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Knights Templar Wine Cellars

Winemaking and wine tasting in knights templar wine cellars.

Order Tour Code: C SEE15
Tour availability: Tour available in summer season Tour available in winter season

Join us to visit the 13th century wine cellars used by the Knights Templar. In addition to tasting excellent wine, you will see demonstrations of the entire winemaking process. In addition we offer to visit the exhibition about T.G. Masaryk.
Booking in advance is necessary.

A combination with Moravsky Krumlov castle with the Slav Epic paitings , Telc medieval town and castle , Trebic medieval ghetto protected by UNESCO and basilica , Velke Popovice brewery or Brno and Austerlitz-Slavkov Napoleonīs Battlefield is available.

"Non nobis Domine, non nobis, sed Nomini Tuo da Gloriam."

Traditional wine growing and wine making is a matter of respect, honor, enthusiasm, and pride. Continuation of experience and tradition, which has been passed on from generation to generation, began in the early medieval ages.

The history of Templarske sklepy (Templar Wine Cellars) is associated with the arrival of a mysterious clan of the Templar Knights which came to the region Cejkovice in the thirties of 13th century. The first written evidence of the clan's existence has been recorded in 1248. Along with building the Templar Knights' mansion, huge wine cellars have been built in dimensions unmatched in our region in the 13th century. A new epoch of wine growing has begun in the region and its vicinity. The region has been ruled by many different Dynasties and Orders over the past centuries such as the Noblemen of Lipa, the Vickovci Dynasty, the Jesuits, and the Habsburgs.

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Traditional and modern wine making methods and innovations are well harmonized and used from the very beginning of the wine making process all the way to the final filtering procedure. To achieve excellence throughout the entire wine making process, only top quality grapes are chosen. Modern wine pressing and seed separating-cleaning machines are capable of gentle grape handling and at the same time guarantee full juice extraction. Acid reducing technology and controlled fermentation is used with certain grape varieties to guarantee high quality of the final product. Such kind of superiority is even further enhanced by aging process occurring in oak barrels and afterwards in bottles stored in dark corridors of the templar cellars.

A new epoch of wine making began when the first wine cooperative was formed in 1936. The Templar cellars Cejkovice has been thriving successor of this co-op, since 1992. Up to these days, the Templar cellars Cejkovice, still work in the historically astonishing wine cellars, where more than 500 000 liters of wine are stored in oak or barrique barrels and archived in bottles. An additional 300 000 000 liters of wine are located in industrial buildings located above the cellars.

The oldest original written mention of Cejkovice comes from 1248 and is closely connected with mysterious templars' knights, who had been building a Gothic fortress with spacious cellars here since 1232.
After the templars' extinction the fortress belonged to various owners, for example Masters from Lipe, Vickov or Kunstat. The fortress underwent the biggest changes when it became a Jesuits' dormitory and the facility had been very sililar to the today' s hotel. Unfortunately this facility was damaged in the 20 -th century. Luckily since 1976 it has been costly reconstructed and nowadays there is nice accommodation being offered in cosy rooms together with other service.
Another place of interest is an originally Gothic church from the 13th century, dedicated to St. Kunhuta, the last wife of Henry II. - a Roman emperor. The last changes on this church are bound with Jesuits in the 18th century.
One of the most important celebrities living here is doubtless T.G.Masaryk, who spent a part of his childhood here in a house, where is a museum now, as a reminder of him and his family.

Growing grape-wine with no doubt does belong to Cejkovice as well as a templars' fortress. As the templars' knights were the first to spread the wine tradition in this area. Cejkovice has maintained this tradition in this area since then. Cejkovice is the third biggest vine-growing town in the Czech Republic. The wine produced here has a high quality, a nice aroma and a delicious taste.
If you are keen on wine and you are interested in it, you must definitely belong among those people who like tasting wine, therefore Čejkovice is the best place to see.
When visiting the templars' cellars you can easily see the connection between wine and history.

Wine grapes are cultivated throughout all of Europe, usually in vineyards, though in Finland and Iceland they are grown in greenhouses. Wine is adored throughout the world, and has cultivated an eager following of experts and aficionados for whom life without wine would be no life at all. Once considered the nectar of the Gods, wine is also a commodity, for buying, selling, and collecting. It is also a cytalyst for love. Most handbooks on wine miss an important point, namely, that this royal beverage can be understood as a measure of manīs own spiritual manurity.
The grape-vine was grown in the Czech lands during the time of the Great Moravian Empire. Legend has it that Prince Svatopluk sent Prince Borivoj (the grandfather of St. Wenceslas) and his wife Ludmila a cask of wine in honour of the birth of their son in 892. During a period of great drought, it is said that Ludmila sacrificed much of the gift to the Goddess Krosyna, hoping for rain. Her prayers were answered.
During the Middle Ages Czech grapes were grown primarily by monks, for more than just religious purposes. The Premonstratensians monks in Louka near the town Znojmo and the Cistercians at Velehrad at Zernoseky owned the rights to their vineyards for centuries. Wine underwent a substantial "renaissance" under the Czech king and emperor Charles IV, who isseud an edict in 1358 calling for the cultivation of new vineyards. Wine soon became an important trade item, the selling and buying of which were influenced later by monarchs such as Rudolph II and Joseph II.

SOUTHEAST of Prague - 3 hours to drive
It is a 10 hour round trip.

2,5 hour to drive SE
1)Cejkovice Termplar wine cellars SEE15 - 10 hour round trip
Trips combinations:
2)Cejkovice Termplar wine cellars SEE15 + Moravsky Krumlov chateau Slav Epic paitings SEE5 - 10 hour round trip
3)Cejkovice Termplar wine cellars SEE15 + Telc town and chateau UNESCO SEE1 - 10 hour round trip
4)Cejkovice Termplar wine cellars SEE15 + Moravsky Krumlov chateau Slav Epic paitings SEE5 + Telc town and chateau UNESCO SEE1 - 13-14 hour round trip
5)Cejkovice Termplar wine cellars SEE15 + Brno & Austerlitz Slavkov Napoleonīs battlefield SEE3 - 12 hour round trip
6)Cejkovice Termplar wine cellars SEE15 + Moravsky Krumlov chateau Slav Epic paitings SEE5 + Brno & Austerlitz Slavkov Napoleonīs battlefield SEE3 - 13-14 hour round trip
7)Cejkovice Termplar wine cellars SEE15 + Trebic Jewish Quarter and Basilica Unesco SEE2 - 11 hour round trip
8)Cejkovice Termplar wine cellars SEE15 + Moravsky Krumlov SEE5 + Trebic Jewish Quarter and Basilica Unesco SEE2 - 13-14 hour round trip
9)Cejkovice Termplar wine cellars SEE15 + Jaromerice chateau SEE6 - 11 hour round trip
10)Cejkovice Termplar wine cellars SEE15 + Moravsky Krumlov SEE5 + Jaromerice chateau SEE6 - 12 hour round trip
11)Cejkovice Termplar wine cellars SEE15 + Namest chateau SEE7 -11 hour round trip
12)Cejkovice Termplar wine cellars SEE15 + Moravsky Krumlov SEE5 + Namest chateau SEE7 - 12 hour round trip
13)Cejkovice Termplar wine cellars SEE15 + Pernstejn castle EE2 - 11 hour round trip
14)Cejkovice Termplar wine cellars SEE15 + Moravsky Krumlov SEE5 + Pernstejn castle EE2 - 13 hour round trip
15)Cejkovice Termplar wine cellars SEE15 + Porta Coeli convent EE3 - 11 hour round trip
16)Cejkovice Termplar wine cellars SEE15 + Moravsky Krumlov SEE5 + Porta Coeli convent EE3 - 13 hour round trip
17)Cejkovice Termplar wine cellars SEE15 + Moravian Karst SEE4 - 11 hour round trip
18)Cejkovice Termplar wine cellars SEE15 + Moravsky Krumlov SEE5 + Moravian Karst SEE4 - 14 hour round trip
19)Cejkovice Termplar wine cellars SEE15 + Lednice and Valtice chateaux, wine-tasting UNESCO SEE8 - 13 hour round trip
20)Cejkovice Termplar wine cellars SEE15 + Moravsky Krumlov SEE5 + Lednice and Valtice chateaux, wine-tasting UNESCO SEE8 - 14 hour round trip
21)Cejkovice Termplar wine cellars SEE15 + Mikulov chateau, town, Jewish Quarter, wine-tasting SEE9 - 12 hour round trip
22)Cejkovice Termplar wine cellars SEE15 + Moravsky Krumlov SEE5 + Mikulov chateau, town, Jewish Quarter, wine-tasting SEE9 - 14 hour round trip
23)Cejkovice Termplar wine cellars SEE15 + Litomysl town and chateau Unesco NNE5 - 13 hour round trip
24)Cejkovice Termplar wine cellars SEE15 + Jaromerice chateau SEE6 + Namest chateau SEE7 - 13 hour round trip
25)Cejkovice Termplar wine cellars SEE15 + Znojmo town and castle SEE13 - 13 hour round trip
26)Cejkovice Termplar wine cellars SEE15 + Vranov chateau SEE10 - 13 hour round trip
27)Cejkovice Termplar wine cellars SEE15 + Catholic Pilgrim Sites in Moravia SEE11 - 13-14 hour round trip

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