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Jaromerice Chateau Upon Rokytna River

Order Tour Code: C SEE6
Tour availability: Tour available in summer season

On the present chateau site was situated a medieval stringhold. The owners of the Pernstejn family rebuilt the medieval stronghold into the Renaissance chateux in the 16th century.
The chtaeua was bought by Gerhard Quetenberk in 1623, the secretary of the Imperial Martial Council. The reconstruction of the chateau was started in 1700 during the ownership of Count Jan Adam Questnberk, he travelled over Western Europe and he was impressed by Baroque architecture and culture, especially in France. He decided to live permanently in Jaromerice and built up there a center of Baroque culture and lifestyle.

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The reconstruction was finished in 1737 by the interior decorations. The house of Questenberk died out in 1752 with the death of Jan Adam. Then the chateaux and town passed to their relatievs, the Kounic family and in the end of the 19th century to the count Vrbna. There were not any important changes during their period of ownership apart from some changes in interior furnishings. Now this part of chateux is open to the public.
The interior show the Baroque style rooms and the exhibition of musical instruments which commemorate the long and rich musical tradition in Jaromerice .
Sightseeing tour visitors to the chateau have a chance to see two halls and ten rooms on the first floor of the chateax. Especially the Hall of Ancestors, Ball Room and Chinese Cabinet show how the whole chateaux looked just after reconstruction. Other rooms are furnished with Baroque artefacts and furniture and with the furniture from the first half of the 19th century. On the ground floor you can see the Salla terrena and Roman Style Plunge Bath.

SE from Prague, 2,5 hours to drive
1)Jaromerice chateau SEE6 - 8 hour round trip
Trips combinations:
2)Jaromerice chateau SEE6 + Moravian Karst SEE4 - 10 hour round trip
3)Jaromerice chateau SEE6 + Brno & Austerlitz (Slavkov), SEE3 - 10-12 hour round trip
4)Jaromerice chateau SEE6 + Telc SEE1 - 10 hour round trip
5)Jaromerice chateau SEE6 + Trebic SEE2 - 10 hour round trip
6)Jaromerice chateau SEE6 + Moravsky Krumlov,Alfons Mucha gallery SEE5 - 10 hour round trip
7)Jaromerice chateau SEE6 + Namest Chateau SEE7 - 10 hour round trip
8)Jaromerice chateau SEE6 + Pernstejn castle EE2 - 10 hour round trip
9)Jaromerice chateau SEE6 + Porta Coeli EE3 - 10 hour round trip
10)Jaromerice chateau SEE6 + Lednice and Valtice SEE8 - 12 hour round trip
11)Jaromerice chateau SEE6 + Mikulov SEE9 - 12 hour round trip
12)Jaromerice chateau SEE6 + Litomysl town and chateau NNE5 - 12 hour round trip
13)Jaromerice chateau SEE6 + Moravsky Krumlov,Alfons Mucha gallery SEE5 + Namest Chateau SEE7 - 12 hour round trip
14)Jaromerice chateau SEE6 + Vranov Chateau SEE10 - 13 hour round trip
15)Jaromerice chateau SEE6 + Catholic Pilgrim Sites in Moravia SEE11 - 13 -14 hour round trip

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