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Nelahozeves Castle

The permanent exhibition entitled Private Spaces: A Noble Family at Home.

Order Tour Code: C NW1
Tour availability: Tour available in summer season Tour available in winter season

This castle has returned to the private ownership of the Lobkowicz family. There is the permanent exhibition entitled Private Spaces: A Noble Family at Home. The village is the birthplace of renowned composer Antonin Dvorak. It is open every day except Mondays.

We recommend this trip in combination with seeing Terezin WW2 memorial - concentration camp , Zatec center of hop making , Libochovice chateau , Karlovy Vary - Carlsbad spa , Lidice Village - Memorial of WW2 or Melnik castle .

The castle again privately owned by the family Lobkowicz that opened to the public the 17th century collection of European art , the village is the birthplace of the composer Antonin Dvorak. It is closed on Mondays. Open year round Tuesday - Sunday 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM Monday - by appointment

A part of artistic collection was moved to the Prague Lobkowicz Palace.

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An imposing Renaissance chateau on the left bank of the River Vltava , built in the second half of the 16th century . The castle was returned back to the family Roudnice Lobkowicz in 1993.
The permanent exhibition entitled Private Spaces: A Noble Family at Home. The objects presented span five centuries and include some of the most precious objects in the collections, including hundreds of pieces displayed for the first time. In conjunction with the considerable educational programs already offered at Nelahozeves Castle, this unique and exciting installation dramatically expands the family’s efforts to make their extraordinary artistic and historic heritage ever more accessible to Czech and international audiences.

This installation at Nelahozeves Castle reflects how an ancient and influential noble family lived in one of their principal castles in the countryside. A series of twelve newly installed period rooms features the present dining room and also includes bedrooms, a music room, the Prince’s smoking room, the family chapel, as well as a library in which treasures from the Lobkowicz archives are exhibited.

In the Grand Salon, some of the finest pieces of furniture, along with old master paintings - including Peter Paul Rubens' Hygieia Nourishing the Sacred Serpent and Paolo Veronese's David with the Head of Goliath - are displayed. There are also two rooms devoted to hunting and shooting, country pursuits central to the social activity of the landed aristocracy during the autumn and winter months. Fascinating hunting memorabilia, an extensive gun collection, staghorn furniture and stupendous trophy heads never before seen by the public fill these spaces. A gallery of portraits of family members from the 19th century to the present day, set within this domestic context, completes the tour.
The village of Nelahozeves was the birthplace of the composer Antonin Dvořák.

Beginning in 1532, Florian Griespek of Griespach served as secretary, private counsellor and military privy counsellor to the Holy Roman Emperor and Czech King, Ferdinand I. He purchased the village of Nelahozeves in 1544 and set about constructing his main residence. The castle, which dates from the 1550s, was built in a grand style to reflect his important position at the court. Griespach employed the finest Italian artisans whose stone masonry work and richly decorated sgraffito facades elegantly defined what is still today one of the finest Renaissance castles in the Czech Republic.
Nelahozeves was sold by Griespach's grand daughter to Polyxena Lobkowicz in 1623 and has since remained in the ownership of the Lobkowicz family. The castle has been painstakingly restored and today is used for large gatherings and events, most notably the Dvorak Nelahozeves Music Festival established in 1994. The entire second floor houses the permanent exhibition "Six Centuries of European Art Patronage" opened in 1997 in the presence of President Havel. The first floor museum rooms are also available for commercial and social functions, complimented by a high quality castle restaurant and fine museum gift shop.

The exhibition, spanning six centuries, draws connections between artists, their patrons and the works that passed between them. It incorporates thousands of works from the Roudnice branch of the Lobkowicz family, including important paintings by Bernardo Bellotto, Pieter Bruegel the Elder and Younger, Jan Bruegel, Antonio Canaletto, Lucas Cranach the Elder and Younger, Paolo Veronese, Sir Peter Paul Rubens and Diego Velasquez, just to name a few.
Highlights of the 25 exhibition rooms include the Family Portrait Galleries, which contain commissions by Bartholomeus Spranger, Jacob Seisenegger, Alonso Sánchez Coello, Juan Pantoja de la Cruz and Hans von Aachen, among others. Other galleries include court, diplomatic and marriage portraits illustrating the family connections to aristocratic courts and individuals throughout Europe, including Rudolph II, Kings Philip II and III of Spain, King Henry II of France and his wife, Catherine de Medici, and the Emperor Charles VI of Austria.
The exhibition also features a "Dutch Cabinet room" devoted to Dutch, Flemish and German paintings, including works by Jan Brueghel and J. B. van der Meiren. An 18th-century gallery displays two views of London by Canaletto, purchased in England by Prince Ferdinand Philip Lobkowicz (c. 1748). Another gallery is devoted to Ludwig van Beethoven and his patron, Prince Joseph Franz Maximilian Lobkowicz. Musical scores, manuscripts and instruments are displayed here, many of which have never been seen by the public. The installation also includes a Treasury, displaying religious and secular objects from the 12th-18th centuries.
The paintings, treasury and musical displays are augmented by a major collection of furniture, sculpture, ceramics, porcelain, glass, metalwork, family photographs, manuscripts, and arms and armor which decorated Lobkowicz castles. When shown together, these collections reflect major themes of the cultural and political history of Bohemia and Europe from the Renaissance until the late 1930s.

It is situated in the house the famous Czech composer Antini Dvorak was born. A visit must be booked in advance.

NW - 1 hour from Prague
1)Nelahozeves castle trip number CNW1 - 4hour round trip

Trips combinations :

2)Nelahozeves CNW1 + Melnik castles CN1 - 6hour round trip
3)Nelahozeves CNW1 + Sychrov castle NN4 - 6-7 hour round trip
4)Nelahozeves CNW1 + Melnik castle and wine tasting CN1 + Sychrov castle NN4 - 8-9 hour round trip
5)Nelahozeves CNW1 + Terezin concentration camp CNW3 - 7-8hour round trip
6)Nelahozeves CNW1 + Krivoklat castle CW1 - 7hour round trip
7)Nelahozeves CNW1 + Lidice-WW2 memorial CW2 - 7hour round trip
8)Nelahozeves CNW1 + Duchcov castles CNW2 - 8hour round trip
9)Nelahozeves CNW1 + Kutna Hora town CE1 - 9hour round trip
10)Nelahozeves CNW1 + Karlovy Vary spa CWW2 – 9hour round trip
11)Nelahozeves CNW1 + Terezin conc. camp CNW3 + Melnik town and castle CN1 - 9hour round trip
12)Nelahozeves CNW1 + Strekov castle CNW2 - 10hour round trip
13)Nelahozeves CNW1 + Karlovy Vary spa CWW2 - 10hour round trip
14)Nelahozeves CNW1 + Lidice WW2 memorial CW2 + Karlovy Vary spa CWW2 - 11hour round trip
15)Nelahozeves CNW1 + Terezin conc. camp CNW3 + Karlovy Vary spa CWW2 - 12hour round trip
16)Nelahozeves CNW1 + Prerov CE5 or Kourim CE4 + Kutna Hora CE1 - 12hour round trip
17)Nelahozeves CNW1 + Melnik CN1 + Karlovy Vary spa CWW2 - 12hour round trip
18)Nelahozeves CNW1 + Melnik CN1 + Duchcov castle CNWW2 - 12hour round trip
19)Nelahozeves CNW1 + Duchcov castle CNWW2 + Strekov castle CNWW2 - 12hour round trip
20)Nelahozeves CNW1 + Skoda hist. cars museum CNE1 and factory CNE2 - 8hour round trip
21)Nelahozeves CNW1 + Skoda hist. cars museum CNE1 and factory CNE2 - 9hour round trip
22)Nelahozeves CNW1 + Marianske Lazne Lazne spa CWW1 + Karlovy Vary spa CWW2 - 11hour round trip
23)Nelahozeves CNW1 + Marianske Lazne Lazne spa CWW1 + Karlovy Vary spa CWW2 + Lidice WW2 memorial CW2 - 12hour round trip
22)Nelahozeves CNW1 + Marianske Lazne spa CWW1 + Karlovy Vary spa CWW2 + Terezin conc. camp CNW3 - 14hour round trip
23)Nelahozeves CNW1 + Sirem of F.Kafka CB3 - 7hour round trip
24)Nelahozeves CNW1 + Sirem of F.Kafka CB3 + Terezin conc. camp CNW3 - 9hour round trip
25)Nelahozeves castle NW1 + Zatec town and hop museum CWW13 – 8-9hour round trip
26)Nelahozeves castle NW1 + Dresden A1 - 10-12hour round trip

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