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Mnichovo Hradiste Chateau

Tomb Of Albrecht Valdstejn. Valuable Collections. Baroque Theatre. Bohemian Paradise Protected By UNESCO. Valecov Castle Ruins.

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Originally a Renaissance chateau of Vaclav Budovec of Budov, built on the place of a Gothic citadel, in the early 17th century rebuilt by the Wallenstein family into a large Baroque complex according to the project by M.A.Canevalle.
A French garden and an English park.
In the Chapel of St. Anna are buried the remains of Albrech of Wallenstein.
Historical interiors with the equipment of that time and valuable collections, a theatre, a library, a chapel, saloons with wall paintings on canvas, an armoury, a Delft dining hall, oriental and Meissen porcelain. An exposition of the Town Museum.


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The beginning of the town itself is connected with the nearby village Klaster Hradiste nad Jizerou, where a cistercian monastery was established in 1150 on the place of an old Slavonic fortification. In the time of bulding the cisterians decided to establish their own town, the first written record of which dates back to 1279. The chose a good place near the village Ribitví already existing at that time on the crossing of the roads leading to Mladá Boleslav, Turnov and Jièín.
The property, originally belonging to the cisterian monks, was changing owners until it was acquired by the family of Budovec of Budova. The most famous member of the family, Václav Budovec z Budova, the great Czech thinker and statesman, executed in 1621 for his participation in the anti-Habsburg rebellion, built quite an ostentations Renaissance castle on the place of the old fortification. After his death Albrecht of Wallenstein, the famous warrior, acquired the estates. Then he donated it to his cousin Maxmillian of Wallenstein. And it is the Wallenstein family who the future history of the town and its surroundings is connected with. They owned the properties until 1945. During the time of Ernest Joseph Wallenstein in 1697 to 1700 the castle was rebuilt by the Italian architect Marcus Antonius Canevalle, who annexed also other buildings and gave the castle its up-to-date appearence. Salla terrena, originating from 1711, is the work of Nicholas Raimondi.
The baroque castle is a unique symetrical building consisting of three wings and surrounded by the French par with a stable and coach house at its sides, the salla terrena is situated just apposite the castle. The other part of the park was established in the Englisch style and uncommon trees were planted out there. The former monastery also belongs to the castle. Its part is the Church of Three Kings from 1694 to 1699 connected with richly decorated St. Ann´s Chapel where the lapidary of the unique scupures by platzer, Braun and Jelínek was established.
In the chapel there are the remains of Albrecht of Wallenstein, the Duke of Frydlant, the famous warrior from the Thirty Years´ War, who was murdered in Cheb in 1634. In the castle there are rich expositions with unique exhibits and originally equipped representative halls. World famous are above all the collections of Delft pottery and Japanese and Chinese porcelain and miniatures.
Opening Hours:
April: Saturday, Sunday, holidays 845 - 1500
May - September: daily except Monday 845 - 1600
October: Saturday, Sunday, holidays 845 - 1500
Otherwise only after previous negotiation with 200% marign.

1,5 hours to drive to the North from Prague
1)Mnichovo Hradiste Chateau CNN10 - 5 hour round trip

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