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Bouzov Castle

Museum of Teutonic Order.

Order Tour Code: C NEE2
Tour availability: Tour available in summer season

The castle Bouzov was founded probably by the family of lords of Bouzov at the beginning of the 14th century and it was Buz wha was the first known holder of the castle from 1317 till 1339. An extensive reconstruction of the castle, carried out from 1895 to 1910, have brought the present image of the castle in. The Supreme Master of The Teutonic Order Eugene von Habsburk the archduke (1863-1954) decided to let the castle alter into the respresentative seat and museum of The Order.
The reconstruction was projected by Georg von Hauberisser, one of the most renowned architects of the time. The renewal was extensive and exacting, it was carried our extremely carefully with respect to historical authenticity, having followed accordance of styles.

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After reconstruction on Romantic style, the perfect performance of the stately seat of Middle-Ages was risen, its properties involve several historical styles, especially Gothic and Renaissance.
The chapel in neo-Gothic style, furnished with a Gothic altar and decorated with tombstones of The Order masters, which were conveyed from The Order castle Horneck upon Neckar and date back to 1395-1515, is considered to be the most valuable part of the castle. The east palace with princely rooms was restored in 1899. The Supreme Masters bedroom with brocaded wallpapers is equipped with stylish furniture of the top Baroque.

3 hours to drive from Prague, E
1)Bouzov castle CNEE2 - 8 hour round trip

Trips combinations:
2)Bouzov castle CNEE2 + Litomysl town and chateau CNNE5 - 10 hour round trip
3)Bouzov castle CNEE2 + Velke Losiny chateau CNEE1 - 10 hour round trip
4)Bouzov castle CNEE2 + Hradek by Nechanice chateau CNNE2 - 10 hour round trip
5)Bouzov castle CNEE2 + Castolovice chateau CNNE3 - 10 hour round trip
6)Bouzov castle CNEE2 + Opocno chateau CNNE4 - 10 hour round trip
7)Bouzov castle CNEE2 + Hradec Kralove CNNE7 - 10 hour round trip
8)Bouzov castle CNEE2 + Josefov military fortress CNNE6 - 10 hour round trip

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