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Bucovice Chateau - Pearl of Moravia

Purist Renaissance style outside Italy

Order Tour Code: C SEE12
Tour availability: Tour available in summer season

The "Pearl of Moravia" was built by the last male member of an ancient family, Jan Sembera of Boskovice. The rice of the manor house and its decorations are dated from approximately 1575 to 1584.
Apart from the architecture, the Bucovice Chateau displays pride in rooms with flamboyant artistic decorations such as stucco and painted ornaments, symbols, figures, and scenes from ancient history and from classical mythology.

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The vaulted ceiling in the chapel which was finished in 1637 bears scenes from the lives of the Virgin Mary and of Jesus Christ.
A sculptural group, with a figure of Bacchus on the top, attracts attention in the courtyard, it originally formed the center of a fountain built in 1635.
2,5 hour to drive SE
1)Bucovice chateau SEE12 - 8 hour round trip
Trips combinations:
2)Bucovice chateau SEE12 + Brno & Austerlitz Slavkov SEE3 - 10 hour round trip
3)Bucovice chateau SEE12 + Telc town and chateau SEE1 - 10 hour round trip
4)Bucovice chateau SEE12 + Trebic Jewish Quarter and Basilica SEE2 - 10 hour round trip
5)Bucovice chateau SEE12 + Moravsky Krumlov, Alfons Mucha gallery SEE5 - 10 hour round trip
6)Bucovice chateau SEE12 + Jaromerice chateau SEE6 - 10 hour round trip
7)Bucovice chateau SEE12 + Namest chateau SEE7 - 10 hour round trip
8)Bucovice chateau SEE12 + Pernstejn castle EE2 - 10 hour round trip
9)Bucovice chateau SEE12 + Porta Coeli convent EE3 - 10 hour round trip
10)Bucovice chateau SEE12 + Moravian Karst SEE4 - 11 hour round trip
11)Bucovice chateau SEE12 + Lednice and Valtice chateau SEE8 - 12 hour round trip
12)Bucovice chateau SEE12 + Mikulov chateau and town SEE9 - 12 hour round trip
13)Bucovice chateau SEE12 + Litomysl town and chateau NNE5 - 12 hour round trip
14)Bucovice chateau SEE12 + Vranov chateau SEE10 - 13 hour round trip
15)Bucovice chateau SEE12 + Catholic Pilgrim Sites in Moravia SEE11 - 13-14 hour round trip

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