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The best known spas in the Czech Republic are Karlovy Vary (Carlsbad) and Marianske Lazne (Mariensbad), both of them situated about 2 hours to drive to west from Prague.

Let us arrange for you:
accommodation in the spas
programs while you travel in the Czech Republic
private transportation
English-speaking driver
A special offer in Prague - the treatment in the famous private Plastic surgery clinic and than the relaxing time in one of the spas.

Contact us and we will suggest the special program just for you.

We will calculate a special price for you.

Karlovy Vary spa
It is the best known spa in the Czech Republic. There is the Sprudel Spring colonnade in the centre of the town. Spa treatment is based on the local thermal springs. The beneficial springs have been used for medical treatment for over 600 years. A list of the names of visitors to Karlovy Vary would be endless. They include the Tsar Peter I, the Empress Maria Tereza, Goethe, Schiller, Paganini, Schopin, Beethoven, Brahms, Liszt, Dumas, Smetan, Dvorak and others. The town of Karlovy Vary contains many historical buildings. The founder of balneological treatment was the 18th century physician David Becher, who chemically analysed the local springs and indicated patterns for therapeutical procedures.
The most importatnt application of the waters is regular drinking straight from the springs. Twelve springs , emanating from the depth of 2.000,- to 2.500,- metres , of temperatures of 41� to 72�C and containing up to 40 chemical elements, are used for spa treatment.
This treatment is usually combined with procedures such as physiotherapy, walks in the fresh air , bathing in mineral water, bathing in mineral carbon acid water, mud packs, steam baths, massage. All of this you can try there , too.
It is also possible to see our best crystal factory called MOSER ( production of lead free crystal ) , the museum of Moser crystal factory and their shop as well. There are also a few porcelaine factories , their shops you can find in the city centre.

Treatments free salable - without physician�s examination:
Natural Geyser mineral water bath
Carbon-dioxyde bath
Oxygenated bath
Classical massage partial
Classical massage total
Group gymnastic in swimming poll
Oxygenated bath with herbal ingredients
Cosmetic pack

Marianske Lazne spa
It has been popular with guests from all over the world. Numerous guests said the same - " There is not any more beautiful place on this planet..." ( the Engish king Edward, Franz Kafka, the American inventor T.A. Edison , ...)
Traditionally, there are treated diseases of kidneys, the urinary tract, air passages, locomotive organs and obesity, diseases of heart and blood vessels as well as deseases of skin and mental disorders.
Spa treatment consists of baths, the drinking cure, massages, inhalations, peat baths, physical exercises, diet and acupuncture, walks to the beautiful environs of the town and the fresh air play an important role, too.
The oldest recod concerning local mineral springs is the letter which the king Ferdinand sent to the abbot of themonastery Tepla ( in 1528 ). He asked the abbot to send samples of water ( from the present Ferdinand Spring ) to Prague because he believed salt might be found in it. People knew about the existence of the mineral springs here, but they did not make use of them.
In 1779 the abbot charged the doctor of the monastery, John Joseph Nehr, to carry out the analysis of local mineral springs. The doctor built the first spa on his own money. He called it " The Golden Ball " and in 1808 he opened the first spa season.The abbot Pfrogner then decided about the construction of the spa house. The place became very popular within a few years and it was the beginning of the growth of Marianske Lazne.

The price list of Private Country Trips.

Health Improvement
Plastic Surgery in Prague
reasonable prices, that we can send you, if you like for:
the procedures on face
1.blefaroplastica - lifting of the eyelids - upper
2.blefaroplastica - lifting of the eyelids - lower
3.facelifting - midface a necklift
4.tragus facelift
5.correction surgery of the nose - soft part
6.correction surgery of the nose - bone part
7.correction surgery of the ears
8.correction surgery of the chin
9. excision of the small lession of the face
10.excision of the bigger lession of the face
the procedures on the body:
12. piercing
13.excision of the small lession of the body
14.excision of the bigger lession of the body
15. multiply excision on the body (up to 3)
16.surgial removal of the scar
17. breast implants - regular shape
18. breast implants - anatomic shape
19. reduction of the breast
20. breast forming - pexia - without implants
21.breast forming - pexia - plus implants
22. abdominoplastica - small
23. abdominoplastica - regular
24. hair transplantation - price for 1 graft - FM method
25. lipusuction - face
26. liposuction - knee, ankle
27. liposuction - internal tights
28.liposuction - abdomen
29.external - tights
30. liposuction - pelvic area (hips)
31. consultation fee
Price of the breast implants:
32. MgGhan - regular
33. MgGhan - anatomical
34. Eurosillcone - regular
35. Eurosillcone - anatomical
36. Anesthesiologis fee per case
37. Overnight stay - single bedroom
38. Presurgery exam by internal medicine specialist
39. Mammography
40. Ultrasound of the breast

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The price list of Private Country Trips.

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