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Kutna Hora
click on: Kutna Hora medieval town
click on: Telc medieval town and castle
click on: Trebic medieval ghetto protected by UNESCO and basilica
Trebic - overnight

Namest nad Oslavou town and chateau
click on: Namest nad Oslavou town and chateau
click on: Brno and Slavkov battlefield
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Kutna Hora - historical center of town with St. Barbora Cathedral and the monastery church of Virgin Mary Assumption in Sedlec with a charnel house
The royal mining town was founded at the end of the 13th century in places where rich supplies of silver were found and it was , during the medieval era , the secodn most important town of the Czech Kingdom . At those times , up to 60,000 miners would work here . The glory of the town lasted from 1300 , when King Wenceslas II gave the town mining right and the mints were moved there , until the 15th century . Architectonical works of different styles and types , irregular network of streets amd paths and interconnecting old shafts form together with St. Barbora Cathedral an impressive municipal panorama .
Kutna Hora is a superb example of medieval architecture. In the Middle ages Kutna Hora was the second most important town after Prague due to silver mines. The core of the town consists entirely of Gothic and Baroque buildings and it is the unique collection of around 457 objects on an area covering 60 hectares.Of the municipal buildings the Italian Court is the most outstanding. It became the mint of the Czech lands.( Minting in Kutna Hora ceased in 1726.) You can see there St. Wenceslas and Vladislav Chapel, the council chamber and museum of coins. One of the best examples of Bohemian High Gothic is the Cathedral of St. Barbora, the patroness of miners, began around 1380 and finished in the 16th century. It is the landmark of the city panorama. Also worth to see is the Ossuary of Sedlec Monastery, 1km behind the town. There are about 40.000,- human bones stored in the crypt, from which the blind monk made the pyramides in the 15th century. The monastery was bought by the Schwarzenberk family and they established the tobacco factory there and one of their artist, Mr. Rint, changed the ossuary into a very bizarre place, he made from the bones the chandelier the coat of arms of the Schwarzenberks and the altar. This is memento mori, symbol of passing character of life
The area below the lord´s estate , from which a Romanesque church tower has been preserved , existed probably already in the 11th cetury. In the mid 13th century , a structure of ponds and fortification was created , forming together a fortress protected by water . The unique appearance of the square is a result of the mixture of Renaissance and Baroque facades with Gothic bases and narrow ground plans.
We will take you around the best preserved original medieval Jewish quarter in Europe, to the local old Jewish cemetery and the Basilica of St. Procopius that remind us the co-existence of Jewish and Christian cultures and are protected by UNESCO.
Trebic - overnight

Namest nad Oslavou town and chateau
The small town of Namest Upon Oslava river lies in the pictoresque landscape on the lower reaches of the Oslava river, on the slopes of the Vysocina mountains. The town´s name is of Czech origin - it used to mark the place, where something had been gathered, piled up or deposited - sands, earth.

Brno - Villa Tugendhat
The modernist villa designed by German architect Ludwig Mies van der Rode is considered one of the most important pieces of the world´s modern architecture . the villa was built on a tilting slope between 1929-1930 and it still bears the name of the original owners ( who emigrated in 1938 ). The building has a rectangular ground plan and is an example of a no-corridor house of a single space with a steal framework . The main living area is divided by portable walls into individual functional parts - library with an office , living room, dining room. The utility part of the house is incorporated into the slope , with the garden oriented towards south-west spreading below it. The top terrace and bedrooms offer a good viewing opportunity.

Olomouc - Holy Trinity Column
The city of Olomouc founded in the 9th century is still considered the cultural and social center of Moravia. The Trinity Column can be considered as a pearl of Olomouc city center . Its height is 32 metres and it is decorated with 18 sculptures of saints in a larger than life size , relief of 12 apostles , the relief of Victory , hope and Love and a group of angels carrying light . The top is crowned with a sculptural group of the Holiest Trinity , this work was made from gold-plated copper and was created exclusively by local artists.

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