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Hradek by Nechanice Chateau

The example of romantic architecture. A famous battle in 1866 between Austria and Prussia.

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To the west of Hradec Kralove, in slightly undulated countryside in the middle of the woods, in the half of the 19th century the respresentative seat grew of the Counts´Family Harrach called Cerveny Hradek or also Hradek. The chateaux was built in the romantic style according to the model of the English Gothic. Hradek grew on "the green meadow" as a unique, unaffected by the original layout, new building.
The Harrach Family was an old Czech noble family whose members had significant posts at the Emperor´s court or at church authorities. The first information about them is of early as 1277.

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The initiator of the construction of the chateaux was Frantisek Arnost, Count of Harrach.His visit to Britain influenced the face of the new Harrach Family seat in a decisive manner.
The wealthof Harrach family did not consist in holding real estates only. The Harrach Family soon go to know the advantageousness of industrial entrepreneurial activity. Well-known was the manufacture of textile, iron and galss . Glass products from the Harrach glassworks were awarded at world exhibition in London and in Paris.
The first plans of the chateaux were made according to the images of Harrach by architect Stamman from Hamburg. Nevertheless, during the several months lasting stay of Harrach in England, that plan was revised ny architect E.B.Lamb.
During the equipment of the chateaux a number of craftsmen from the surroundings were active there.
In 1866, the newly completed chateaux witnessed the battle at Hradec Kralove, the decisive encounter of the Prussian-Austrian war. On the second day the chateaux was occupied by the Prussian armies and till November served as military hospital for the injured.
The Family Harrach lived at Hradek till 1945, when, on the basis of the decree of the President Edvard Benes, the chateax was declared state proeprty. Since 1953 the chateaux has been open for the public and in 2001 it was declared national cultural monument.

2 hours to drive to NE from Prague

1)Hradek CNNE2 - 6 hour round trip

Trips combinations:
2)Hradek CNNE2 + Hradec Kralove town CNNE7 - 8 hour round trip
3)Hradek CNNE2 + Kuks CNNE1 - 10 hour round trip
4)Hradek CNNE2 + Castolovice chateau CNNE3 - 8 hour round trip
5)Hradek CNNE2 + Opocno chateau CNNE4 - 8 hour round trip
6)Hradek CNNE2 + Josefov fortress CNNE6 - 8 hour round trip
7)Hradek CNNE2 + Litomysl town and chateau CNNE5 - 10 hour round trip
8)Hradek CNNE2 + Castolovice chateau CNNE3 + Hradec Kralove town CNNE7 - 10 hour round trip
9)Hradek CNNE2 + Opocno chateau CNNE4 + Hradec Kralove town CNNE7 - 10 hour round trip
10)Hradek CNNE2 + Josefov military fortress CNNE6 + Hradec Kralove town CNNE7 - 10 hour round trip
11)Hradek CNNE2 + Kuks CNNE1 + Hradec Kralove town CNNE7 - 12 hour round trip
12)Hradek CNNE2 + Litomysl town and chateau CNNE5 + Hradec Kralove town CNNE7 - 12 hour round trip
13)Hradek CNNE2 + Castolovice chateau CNNE3 + Opocno chateau CNNE4 - 10 hour round trip
14)Hradek CNNE2 + Castolovice chateau CNNE3 + Josefov fortress CNNE6 - 10 hour round trip
15)Hradek CNNE2 + Castolovice chateau CNNE3 + Litomysl town and chateau CNNE5 - 12 hour round trip
16)Hradek CNNE2 + Opocno chateau CNNE4 + Josefov fortress CNNE6 - 10 hour round trip
17)Hradek CNNE2 + Litomysl town and chateau CNNE5 + Josefov fortress CNNE6 - 12 hour round trip
18)Hradek CNNE2 + Litomysl town and chateau CNNE5 + Opocno chateau CNNE4 - 12 hour round trip
19)Hradek CNNE2 + Litomysl town and chateau CNNE5 + Kuks CNNE1 - 12 hour round trip

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