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We can put out and prepare choreography of duels, mass encounters.
We offer a historical fencing exhibition, costumes according to scene - knights in an iron plate armour, musketeers or rococo barons.
We present an offer of a fencing school as very impressive.
Our fencing, theather, jesters and jugglers performance, fireshows, old crafts, Christmas customs entertain in townfeast, companies parties or families days, banquets, childrens day, in other entertaining programmes.

you can choose from :
fencing performance
welcome drink
printing of menus of medieval banquet
period music accompanying dinner
2 dancers ( medieval dances )
fakir ( plying with fire, walking on glass sherds )
oriental dancers ( 2 dancers )
medieval gladiators (2 gladiators)
medieval gladiators ( 3 gladiators )
fencing school ( 6 members )
rent costumes for the staff that will serve the dinner

Contact us and we will suggest the special program just for you.
We will calculate a special price for you.

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1.Fencing school
Master swordsman teaches fencing techniques, yeomen show their fighting skills.

2.Slavs and Vikings
Programme is based on old slavic viking traditions. Coexistence of thees two etnig groups in area of North of Rusia and Poland originated interesting culture. Audience will meat slavic and viking warriors, arabic merchand or sain bishop Metod�j, duches Ludmila and her grandson duke Wenceslaus, patron-saint of Czech Kingdom.
number of actors: 6, length: 35 min.

3. Encampment of Renaissance Landsknechts
Magnificent programme brinks back to life renaissance town or castle, where colourfull army of landschnechts has just pitched the camp. Great gathering of costumed people entertain jugglers, musicians and conjurer. Soldiers wifes cook period meals in huge cauldrons or dance for meriment of spectacors. Tradesmen offer their goods and soldiers drill themself in arms.
Number of actors: 5, lenght: 10-30 min

4.Alchemist and Sirael
We are glad to offer you our performance to liven up celebrations in spirit of Renaissance (banquet, companies party, action for touristics groups, castles celebrations).
Its funny tale with a bit of mystery and eroticism. Tale of Renaissances alchemist Magister Kelly, who prepare to order incredeble deeds for his patron. Sometimes something gone away, or get wrong, but after all he just creates a virgine of moonshine - Sirael.
We use a fireworks for interieries, firecrackers, smoke, music.
Performance is cca 15 minutes long. Preparation for perfomance - 3 hours. Three actors.

5.MAFIA (Friends of the Friends)
Enjoy the taste of danger. Spend a night in bar dancing in style of swinging thirties. But be careful, tough guys with guns loaded with deadly bullets are hiding betveen clouds of smoke from expensive havanas. You never know, when and why shooting starts...
1920 -1930
Nostalgic step beck to times when even gangsters look like gentlemen Show goes well with atmosphere of casinos, bussines parties or celebrations

Where to have these parties :
Prague pubs
Prague clubs
Castles outside Prague
Medieval towns outside Prague
We can build up the program just for you according to your wish.
Here is the offer of options we have:


Services, programmes for smorgasbords, banquets, and business parties
Why not surprise your friends, colleagues, and partners? Let them experince everything they could ever wish to try!
Do you want to feast like noble medieval aristocrats?
Do you want to spend a happy family day filled with jokes, fairy tales, crafts, and old games ?
Do you want to enjoy an atmosphere redolent of exclusive Havana cigars at a real mafia party?
We can organise all this and much more for you!
As an inspiration here are some foretastes of our programmes.


Programmes for the medieval inn tavern
Full-length programme for the evening
Greetings of the guests: the opening infront of the inn Combat of two knights in armour
Programme inside the inn
medieval music
the beggar
music and the beautiful dancer
fencing performance - Fencing school
medieval music
luscious gipsy dancer
the game Lever mainly game played by guest and our guys
medieval music
oriental dancer
the fakir and the tricks with the fire
spitting of the fire
This programe could be also enlarged of
three performances of the juggler and his two little apprentices juggling
mice racing funny game for guests
fakir�s tricks with fire and stepping on pieces of broken glass

Nostalgic step back to times when even gangsters looked like gentlemen
The show goes well with the atmosphere of casinos, business parties, or celebrations.
Arrival of guests
Florist offers flowers
At the doorsteps stand two tough guys and check arrivals for guns.
They also offer cigars to men and cigarettes to ladies.
Suspicious lady in fluffy boa flirts with guests
Greetings and speech by the Mafia Boss (in cooperation with management)
Beginning of reception
Swing orchestra music, songs
Brawl between mafiosos culminates in shooting. Music in background.
Surviving mafioso starts to shoot at audience. Fortunately he has blanks in his gun instead of bullets!
Swing orchestra music, songs
The end

Step back in time! Your daily troubles will disappear together with the centuries... Enjoy the ambience enjoyed by medieval aristocrats!
You will feast with gentle ladies and knights. Young maidens will pour wine, beer, and mead. A juggler, fire-eaters, and musicians entertain noble society. Between meals the ladies dance and knights fight in a tournament to win their hearts.

Nearby brave yeomen sit at the table and joke with maids. After folk dancing there is going to be a little skirmish between these tough guys to show differing styles of fencing. And even the guests might pit their strength against them.

The only one who doesn�t enjoy himself is a poor beggar who is trying to get a place at the table or at least a mouthful of someone else food.

Program schedule
0:00 - Arrival ( for example 19:00) visitors are invited inside programme courtyard period figures barbers bath noblemans tent cannons and battering machine whole courtyard is lighted by torches and fires live medieval music
00:15 Toast visitors are offered a toast and seated at the table programme herald ( Master of Ceremonies) and period-costumed staff
00:30 Feast begins hors-d�oeuvres programme medieval music, beggar
00:45 Beginning of main programme noble society comes soup in bread-bowls music
01:00 Game - throwing wreaths
01:05 Feasting main dish, dessert back at the table the main dish is served to visitors and noblemen programme live medieval music, indulgence vendor
01:25 Tournament ladies and court dances tournament juggler
02:00 Fencing school, games Master swordsman teaches fencing techniques, yeomen show their fighting skills. Opportunity for guests to try fighting with medieval arms, crossbow shooting, or arm wrestling with fencers.
02:30 Juggler: mouse race everyone has an opportunity to bet on their favourite mouse in this funny race
02:45 Music and dancing dancers demonstrate folk and medieval dances and dance with visitors
03:05 Juggler, fakir, fire-eaters, belly dancers
03:15 End of programme - courtyard cannon shooting fireball blasted off siege engine live medieval music bath dancing
04:15 Free entertaiment, music
06:00 The End
Number of artists: 35
Fencers, artillerymen, fire-eaters, a fakir, actors, two music bands, dance group, and a juggler and his assistants. Programme is variable and depends on your wishes.

Take a seat at he table. You will feast with a king and his court.
Time schedule and programme:
00:00 Arrival
visitors are invited inside programme courtyard period figures
00:15 Toast
visitors are offered a toast and seated at the table programme landlord and period costumed staff
00:30 Beginning the feast
hors-d�oeuvres programme recorded medieval music
00:45 Main programme
The King and his court are coming Period (Gothic) court dances Live medieval music Juggler
01:45 Tournament
Knights meet to fight in honour of the King and lovely ladies
02:00 Feast continues - Main course
The guests and the King are served the main dish Programme live medieval music
02:20 Programme continues folk dancing, fencing school
Maidens dance medieval folk dances Fencing school Knights show the visitors their fencing skills and different fencing techniques. 03:00 Games
The King and his men invite the guests to games and competitions : The game throwing wreaths, crossbow shooting, combat with medieval weapons ( safe version with rug and shield), etc.
04:00 Dancing
Cheerful dancing, girls dance with guests Live period music
04:30 End of programme Departure of the King
The King leaves with all his court, attended by drummers

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The price list of Private Prague Sightseeing Tours.
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