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Kokorin Castle

Medieval castle fortress, Kokorinsko rocks.

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Tour availability: Tour available in summer season

The castle of Kokorin ranks among the places most favoured by visitors. Its romantic appearance, accentuated by its position on a sandstone rock, won its fame during the 19th century, when it was associated with the names of romantic writers and painters.
Hynek Berka from Duba built the castle in the second quarter of the 14th century, probably. Because of its difficult accessibility and uncomfortability, the castle was left uninhabited and slowly decayed. The written records from the 16th century described the castle as an empty and desolated one.
The castle has preserved its romantic appearance mainly due to the edict of Ferdinand III. (made out after the Thirty Years War), according to which the castle was not allowed to be rebuilt.

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The decaying of the castle was stopped at the times of its last owners, members of the Spacek Family, who had the castle midified before the World War II. in the spirit of Romanticism. Jan Spacek had the new Palace built on the place of the former wooden building and also a family tomb came into being due to him.
The interiors present a romanticized example of period living, period furnishings and period collections. Visitors can go upstairs to reach the upper floors of the castle tower and go around the whole castle along the gallery provided with battlement.
The Hohorinsko region is the landscape with typical relief of cuboidal sandstones from the age of Middle Turon. During the Mesozoic era various mainly sandy minerals sedimented there. The landscape, we know now today, with deep ravines and sandstone towns arised by cracking of earth crusts during teritiry volcanic activity, by watercourse erosion, by frost, wind, influence of vegetation, rains and changing temperatures during Quaternary. You can find here ranges, rock towns, defiles, canyons and several kinds of valleys, individual rock towers, points, walls, solitary rocks, rock gates and windows.

N from Prague, 1,5 hour to drive

1)Kokorin castle CN4 - 6 hour round trip

Trips combinations :
2)Kokorin castle CN4 + Melnik castle CN1 - 6hour round trip
3)Kokorin castle CN4 + Nelahozeves castle CNW1 - 6hour round trip
4)Kokorin castle CN4 + Terezín CNW3 – 7hour round trip
5)Kokorin castle CN4 + Lidice-WW2 memorial CW2 – 7hour round trip
6)Kokorin castle CN4 + Prerov folk architecture museum CE5 - 8hour round trip
7)Kokorin castle CN4 + Duchcov castle CNWW2 - 9hour round trip
8)Kokorin castle CN4 + Kutna Hora town CE1 - 9hour round trip
9)Kokorin castle CN4 + Terezin conc. camp CNW3 + Nelahozeves castle CNW1 - 9hour round trip
10)Kokorin castle CN4 + Skoda cars museum CNE1 - 8hour round trip
11)Kokorin castle CN4 + Skoda historical cars museum CNE1 and car factory Skoda CNE2 - 9hour round trip
12)Kokorin castle CN4 + Strekov castle CNWW2 - 10hour round trip
13)Kokorin castle CN4 + Karlovy Vary spa CWW2 - 11hour round trip
14)Kokorin castle CN4 + Lidice WW2 memorial CW2 + Karlovy Vary CWW2 - 11hour round trip
15)Kokorin castle CN4 + Prerov CE5 or Kourim folk architecture museumn CE4 + Kutna Hora CE1 - 12hour round trip
16)Kokorin castle CN4 + Nelahozeves castle CNW1 + Karlovy Vary spa CWW2 - 12hour round trip
17)Kokorin castle CN4 + Terezin concentration camp CNW3 + Karlovy Vary spa CWW2 - 12hour round trip
18)Kokorin castle CN4 + Nelahozeves castle CNW1 + Duchcov castle CNWW2 - 12hour round trip
19)Kokorin castle CN4 + Duchcov castle CNWW2 + Strekov castle CNWW2 - 12hour trip
20)Kokorin castle CN4 + Skoda hist. cars museum CNE1 - 8hour trip
21)Kokorin castle CN4 + Skoda historical cars museum CNE1 and factory CNE2 - 9hour trip

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