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Wine Tasting in Melnik Castle and Town and Ossuary

Castle, Town & Ossuary. Wine Tasting. St. Ludmila's home.

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Melnik is the center of Czech wine production. You can taste the local wine in the castle cellars and see several of the castle’s rooms. Also interesting is the ossuary of the cathedral by the castle. It is open every day.

A combination with Nelahozeves castle , Terezin WW2 memorial - concentration camp , Novy Bor crystal factories , Vintage Skoda car museum , Skoda car faktory or Ajeto glassworks is available for this trip.

Melnik is the town, where used to be the castle where St. Ludmila, the grandmother of St. Wenceslas was born.
Mělník medieval town and castle video Mělník medieval town and castle

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Melnik, the centre of Bohemian-Czech wine production, is located on the confluence of the Labe (Elbe) and Vltava Rivers. The castle was founded in the 14th century , was rebuilt into a Renaissance chateau and later , in 1719, a Baroque chateau. It was returned back to the original family Lobkowicz . It is possible to taste the local wine in the castle cellars or in the castle restaurant. Besides the castle , another typical landmark of the city is st. Peter and Paul Cathedral. An attraction for tourists is undoubtedly the ossuary in the crypt under the presbytery. The old city centre of Melnik has survived together with the city ramparts . The castle is open every day.

Wine grapes are cultivated throughout all of Europe, usually in vineyards, though in Finland and Iceland they are grown in greenhouses. Wine is adored throughout the world, and has cultivated an eager following of experts and aficionados for whom life without wine would be no life at all. Once considered the nectar of the Gods, wine is also a commodity, for buying, selling, and collecting. It is also a cytalyst for love. Most handbooks on wine miss an important point, namely, that this royal beverage can be understood as a measure of man´s own spiritual manurity.
The grape-vine was grown in the Czech lands during the time of the Great Moravian Empire. Legend has it that Prince Svatopluk sent Prince Borivoj (the grandfather of St. Wenceslas) and his wife Ludmila a cask of wine in honour of the birth of their son in 892. During a period of great drought, it is said that Ludmila sacrificed much of the gift to the Goddess Krosyna, hoping for rain. Her prayers were answered.
During the Middle Ages Czech grapes were grown primarily by monks, for more than just religious purposes. The Premonstratensians monks in Louka near the town Znojmo and the Cistercians at velehrad at Zernoseky owned the rights to their vineyards for centuries. Wine underwent a substantial "renaissance" under the Czech king and emperor Charles IV, who isseud an edict in 1358 calling for the cultivation of new vineyards. Wine soon became an important trade item, the selling and buying of which were influenced later by monarchs such as Rudolph II and Joseph II.

North from Prague – 1hour

Trips :
1)Melnik town and castle trip number CN1 – 4hour round trip

Trips combinations :

2)Melnik CN1 + Nelahozeves castle CNW1 - 6hour round trip
3)Melnik CN1 + Terezín CNW3 – 7-8hour round trip
4)Melnik CN1 + Lidice-WW2 memorial CW2 – 7hour round trip
5)Melnik CN1 + Prerov folk architecture museum CE5 - 8hour round trip
6)Melnik CN1 + Duchcov castle CNWW2 - 9hour round trip
7)Melnik CN1 + Kutna Hora town CE1 - 9hour round trip
8)Melnik CN1 + Terezin conc. camp CNW3 + Nelahozeves castle CNW1 - 9hour round trip
9)Melnik CN1 + Skoda cars museum CNE1 - 8hour round trip
10)Melnik CN1 + Skoda historical cars museum CNE1 and factory CNE2 - 9hour round trip
11)Melnik CN1 + Strekov castle CNWW2 - 10hour round trip
12)Melnik CN1 + Karlovy Vary spa CWW2 - 11hour round trip
13)Melnik CN1 + Lidice WW2 memorial CW2 + Karlovy Vary spa CWW2 - 11hour round trip
14)Melnik CN1 + Prerov CE5 or Kourim CE4 + Kutna Hora CE1 - 12hour round trip
15)Melnik CN1 + Nelahozeves castle CNW1 + Karlovy Vary spa CWW2 - 12hour round trip
16)Melnik CN1 + Terezin concentration camp CNW3 + Karlovy Vary spa CWW2 - 12hour round trip
17)Melnik CN1 + Nelahozeves castle CNW1 + Duchcov castle CNWW2 - 12hour round trip
18)Melnik CN1 + Duchcov castle CNWW2 + Strekov castle CNWW2 - 12hour trip
19)Melnik CN1 + Skoda hist. cars museum CNE1 - 8hour trip
20)Melnik CN1 + Skoda historical cars museum CNE1 and factory CNE2 - 9hour trip
21)Melnik CN1 + Ajeto glassworks CN7 - 9hour trip
22)Melnik CN1 + Novy Bor glassworks CN3 - 9hour trip
23)Melnik castle and wine tasting CN1 + Nelahozeves CNW1 + Sychrov castle NN4 - 8-9 hour round trip
24)Melnik castle and wine tasting CN1 + Sychrov castle NN4 - 6 hour round trip

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