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Brewery Budweiser Budvar and Ceske Budejovice town

Brewing and beer tasting.

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Visit with us the Budvar - Budweiser brewery in Ceske Budejovice town to see the process of brewing and to taste the original Budweiser beer. It is open every day. This trip can be combined with Hluboka castle, Cesky Krumlov, or Trebon.

Budvar-Budweiser Brewery Tour
Surrounded by the aroma of the malt and hops you will probe into the secrets of how the world-famous Budweiser Budvar lager is made. You will find out how the best quality domestic ingredients, water drawn from the brewery’s more than 300 meter deep wells and top-class brewer’s yeast are used to make the beer characterised by its slightly sweet and delicate taste, pleasant aroma of hops and bitterness that is popular with customers in 58 countries throughout the world. The nostalgic beauty of the machinery on display will remind you of the rich tradition of beer-making in South Bohemia, which goes back to the 13th century. Come and see how the centuries of tradition are incorporated in the modern technology producing the Original Czech Premium Lager Budweiser Budvar.
The quality and unique character of Budweiser Budvar beer is based on the use of the best domestic raw materials: the highest quality heads of Žatec hop, selected Moravian malt, especially the company’s own culture of yeast and virgin clear water from 300 m deep artesian wells.
When brewing, the brewers from Budweiser Budvar use experience gathered and passed down over hundreds of years. They use the latest technologies, while at the same time taking care to keep to traditional production procedures in order to maintain the original quality and imitable flavour. Therefore, they also pay great attention to thetime of maturing of the beer which in the case of a premium original lager is 90 days and for the special beer, Bud Super Strong can even be 200 days.
Thanks to the high quality and original origin, beer from Budweiser Budvar is popular and highly appreciated throughout the whole world. In recent years this beer was awarded six medals in the world competition for World Quality Selections or titles such as “Beer of the Year” which between 2001 and 2006 was awarded by readers of the well known Czech brewing magazine, “Pivní kurýr”. In 2000 Budweiser Budvar was awarded the title “Beer of the 20th century” for the excellent beer and excellent economic results.

A stylish pub in the grounds of Budweiser Budvar, N.C. offers a complete range of Budweiser’s products. Apart from a frosted glass of traditional draught beer, premium pale or dark lager, you can also enjoy the taste of a local speciality - “ringed” draught lager. The selection is completed with special strong beer called BUD Super Strong. If you fancy something to eat you can choose from excellent Southern Bohemian specialities. We offer as well a special menu for groups.
Seeing of the Brewery:
Opening hours: Daily between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. Orders in a dvance required.
Entry Conditions: Max. 50, min. 8 participants
Visit Time: cca 60 minutes
Price in foreign language: 100,- CZK/person
Discount 50%: childern under 18, students / ISIC card required
For visitors that are 18 years of age or older a beer tasting in lager cellars is included.

Seeing of Multimedia exposition - „Story of Budweiser beer“:
Opening hours: Open daily, from 9.00 to 16.00
Entry Conditions: Minimum required number of visitors in one group - 8, maximum - 24, interval between groups is 20 minutes.
Visit Time: cca 50 minutes
Price in Czech language: 60,- CZK/person
Discount 50%: children under 18, students/ ISIC card required

History of Budvar
Period of foundation The direct predecessor of the Budweiser Budvar brewery as a national enterprise was the Czech Share Brewery. It was founded in 1895 and its activity directly related to the historical tradition of brewing of beer in České Budějovice which dates back to the 13th century when the town was founded chartered for brewing rights.
In the 19th century Ceske Budejovice was a town of mixed nationalities. However, the economy was controlled by enterprises owned by the German part of the population. As a former election order distinguished electors according to property and the level of paid taxes, the Czech people did not have any representation in the Town Hall in Česke Budějovice despite their majority. To be able to participate in policy, the Czech people had to strengthen their economic positions. Therefore, in the last third of the 19th century, “Czech” enterprises were established. One of them was the Czech Share Brewery – the direct predecessor of Budweiser Budvar. The initiative for its foundation came mainly from Czech brewers (August Zátka and many others). The Czech Share Brewery produced the first batch of beer on 1th October 1895. Up to the end of 1896, sales of beer repersented 51,100 hectolitres of beer. Today, the annual sale of beer represents a million hectolitres of beer. Despite great growth in the volume of production, the traditional quality and typical flavour of Budweiser Budvar remains the same to this day.

In the competition with German Mestansky brewery and two Schwarzenberg breweries in Trebon and Protivin, the Czech Share Brewery always won due to its high quality and the excellent flavour of its beer as first awarded in 1896 in the Industrial Exhibition in Prague. In the beginning of the 20th century ,lager from the Czech Share Brewery was also very well known abroad.
Worldwide renown Since the period of its foundation the brewery has undergone permanent modernisation. In 1922 the first artesian well was bored and after some further time an additional two artesian wells were also bored. The brewery achieved the source of high quality water which helps create the excellent flavour properties of the original Budweser lager up to the present day. Since the 1920s the brewery have won market share in every continent, hence the brewery registered trademarks “Cesky budejovicky granat” (Czech Budejovice Garnet), “Budweiser bier”, Budbräu” and others. In 1930 the trademark “Budvar” was registered which became in a short time the synonym for high quality. In accordance with this registered trademark the brewery changed its name in 1936 to Budvar – Český akciový pivovar České Budějovice.

Post-war years During World War II the brewery was under Nazi administration and was nationalized after the War.. In 1967 an independent legal subject was separated from the former South Bohemian Brewery, Budweiser Budvar, national enterprise. This enterprise oriented its activity mainly to export based on tradition, valuable registered trademarks and quality of beer. Further significant development of the enterprise on the domestic market and abroad came after 1989 when in just several years the present management managed to increase sales of beer by almost double.
Disputes concerning registered trademarks
The history of disputes regarding the registered trademark of Budweiser Budvar dates back to the beginning of the last century. For decades, the representatives of one of the large american breweries tried to purchase from Budweiser Budvar the rights to its trademarks, first of all only for the territory of the USA. They managed to do this before the start of World War II. with the aim of attaining registered trademarks for Budweiser Budvar in other countries and the representatives of American brewery still continue with their activities today.
Budweiser Budvar has to defend its historical rights to the registered trademarks against legal attacks from the Anheuser-Burch company in more than 40 legal disputes and a further more than 70 administrative proceedings currently before patent offices throughout the world. The majority of legal decisions confirm the rights of Budweiser Budvar to its registered trademarks. Recently, Budweiser Budvar achieved important victories in the legal trademark disputes, for example, in Great Britain, Australia, Japan, South Korea, Greece, Portugal, Denmark, Sweden, Finland and New Zealand.

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Ceske Budejovice, the regional capital of South Bohemia, was founded in 1265 by the Czech King Premysl Otakar II. The town is situated at the confluence of the Rivers Vltava and Malse in open country. In the centre of the town there is a magnificent square, one of the largest in Europe. Perhaps the best known enterprises here are the Budvar brewery and the KOH-I-NOOR pencil factory. It is possible to tour the Budvar ( Budweiser ) brewery and taste the original Budvar-Budweiser ( 12% proof ) in some of the local pubs. During the tour you will hear about the process for beer production which uses the excellent local water drawn from the artesian wells more than 300 m deep, you will see how the fresh mash and wort originate and how the full taste and smell of the beer develops with a characteristic for long-lasting foam using original Budvar yeast .
Besides the premium lager, Budvar produces three other kinds of lighter and alcohol-free beer with a speciality of extra strong beer namely Bud that is 16% proof . Budvar has about 250 trademarks registred in more than 80 countries .

S from Prague – 2hours

Trips :
1)Ceske Budejovice town and brewery Budweiser trip number CSS5 – 7hour round trip

Trips combinations :
2)Ceske Budejovice and brewery Budweiser CSS5 + Hluboka castle CSS3 – 8hour round trip
3)Ceske Budejovice and brewery Budweiser CSS5 + Konopiste castle CSE1 - 8hour round trip
4)Ceske Budejovice and brewery Budweiser CSS5 + Jindrichuv Hradec castle and town CSS2 – 8hour round trip
5)Ceske Budejovice and brewery Budweiser CSS5 + Karlstejn castle CSW1 - 9hour round trip
6)Ceske Budejovice and brewery Budweiser CSS5 + Cesky Krumlov town and castle UNESCO CSS1 – 10hour round trip
7)Ceske Budejovice and brewery Budweiser CSS5 + Trebon town and castle CSS4 – 10hour round trip
8)Ceske Budejovice and brewery Budweiser CSS5 + Trebon town and castle CSS4 + Hluboka castle CSS3 - 11hour round trip
9)Ceske Budejovice and brewery Budweiser CSS5 + Cesky Krumlov town and castle UNESCO CSS1 + Hluboka castle CSS3 - 11hour round trip
10)Ceske Budejovice and brewery Budweiser CSS5 + Hluboka castle CSS3 + Karlstejn castle CSW1 - 11hour round trip
11)Ceske Budejovice and brewery Budweiser CSS5 + Hluboka castle CSS3 + Konopiste castle CSE1 - 11hour round trip
12)Ceske Budejovice and brewery Budweiser CSS5 + Jindrichuv Hradec castle and town CSS2 + Cesky Krumlov town and castle UNESCO CSS1 - 12hour round trip
13)Ceske Budejovice and brewery Budweiser CSS5 + Jindrichuv Hradec castle and town CSS2 + Hluboka castle CSS3 - 12hour round trip
14)Ceske Budejovice and brewery Budweiser CSS5 + Trebon town and castle CSS4 + Jindrichuv Hradec castle and town CSS2 - 12hour round trip

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