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Cervena Lhota

Romantic chateau on the lake.

Order Tour Code: C SS6
Tour availability: Tour available in summer season

The Romantic little castle in the fabulous countryside - used in many movies , has got the Renaissance character . The collections are modest , but interesting. It is closed on Mondays and from November till March.

A Romantic little water chateau , built on the site of a Gothic keep.
After a dam was erected on the local stream and the surrounding valley was flooded , the keep´s defence potential increased considerably .
In the 16th century it was rebuilt into a Renaissance chateau . Other modifications followed in the 19th century , the chateau´s musical history is linked to the activities of Karl Ditters of Dittersdorf.
The chateau was used in many movies.

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Cervena Lhota Castle is located in Southern Bohemia, approximately 20 kilometers from Jindrichuv Hradec. It stands at the middle of a lake on a rocky island. It is connected to the land by a stone bridge. Červená Lhota Castle is one of the most frequented castles in the Czech Republic. It has been visited by approx. 120 000 people, and another 80 000 visitors have come to see the area around the castle.
First mention of Cervena Lhota is from the year 1465. Between the years 1542 – 1555, original Gothic fortress was rebuilt to a Renaissance mansion, it was called Nova Lhota. Between the years 1658 – 1678, there were some early baroque modifications done and at the same time, Italian artists decorated the interiors. Jindřich Eduard Schönburg - Hartenstein owned the castle from the year 1835 until 1945, and before that, the castle was owned by many other families. 1841 – 1863 the castle was rebuilt into Neo-Gothic style, together with interiors and later on into Neo-Renaissance style. In the year 1945 the castle was seized on account of Beneš decrees. The year after that was in the castle located the children's convalescence hospital. In May 1947 Cervena Lhota was granted to a National Culture Commission and in the year 1949 was opened to the public. There is also a Castle park, which is appreciated by botanists and conservationists. Castle’s Chapel is located in the park and belongs to the castle. At the present time, Červená Lhota Castle is a National Monument and is hold by National Monument Institute at České Budějovice.

Opening hours
Tuesday to Sunday
May 9:30am – 4:00pm -
June 9:30am – 5:00pm -
July 9:30am – 5:00pm -
August 9:30am – 5:00pm -
September 9:30am – 4:00pm -

Saturdays and Sundays only
April - 9:30am – 4:00pm
October - 9:30am – 4:00pm

S from Prague - 2hours
Trips :
1)Cervena Lhota castle {trip number SS6}- 6hour round trip

Trips combinations :
2)Cervena Lhota{SS6} + Hluboka castles{SS3} - 8hours round trip
3)Cervena Lhota {SS6} + Jindrichuv Hradec{SS2} – 8hour round trip
4)Cervena Lhota{SS6} + Orlik castle{S4} - 8hour round trip
5)Cervena Lhota{SS6} + Cesky Krumlov town and castle{SS1} - 10hour round trip
6)Cervena Lhota{SS6} + Česke Budejovice {SS5} - 10hour round trip
7)Cervena Lhota {SS6} + Trebon town and castle {SS4} - 10hour round trip
8)Cervena Lhota{SS6} + Hluboka castle{SS3}+ Cesky Krumlov {SS1}- 12hour round trip
9)Cervena Lhota{SS6} + Hluboka castle{SS3} + Orlik castle{S4} - 12hour round trip
10)Cervena Lhota {SS6} + Jindrichuv Hradec{SS2} + Hluboka castle{SS3} - 12hour round trip
11)Cervena Lhota {SS6} + Jindrichuv Hradec{SS2} + Konopiste castle{SE1} - 12hour round trip
12)Cervena Lhota {SS6} + Hluboka castle{SS3} + Konopiste castle{SE1} - 12hour round trip
13)Cervena Lhota{SS6} + Hluboka castle{SS3} + Česke Budejovice {SS5}- 12hour round trip
14)Cervena Lhota{SS6} + Česke Budejovice {SS5} + Orlik castle{S4} - 12hour round trip
15)Cervena Lhota {SS6} + Hluboka castle{SS3} + Česke Budejovice {SS5}- 12hour round trip
16)Cervena Lhota {SS6} + Konopiste castle{SE1} + Česke Budejovice {SS5}- 12hour round trip
17)Cervena Lhota {SS6} + Jindrichuv Hradec{SS2} + Česke Budejovice {SS5}- 12hour round trip
18)Cervena Lhota {SS6} + Orlik castle{S4}+ Jindrichuv Hradec{SS2}- 12hour round trip
19)Cervena Lhota {SS6} + Trebon {SS4} + Jindrichuv Hradec{SS2} - 12hour round trip

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