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Opocno Chateau

Great art collection.

Order Tour Code: C NNE4
Tour availability: Tour available in summer season

The area of Opocno castle is a unique collection of monuments demonstrating a way of living, a taste and thinking of a part of Czech society during five centuries. Because of its historical and art value, the castle has been declared the National Cultural Monument.
OWNERS AND HOLDERS PERIOD EVENTS, MATTERS OF INTEREST unknown 1068 The first written mention of Opocno Castle in the Cronicle of Cosmas. The Castle obviously suited the defensiv function. the Drslavic after 2nd half of 12th century - The Drslavic came to the East of Bohemia from Plzen and Klatovy region. Mutina of Dobruska - 1361. Probably in that period a stone Gothic castle was built at the side of a former wooden fortified. Sezema of Dobruska 1361 - 1373 Stepan and Jan of Dobruska and Opocno 1373 - 1376 Stepan of Dobruska and Opocno 1373 - 1390 Puta, the older of Castolovice 1390 - 1397 Puta, the younger of Castolovice 1397 - 1400 Jan Krusina of Lichtemburk 1400 - 1408 Hynek, Alexandr, Jan Krusina of Lichtenburk 1408 - 1413 Jan Mestecky of Opočno 1413 - 1431 Jan Mestecky was an eager supporter of the Hussites at first, in spite of this he hired an assassinator to kill the Hussite Commander in 1423. Then the castle was besieged by the army of Jan Zizka of Trocnov, in 1425 it was smashed to pieces and burnt down by the armies of the Taborites. Jiri Berka of Dube and Vízmburk 1431 - 1450 Mikulas Suchana of Liban - 1450 Svojse of Zahradka - 1451 Ladislav Pohrobek 1451 - 1455 Jirí of Podebrady and Kunstat 1455 Vaclav Valecovsky of Knezmost 1455 - 1472 The town evidently got the arms of the House of Valecovsky Viktorin of Valecov and Opocno 1472 - 1477 Samuel of Hradek and Valecov 1481 - 1488 Jan of Janovice and Petrspurk 1488 - 1495 Opocno dominium was bought by the knight House of Trcka from Lipa. Mikulas, the younger Trcka of Lipy 1495 - 1516 Mikulas buys neighbouring estate and founds a large and very profitable dominion. In 1517 he enclosed his wife Katerina of Selenberk in a wall for her unfaithfulness. Johanka Kromesínov of Brezovic 1516 Jan, Vilem, Zdenek, Jindrich and Mikulas Trcka of Lipa 1516 - 1533 Zdenek Trcka of Lipa and Vlasim 1527 - 1537 He does building repairs reconstruction of the southwest part of the castle. Jan, the younger Trcka of Lipa and Lichnice 1537 - 1544 Vilem Trcka of Lipa and Velis 1544 - 1569 In 1560 - 1567 building of the nortwest part of the castle and then rebuilding St. Andrew´s Chapel into The Holiest Trinity Church. Barbara of Biberstejn and Jan Jetrich of Zerotin 1569 - 1575 Jaroslav Trcka of Lipa and Ledec - 1588 Vilém Trčka of Lípa 1588 - 1596 Kryštof Jaroslav Trčka of Lípa 1588 - 1601 Jan Rudolf Trčka of Lípa 1601 - 1634 Building the summer-house and a ball-game hall. Together with his wife Marie Magdaléna, neé of Lobkovic he achieved the greatest prosperity of the dominion. His son Adam Erdman was killed together with Albrecht of Valdštejn in Cheb in 1634. The Emperor confiscated all the possession of the Trčkas valued about 5 million Rhenish guldens. The area of the dominion was approx. 302 square kilometres. Rudolf and Jeroným Colloredo-Wallsee 1635 - 1638 The Colloredos bought the dominion from the Emperor at price of 51,456 Rhenish guldens. Rudolf Colloredo 1638 - 1657 The imperial general and governor of Prague Rudolf became famous in the defence of Prague Old Town against the Swedes. Ludvík Colloredo 1657 - 1694 The Royal Chamberlain of State built Capuchin monastery (B. Minelli) at cost of 2,200 Rhenish guldens. Jeroným Colloredo 1694 - 1726 After fire on the top floors of the castle building repairs in baroque style werw carried out, attended by an architect G. B. Alliprandi. The repairs were participated also by G. B. Santini. Rudolf Josef Colloredo - Wallsee 1726 - 1788 In 1775 there was a big serf uprising in Opočno region. The main financial income of the dominion was from breweries (35%). The castle expense made 17% of the total expenditure. In 1744 Rudolf gained The Golden Fleece Order. František I. de Paula Gundakar Colloredo-Mannsfeld 1788 - 1807 In 1771 he maried with Marie Isabela of Mansfeld and according to the family contract arms, names and properties of both families were joined. Rudolf Josef Colloredo-Mannsfeld 1807 - 1843 Perhaps in 1820 a romantic park was founded in the Golden Brook valley. There were classicism changes of the castle area and Virgin Mary Church. František II. de Paula Gundakar Colloredo-Mannsfeld 1844 - 1852 In 1843 František II. stood out hard against Opočno peasant and as Vice-Marshall of Windischgratz´s armies he participated in suppression of revolts in Prague, Vienna and Hungry in 1848. Josef František Jeroným Colloredo-Mannsfeld 1852 - 1895 In 1887 repairs of the arcades were done. Josef Colloredo-Mannsfeld 1895 - 1925 In 1896 a picture collection was placed in two castle halls. At the beginning of 20th century changes of the interior and completition of Billiard Hall were finished. In case nobody from Colloredo-Mansfeld family was staying at the castle, the collection of weapons and paintings was opened up for public in 1922. Dr. Josef Colloredo-Mannsfeld 1925 - 1942 The Reich 1942 - 1945 The Czechoslovak Republic 1945 - 1961 The Czechoslovak Socialist Republic 1961 - 1990 In 1974 -1992 renovation of the facade, reinstallment and restoration of interiors and collections passed off. The Czechoslovak Federative Republic 1990 - 1992 In 1991 a claim to restitution was made by Colloredo-Mansfeld family. The Czech Republic 1993 - 2003 In 1994 - 2000 restoration of the arcades of the castle, complex reparing of the buildings in the Golden Brook valley after the flood in 1998 and repairs of the roofs passed off. Kristina Colloredo Mansfeld 2003

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Seeing the castle consist from two parts. The first part - African Hall, Study, Little Drawing Room, Dining Hall, Drawing Room, Hall of Games, Renaissance Room, Baroque Room, Art Gallery and Library. The second part - Oriental Armoury, Hunting Hall and Knight Hall.
Art Gallery
The Colloredo family were passionate and selective collectors, especially of Italian paintings. At first, they had their picture gallery in Döbling near Vienna and only in 1895 did they bring the collection to the Opočno mansion house placing it in two rooms, which have been used for this purpose ever since.
The first hall shows the development of Italian painting from the 16th to the 18th centuries. One element the paintings have in common is the Italian rich quality of colour. The first room shows chiefly the Venetian school.
The Collection of works from the Neapolitan school is in the second room. This collection is unique in Czech.

2 hours to drive to NE from Prague
1)Opocno chateau CNNE4 - 6 hour round trip
E from Prague, 2 hours to drive

Trips combinations:
2)Opocno chateau CNNE4 + Hradec Kralove town CNNE7 - 8 hour round trip
3)Opocno chateau CNNE4 + Kuks CNNE1 - 10 hour round trip
4)Opocno chateau CNNE4 + Hradek CNNE1 - 8 hour round trip
5)Opocno chateau CNNE4 + Castolovice CNNE3 - 8 hour round trip
6)Opocno chateau CNNE4 + Josefov fortress CNNE6 - 8 hour round trip
7)Opocno chateau CNNE4 + Litomysl town and chateau CNNE5 - 10 hour round trip
8)Opocno chateau CNNE4 + Hradek CNNE1 + Hradec Kralove town CNNE7 - 10 hour round trip
9)Opocno chateau CNNE4 + Castolovice CNNE3 + Hradec Kralove town CNNE7 - 10 hour round trip
10)Opocno chateau CNNE4 + Josefov fortress CNNE6 + Hradec Kralove town CNNE7 - 10 hour round trip
11)Opocno chateau CNNE4 + Kuks CNNE1 + Hradec Kralove town CNNE7 - 12 hour round trip
12)Opocno chateau CNNE4 + Litomysl town and chateau CNNE5 + Hradec Kralove town CNNE7 - 12 hour round trip
13)Opocno chateau CNNE4 + Castolovice CNNE3 + Hradek CNNE1 - 10 hour round trip
14)Opocno chateau CNNE4 + Hradek CNNE1 + Josefov fortress CNNE6 - 10 hour round trip
15)Opocno chateau CNNE4 + Hradek CNNE1 + Litomysl town and chateau CNNE5 - 12 hour round trip
16)Opocno chateau CNNE4 + Castolovice CNNE3 + Josefov fortress CNNE6 - 10 hour round trip
17)Opocno chateau CNNE4 + Litomysl town and chateau CNNE5 + Josefov fortress CNNE6 - 12 hour round trip
18)Opocno chateau CNNE4 + Castolovice CNNE3 + Litomysl town and chateau CNNE5 - 12 hour round trip
19)Opocno chateau CNNE4 + Litomysl town and chateau CNNE5 + Kuks CNNE1 - 12 hour round trip

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