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Jablonec Town - Centre of Jewellery Production

Come with is us to see the the museum of glass and jewellery in Jablonec and a bunch of the local small producers. The commodities are purely hand-made and feature a wide variety of designs.

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Come with is us to see the the museum of glass and jewellery in Jablonec and a bunch of the local small producers.
It is a 6-8 hour round trip.

Jablonec is the town in which the crystal jewellery production that ranks among the world’s most prominent suppliers of quality glass semi-products and fashion jewellery. It pursues the unique tradition of Bohemian glass and fashion jewellery which for centuries has been conquering the world with its brilliant beauty.

The reputation of jewellery, which draws on the unique tradition of glass and fashion jewellery production typical for the North Bohemian region, can be attributed mainly to the superior quality of workmanship and endless variety of jewellery and garment components manufactured.

As far as the production of fashion jewellery items is concerned, the division launches two main seasonal collections each year, which always boast current trends as well as the creativity and talents of the division's de­signers. The division is also well known for its excellent collaboration with clients‘ designers.
Customers are also offered a vast variety of jewellery and garment components. The most popular items include rhinestone chains, jewellery parts, chains, rondelles, rhinestone balls and filigrees.
Especially garment manufacturers can select items to suit their needs from a wide assortment of plastic and fancy bandings, buttons, stones in settings, chaton roses and iron on motifs.
Beads produced in Jablonec district are one of the leading global suppliers of glass jewellery semi-finished products. As regards seed beads (rocailles), they are the world’s No. 1.
The seed beads are the world’s top product in the entire industry. No other seed bead variety can compare to this unique product in terms of technology, appearance, product range or features. The tradition of seed beads production dates back to the 16th century, and for the past 50 years, seed beads have been exported under the Jablonex brand to more than 80 countries on five continents.
In addition to these unique seed beads, they offer a full bead product range whose highlights include pressed beads, fire polished beads, imitation pearls and cut beads. All these beads come in the widest assortment of shapes, sizes, colours and surface treatments.
The offer includes Christmas decorations and artificial flowers, which also have a rich tradition in this region. Both these commodities are purely hand-made and feature a wide variety of designs.

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The Jablonec area, it is perpetual ascending and descending, you can hardly find a piece of flat country. Pervasive green is characteristic, woods and groves take turns with fields and meadows, all that is interwoven with streams and brooks converging into the Nisa river heading northwards and the southbound Jizera. And it is all the countryside diversity that makes Jablonec’s region so attractive all year round.

In spite of its small area, the Jablonec country is remarkable in every season and it is a small wonder how much geographic and touristic attractiveness you can find there. Sandstone Dry Rocks in the south, visible from far away, the Frydstejn Castle or Pantheon vista at Mala Skala and also the typical vernacular architecture attract not only tourists but also artists and photographers.
List of products: pressed glass, steined glass, glass rods, jewellery, glass machines, rhinestones, software for glass industry, high enamel, technical glass, engraved glass, sandblasted glass, optical glass, painted glass, pressed glass, glued glass, laboratory glassware, off hand glass, blown glass, cut glass, seed beads, promotion articles, surface treatment, costume jewellery semi-products, glass melted in a mould, wax beads, wounds beads, plastic beads, fire polished beads, pressed beads, blown beads, wooden beads, cut beads, Christmas decorations, badges, mosaic, coins, medals, chandeliers, glass flowers, metal parts, stone processing, natural stones, pressed glass stones, cut glass stones, holograms, sequins, flacons, drawn figurines, pressmolded figurines, glued figurines, fleud figurines, glass costume jewellery, oldered costume jewellery, cast costume jewellery, wooden costueme jewelry, costume jewellery, buttons, rhinestone trimmings.

Trip: North from Prague about 1,5 hour to drive
It is a 6-8 hour round trip.

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