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Castles, Glassworks, Medieval Towns, Stud and Other Sights Outside Prague in 6 DAYS

6 day round trip

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Tour availability: Tour available in summer season

Day 1
Nelahozeves castle click on: Nelahozeves castle
Kokorin castle click on: Kokorin castle
Melnik castle and wine-tasting click on: Melnik castle overnight in Melnik

Day 2
Novy Bor glassworks click on: Novy Bor crystal factories
Ajeto glassworks click on: Ajeto glassworks
Sychrov castle click on: Sychrov castle
overnight in Hruba Skala

Day 3
Bohemian Paradise Geopark (UNESCO), Trosky click on: Bohemian Paradise
Hruby Rohozec castle click on: Hruby Rohozec castle
Kost castle click on: Kost castle
Detenice castle and brewery click on: Detenice castle and brewery
overnight in Hruba Skala

Day 4
Skoda vintage car museum and factory
click on: Vintage Skoda car museum
click on: Skoda car faktory
Stara Boleslav pilgrimage site click on: Stara Boleslav pilgrimage stite
Kladruby stud click on: Kladruby stud
Hradec Kralove medieval town click on: Hradec Kralove town
overnight in Hradec Kralove

Kuks castle click on: Kuks castle
Castolovice chateau click on: Castolovice chateau
Kutna Hora medieval town click on: Kutna Hora medieval town
overnight in Kutna Hora

Kutna Hora medieval town click on: Kutna Hora medieval town
Zleby castle click on: Zleby castle
Kourim folk architecture museum click on: Kourim folk architecture museum
Cesky Sternberk castle click on: Cesky Sternberk castle
back home, overnight in Prague

The price list of Private Country Trips.

Day 1
Nelahozeves castle
This castle has returned to the private ownership of the Lobkowicz family. There is the permanent exhibition entitled Private Spaces: A Noble Family at Home. The village is the birthplace of renowned composer Antonin Dvorak. It is open every day except Mondays. This installation at Nelahozeves Castle reflects how an ancient and influential noble family lived in one of their principal castles in the countryside. A series of twelve newly installed period rooms features the present dining room and also includes bedrooms, a music room, the Prince’s smoking room, the family chapel, as well as a library in which treasures from the Lobkowicz archives are exhibited.

Kokorin castle
The castle of Kokorin ranks among the places most favoured by visitors. Its romantic appearance, accentuated by its position on a sandstone rock, won its fame during the 19th century, when it was associated with the names of romantic writers and painters.

Melnik castle and wine-tasting
Melnik is the center of Czech wine production. You can taste the local wine in the castle cellars and see several of the castle’s rooms. Also interesting is the ossuary of the cathedral by the castle. It is open every day.
overnight in Melnik

Day 2
Novy Bor glassworks
This complex is home to 4 large crystal factories and 17 small glassworks and is a very good place to shop for artistic crystal, crystal historical replicas, chandeliers and any other kind of crystal. Closed on weekends.

Ajeto glassworks
It is the world famous modern factory connected with the name of the designer Borek Sipek. Their products can be found in the collections of the famous people, f.i. Mick Jagger, Bob Dylan, Karl Lagerfeld, Jean Paul Gaultier, Bill Clinton. The glass-components for Dale Chihuly were realised at Ajeto.

Sychrov castle
This castle was built by the Rohans, an old aristocratic family who left France after its revolution in the 18th century. Before they came to our country, the family ranked among the ten most influential aristocratic clans in France. It is open every day of the year. We recommend to have the lunch in the castle on the rock Hruba Skala with the great view of the Bohemian Paradise, the rocky formations protected by UNESCO.
overnight in Hruba Skala

Day 3
Bohemian Paradise Geopark (UNESCO), Trosky
The Bohemian Paradise is famous for its beautiful, otherworldly landscape. The area encompasses Turnov (jewelry-garnet workshops, museum of precious stones), the Kozakov hill where you can see a private pit and find your own semi precious stone, Trosky Castle with a great view.

Hruby Rohozec castle
Hruby Rohozec was founded as an early Gothic castle around 1280. During the first 350 years the castle belonged to a succession of Czech aristocratic houses. Later, the castle was taken into the possession of the French house of Des Fours, which owned it for another three centuries. The last member of French house remained there until after the end of WWII when the castle, being an important cultural monument, became a state-owned property.

Kost castle
Kost is one of the best preserved strongholds from the 14th century. There was filmed one of the series "Hannibal Rising". The castle is situated in the Bohemian Paradise that is the famous Geopark Protected by UNESCO. Come and see swampy meadows, lined with the rock walls, pictoresque cottages made of logs, little villages much-frequented by film people.

Detenice castle and brewery
Late Baroque chateau is situated at the border of the Bohemian Paradise. You can witness the production of the magic beer brewed on an open fire and filtered through a straw. It is closed in winter.
overnight in Hruba Skala

Day 4
Skoda vintage car museum and factory
Only four automakers in the world can boast an unbroken tradition stretching back more than a hundred years. Skoda Auto is one of them. Museum is open every day . Seeing the factory must be booked ahead and it is not possible on weekends.
Stara Boleslav pilgrimage site
Stara Boleslav is the oldest pilgrimage location in the country. It dates from the 10th century. Wenceslas, incidentally, is the patron saint of our country, and was murdered in Stara Boleslav´s St. Kosmas and Damian church in 935.

Kladruby stud
Join us to see the oldest stud in Europe, founded in 1579 by Rudolf II Habsburg. The White Kladrubers were used for earthy and the Black ones for clerical ceremonials. We will arrange a visit of the stud, chateau, carriages exhibition, horse show, horse carriage tour, try the horse riding. A visit of the stud is possible only from April until October every day except of Mondays after booking in advance.

Hradec Kralove medieval town
At the beginning of the 14th century it became the dower town of the Czech Queens and later the word Králové was added to its name.
overnight in Hradec Kralove

Kuks castle
A unique Baroque complex of a spa house erected near the curative waters , a hospital with Trinity Church and a crypt . Very valuable is scultural decoration made by M.B.Braun. It is closed in winter. It is possible to book the private tour in advance in winter.

Castolovice chateau
The chateau was returned back to the original owner after the communism, Diana Phipps Sternberg. The permanent exhibit of the castle has approximately 20 rooms which are furnished in styles ranging from Renaissance to Biedermeier.

Kutna Hora
Kutna Hora is a superb example of medieval architecture. In the Middle ages Kutna Hora was the second most important town after Prague due to silver mines. The core of the town consists entirely of Gothic and Baroque buildings and it is the unique collection of around 457 objects on an area covering 60 hectares.Of the municipal buildings the Italian Court is the most outstanding. It became the mint of the Czech lands.( Minting in Kutna Hora ceased in 1726.) You can see there St. Wenceslas and Vladislav Chapel, the council chamber and museum of coins. One of the best examples of Bohemian High Gothic is the Cathedral of St. Barbora, the patroness of miners, began around 1380 and finished in the 16th century. It is the landmark of the city panorama. Also worth to see is the Ossuary of Sedlec Monastery, 1km behind the town. There are about 40.000,- human bones stored in the crypt, from which the blind monk made the pyramides in the 15th century. The monastery was bought by the Schwarzenberk family and they established the tobacco factory there and one of their artist, Mr. Rint, changed the ossuary into a very bizarre place, he made from the bones the chandelier the coat of arms of the Schwarzenberks and the altar. This is memento mori, symbol of passing character of life.
overnight in Kutna Hora

Kutna Hora medieval town
Zleby castle We will take you to the Romantic castle with the great interiors and the original armoury with the rare pieces like the rifle made from the water cannon. You will see the world unique herd of the white stags in the game preserve nearby the castle, too. Their feeding time is at 12,00 and at 3,30 p.m.. Closed in winter. In April and in October open on weekends only.

Kourim folk architecture museum
Our guide will take you to the open air museum of the rural houses with the authentic interiors that represent traditional folk culture, the way of life, work and habits in the 17th and the 18th centuries in Bohemia (the teritory of the Czech Republic). Come and see with us how the villages looked like 400 centuries ago! Closed in winter and on Mondays, except of December. In October open only on weekends.

Cesky Sternberk castle
A unique example of a building which was almost continuously the property of its founder, the Sternberk family ( from the middle of the 13th century until 1949 ). The nobleman Sternberk worked as the guide in this castle during the Communist Regime . It was returned to the Sternberks in 1991 . It was one of the strongest castles in the medieval Bohemia and stands comparison with the biggest royal castles of Europe. Its fortification system has survived to date. What you can see inside the castle : family portraits, art collections and a collection of graphic art from the period of the Thirty Years War , picture gallery, period furniture, historical weapons , hunting trophies , the interior is outstanding for its rich stucco work, Baroque stoves and the lavish decoration of the Grand Hall .back home, overnight in Prague

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