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Birthday Gift

Come to watch the ice-hockey training and meet an ice-hockey-player.

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Come to watch the ice-hockey training and meet an ice-hockey-player.

Take the private boat - just for you, we will arrange the birthday cake according to your wish.
What we did for our clients, from the correspondence:
Dear Edita, Thank you for so quickly responding to my e-mail. I have become familiar with hotels in Prague. The ones you mentioned sound lovely. My family are all huge hockey fans. We are NY Ranger fans. One of the reasons my daughters want to go to Czech Republic is because so many Rangers are from there. My daughter's favorite player is P. Prucha. Is there anything you can think of related to hockey? We know there is a Sports Bar owned by Jagr, but were wondering if you could think of something else special. Thank you for your time and interest. Regards, Dana

Dear Dana,
about the birthday gift for your daugther: P. Prucha is now - in summer - in the Czech Republic. He is originally from the town Pardubice, where he has been training. So, what is possible to do is: I can offer you the minivan and the guide to take you outside Prague without telling your daughter what everything you are going to see outside Prague (you can tell her f.i. that you go to see the castle Cesky Sternberk and the town Kutna Hora). But first you would drive to Pardubice(there is the highway so I think in 1 hour and few minutes you could get there) and there you could go to see the hockey stadium, the hockey club P. Prucha is from and maybe to meet Petr to take him for lunch, or so, definitively to ask him to sign his photos for your daughter and to make some photos with him. Best regards. Edita

Dear Edita, I appreciate all your help in making our trip to the Czech Republic so special. You are amazing. You have so many wonderful ideas for us. I know that to see where P. Prucha practices and meet him would be so exciting for my daughter, and for all of us. She even has a Prucha hockey jersey. The town and castle you recommend on that trip seem interesting too. I want to show my husband and daughter the residence and hotel suggestions you have. They both seem beautiful. Again, I am so happy to be working with you. Thank you. Regards, Dana

The price list of Private Prague Sightseeing Tours.
The price list of Private Country Trips.

Have the private city tour for your family in the vintage car, with the bottle of champaigne ready there for you with special glasses made for you.

Have the tour in the castle outside Prague in the evening, without tourists just for you, we could hide the gifts for your dear in the castle and he(she) will get them in the end of the tour.

Have the private helicopter flight. The driver will pick you up at the hotel and will drive you to the private airport by Prague. Than you will have the private helicopte flight either to the castle Karlstejn, or the the castle Melnik. It will take about 1 hour, you will see the beautiful romantic countryside. The driver will drive there to pick you up to drive you to the castle and after seeing it back to Prague.

Have the private romantic dinner in the little town Kutna Hora nearby Prague, our driver will drive you there, by the cathedral could wait for you the coach with horses that would take you for a short tour in the town and would leave you in the restaurant that can be booked just for you and our driver would wait for you there and than will take you back to Prague.

The price list of Private Prague Sightseeing Tours.
The price list of Private Country Trips.

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