you want, the guide or driver will pick you up at your hotel.
We offer many different city tours and a big choice of country trips and a combination of city tours and country trips, or a combination of all country trips. It is possible to combine more than one trip outside Prague, provided that the trips are in the same general direction from Prague.
Please, contact us to build your itinerary, or check our offer on the web. site.
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Please, select the direction of your trips to see our most recent offer! It is possible to combine more than one trip outside Prague, provided that the trips are in the same general direction from Prague. Please, contact us to build your own itinerary. You can start your trip any time you want, your guide will come to pick you up to your hotel.

We organize custom tours especially for you.
The castles outside Prague are closed on Mondays except Melnik, Sychrov and some of them are closed in winter.
The crystal factories and breweries are closed on weekends except Kasak´s glassworks.
A visit to the breweries Budweiser and Plzen is possible every day.
Tickets to all attractions are not included in the tour price.
Summer season: from April 1st, to October 31st.
Winter season: from November 1st, to March 31st. Discover with us the beauty of our country!

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