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Wine-Tasting Tour

7 day round trip. Wine - drink of poets.

Order Tour Code: PAC 11
Tour availability: Tour available in summer season Tour available in winter season

Wine-tasting tour in Moravia
Day 1
Brno vineyards area (Dolni Kounice)
seeing Brno click on: Brno and Slavkov battlefield
Macocha cave it is closed in winter click on: Moravian Karst
Brno - overnight

Day 2
Znojmo vineyards area click on: Znojmo
Moravsky Krumlov castle - seeing click on: Moravsky Krumlov Slav Epic
Vranov castle click on: Vranov
seeing Znojmo town and wine cellars click on: Znojmo
Znojmo overnight

Day 3
Mikulov vineyards area click on: Mikulov
seeing Lednice and Valtice (UNESCO) click on: Lednice and Valtice
Mikulov overnight

Day 4
Podluzi, Palava and Munetice vineyards area
Cejkovice click on: Cajkovice Templáø Knights wine cellars
overnight in Kyjov

Day 5
Kyjov vineyards area
Mutenice vineyards area, Bzenec vineyards area
Kromeriz overnight click on: Kromeriz country trip

Day 6
seeing Kromeriz (UNESCO)
Uherske Hradiste vineyards area
Bucovice castle castle is closed in winter click on: Bucovice
Straznice vineyards area click on: Straznice wine tasting
Straznice - overnight

Day 7
seeing Straznice - town and open-air museum click on: Straznice
Slavkov (Austerlitz) battlefield click on: Brno and Slavkov battlefield
back to Prague

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Wine-tasting tour in Moravia
Day 1
Brno vineyards area ( Dolni Kounice )
famous with hard red wines Limberger Port and Saint Laurent wines
seeing Brno Brno (vila Tugendat - UNESCO) Brno - Villa Tugendhat The modernist villa designed by German architect Ludwig Mies van der Rode is considered one of the most important pieces of the world´s modern architecture . the villa was built on a tilting slope between 1929-1930 and it still bears the name of the original owners ( who emigrated in 1938 ). The building has a rectangular ground plan and is an example of a no-corridor house of a single space with a steal framework . The main living area is divided by portable walls into individual functional parts - library with an office , living room, dining room. The utility part of the house is incorporated into the slope , with the garden oriented towards south-west spreading below it. The top terrace and bedrooms offer a good viewing opportunity.
Macocha cave
A world famous gorge in the Moravsky kras is 138 m deep. The tour is on the boat on the river Punkva that flows through it.
Porta Coeli convent from 1181 reservation in one of the following cellars for wine-tasting: Dolni Kounice - wine-tasting Nove Branice - wine-tasting Brno - overnight

Day 2
Znojmo vineyards area
famous for white wines with aromatic substances Rhine Riesling , Sauvignon blanc , Muller Thurgau ,and especially Valtelline wine green tat is different from the other regions because of its richness of aroma and taste.
Moravsky Krumlov ( Alfons Mucha )
It was mentioned first in 1227 . There is in the chateau ( from the years 1562-1568 ) the unique art axhibition - the work of Alfons Much . About 20 great paintings - Slavic Epos - in the sizes 6x4 metres and 6x8 metres , are incredible cycles of Slavic history , a half of them is dedicated to the Czech - i.e. Bohemian history .

Vranov castle - seeing seeing Znojmo town and wine-cellars reservation in one of the following cellars : Tasovice cellars Vrbov cellars Novy Saldorf cellars Lechovice cellars Sedlesovice cellars Znojmo overnight

Day 3
Mikulov vineyards area
temperature of thus region is very dry and worm , it is the area of especially white wines - Chardonnay , Walachien Riesling , Valtelline wine wines of very high quality - Sauvignon blanc , Pino blanc and Pinot gris
Mikulov - seeing the museum of wine production ( the X. Roman legion had the fortified camp here and there was found by the archeologists the wine knife - the 3rd century )in the castle. The town is the birthplace of the former president of Austria Adolf Scahrf ( he was president in the years 1957-65 ).
seeing Lednice and Valtice castles (UNESCO)
Lednice (UNESCO) and Valtice (UNESCO) - cultural landscape The Lednice-Valtice region is a unique example documenting a gradual influance of human work on landscape , having its climax from the 17th to 19th century. The cultural landscape creates an illusion of being magnified by creating view of surroundings . It represents a unique value for its dendrology and entomology and includes seven natural preserves.
wine-tasting reservation in one of the following cellars :
Valtice wine-cellars - Bozi Dvur , or castle cellars ( from the year 1430 - that time Lichtenstein property - for about 6 centuries ) - the capacity of cellar was 6000 litres
Hlohovec wine cellars Mikulov wine-cellars Sedlec - wines are famous with very high quality
Mikulov overnight

Day 4
Podluzi vineyards
Village Prusanky is famous with the wine-cellars called Nechory
Palava - it belongs to the type of UNESCO biosphere reservations. It is created by the Pavlov Hills and forests , meadows and also by the country houses and vineyards.
Munetice vineyards area Mikulcice Cejkovice
Velkopavlovice vineyards area Podivin Rakvice Velke Pavlovice Klobouky
overnight in Kyjov

Day 5
Kyjov vineyards area Kyjov Vlkos
Mutenice vineyards area
Cejkovice the Gothic tower built by the Templars in 1232 survived , the templars built by the castle the wine cellars 650 metres long to keep wine . Our first president T.G. Masaryk lived here as the child.
Bzenec vineyards area the region is famous with Rhine Riesling called Bzenecka lipka Bzenec - in Polesovice village they cultivated the Muscatel of Moravia
Kromeriz overnight

Day 6
seeing Kromeriz (UNESCO)
Kromeriz (UNESCO) The chateau with the Chateau Game Preserve and Flower Garden Today´s castle was built on the place of what was a fort probably in the 9th century , which was replaced with a Gothic Bishop castle rebuilt in the 16th century into a Renaissance residency of bishops of Olomouc.In 1777, the Bishopric of Olomouc was promoted to archbishopric , increasing the prestige of the chateau and the town of Kromeriz itself.
Uherske Hradiste vineyards area
it is famous with Pinot blanc , Muller Thurgau and Moravian muscatel they have got the character of wines from colder microclimatic conditions
Buchlovice castle Vlcnov - ride of Kings ( famous with wine festivals )
Place of pilgrimage with monastery , Basilica of st. Cyril and Methodio and extensive complex of Romanesque -Gothic remains of buildings with Cyrilic-Method tradition . In 1927 the cathedral was administered the title and privilages of small Basilica (Basilica minor) by Pope Jan pavel II. The head of Roamn Catholic church - pope jan Pavel II - visited the place in 1990.
Straznice vineyards area
Straznice - the medieval town was all the centuries center of wine-making and wine - trading . The second center of wine-trading was the village Blatnice by st. Antonius , where also the famous European philopher Jan Amos Comenius had his own vieyards in the 16th century . The famous wine of this area is the local wine called Blatnicky rohac - the mixture of Rhine Riesling , Pinot blanc and Silvaner green.
Straznice - overnight

Day 7
Petrov village
there are the most famous wine-cellars called Plze - almost the special village - but the houses covered with the earth are the wine cellars usually 3 metres wide and 15 metres long - this "wine village" has got 2 squares and 3 streets , they were known already in the 15th century and even Jan Amos Comenius write about them in the 16th century , their appearance is from the 18th century , they were used not only to store wine in barrels , but during many wars in the medieval times also as the hiding place .
this region is very famous with the folk costumes and traditions and folk festivals
seeing the town Straznice and scanzen - open-air museum of folk architecture , with wine folk architecture
the best time to come to Straznice March - wine exhibition August - folk festival September - wine harvest
St. Urban - st. patron of wine-makers will protect you on the way back to Prague .The last stop is in the Napoleon´s battlefield Austerlitz , Napoleon - great admiror of wine - won his battle here in 1805. .
Slavkov - battlefield (In German Austerlitz)
Battle of the Three Emperors , the second greatest battle ever to take place in the Czech Lands . On December 2nd 1805 units of the French army totalling some 75000 men , led by Napoleon I. himslef , faced a combined Austrian and Russian force of 90000 commanded by Major-General Franz von Weyroth. The French victory led the collapse of the Third coalition ,the signing of a truce , the loss of some 63000 sq. kn of Austrian territory and the payment of reparations.

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