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Bobbin Lace Of Vamberk

400 Years Old Tradition Of Hand Made Lace. Museum. Factory. Shopping.

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Come wit us to see the museum of bobbin lace in the town Vamberk. We will take you also to the factory, so as you can see on your own yeas the incredible hand work. Take a chance to do shopping in the factory. The trip must be bokked in advance.
Why to go there? 400 years old tradition 60 years old history of the company craftsmanship handover through generations unique know-how high artistic value golden medals from world expositions hundreds of other awards

Vamberecka krajka CZ s.r.o picked up again the 400 years old tradition of original hand lace making in the area of Vamberk. In 2003 Euro Management Consult s.r.o., company that is in the long run engaged in revitalization and development of companies, bought the company (with 55 workers), the unique know-how and the registered trademark. For the continuation in production was founded Vamberecka krajka CZ s.r.o., that picked up again the old tradition and gets on with development and production of original hand-made bobbin lace. We offer: hanging lace, table cloths and mats whole made from bobbin lace, table cloths decorated with hand-made bobbin lace, picture lace works, artificial jewellery, dress accessories, Christmas decorations, luxurious women’s dresses decorated with hand made bobbin lace and also products with application of machine made lace as table cloths, table mats, bed linens, handkerchiefs etc.
Bobbin lace and the town of Vamberk (which is situated in the middle-north part of Czech republic) cannot be thought apart from each other. As can we read in old chronicles, tradition of lace-making in the area of Vamberk is more than 400 years old. Skilful lace makers were straggle over the whole Orlicke mountains (mountains in the north-east of Czech republic), especially in the area of Vamberk.
The first mention of Vamberk lace workers is from the year 1642, but the beginnings of this tradition goes much more to the past. The middle of 17th century in Vamberk is connected with Magdalena Gramb, noblewoman from Belgium and owner of Vamberk estate. She established new method of lace making (using of special pillow – which is called „herdule“) and introduced new lace patterns, that was brought from Belgium. Owing to her organizational and commercial skills Vamberk became the centre of the European bobbin-lace industry.
At the beginning was the Vamberk lace used as a dress and interior complement in noble or middle-class houses same as in churches. By the time expanded using of lace works also among the modest people. As the material for lace were used nettle, cotton or silk threads, but also gold and silver „dracoun“ ( special silver or gold thread).
Lace workers were from time to time exchanging and creating new patterns that were becoming more and more complicated. In the middle of 19th century was registered a steady increase of bobbin lace making in the region of Vamberk. Skills and craftsmanship of lace workers became a remunerative business. Lace workers were making their bobbin laces in all of Vamberk houses during this time.
In the middle of 20th century started industrialization of the Vamberk region and lace making stopped being the only way of making money. Despite of this the number of people who were engaged in this beautiful handicraft felt low.
After WW II. was founded handicraft company. The date of foundation of now world-famous company Vamberecka krajka Vamberk, was 5/11/ 1946. The main purpose of the company was to take up again the old lore of lace making and combine it with modern art and craft. In 2003 was Vamberecka krajka transformed into Vamberecka krajka CZ s.r.o. This new company is now trying to establish hand made bobbin lace in 21st century and to snug homes and interiors of modern civilization.

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The Vamberecka krajka has been cooperating with renowned artists for all time of its existence. That was the cause of a huge success at the World exposition EXPO Brusel in 1957 (golden and silver medal). It was the first award for Vamberecka krajka after World War II. Ten years later the Vamberecka krajka Co. won another awards in World exposition in Montreal and later hundreds of different honours.
During the time was the production continuously expanding. The company started to produce women’s dresses decorated by hand-mad bobbin lace and apartment decoration (especially table cloths and mats) with application of machine-made lace. Many things have changed in bobbin-lace production. The original technology was kept but the possibilities of utilization in clothing and apartment culture increased.
The very high-rated fact is, that bobbin lace handicraft in Vamberk was not arrested by using only the old patterns, but on the contrary is still „alive“ and adaptable to contemporary development. The modern bobbin-lace industry is essentially connected with folk tradition and contributes to the balance between tradition and modern civilization. The cooperation with artists and renowned designers guarantees that original hand-made bobbin lace products from Vamberecka krajka (registered trademark) are not losing their worth after years, but on the contrary are becoming more and more valuable.
Nowadays is the Vamberecka krajka very adaptable to the customers’ wishes. We can create new patterns and also all sizes of clothing and apartment decoration that you would like to have, made in small serial production, but also made on the basis of individual and unique patterns.

2,5 hours to drive to North East
Trip: 1)Bobbin Lace Of Vamberk CNNE9 - 8 hour round trip

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