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Jewish Sights in Moravia 4 DAYS ROUND TRIP

4 day round trip

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Day 1
Trebic click on: Trebic medieval ghetto protected by UNESCO and basilica
Mikulov click on: Mikulov
overnight in Mikulov

Day 2
Brno click on: Brno
Kromeriz click on: Kromeriz country trip
overnight in Kromeriz

Day 3
Seeing Kromeriz
click on: Kromeriz country trip
Boskovice click on: Boskovice
Svitavy – birthplace of Oscar Schindler
overnight in Olomouc click on: Olomouc country trip

Day 4
Seeing Olomouc click on: Olomouc country trip
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Day 1
UNESCO protected - an extensive Jewish quarter survived here . It consisted of two main streets with many narrow crosswise streets and two synagogues , 18 Jewish houses are recorded in 1556 , 110 two-storeay houses before the mid.-19th cent., later on the number of houses incresed . The exact time of the ghetto´s foundation is not known but its construction had to adhere to builkding plans issued by the lordship in the 16th century. Trebic Jewish Ghetto – one of the oldest Jewish settlements was a naturally-evolving urban structure , complete with every element typical of a Jewish ghetto - maximum use of the available space made further evolution of its buildings impossible. There were built a town hall , rabbinate , school, hospital, poorhouse , etc. – together 123 numbered houses aside from two synagogues . It is the best preserved original Jewish quarter in Europa protected by UNESCO . The Jewish Cemetery – today it is one of the biggest cemeteries of its kind in the Central Europa , with the area 11772 sq. metres. It is enclosed by massive walls , contains around 11 thousand graves , and nearly three thousand gravestones , the oldest of which dates from 1625

The first records date from 1560, there were 32 houses in Mikulov in Jewish ownership. 620 jewish families were granted permission to reside in Mikulov in the end of the 18th century . In 1948 members of the Czechoslovak voluntary brigade were concentrated in Mikulov before leaving for Israel .Some of the houses of an extensive 15th century ghetto survived , also the Old Synagogue and cemetery.
overnight in Mikulov

Day 2
Brno In 1930 its Jewish population stood at 10,202 persons , about 8,400 persons perished during the Nazi occupation. It is possible to see the cemetery and the synagogue . We recommend to see the vial Tugendhat protected by UNESCO.
On the way to Holesov it is possible to stop in Ivancice - A transit camp was set up here in 1938-1939 fro Jewish refugees from the border areas annexed by Germany. Kojetín - is another possible stop - the ghetto used to exiust in the mid-16th century in a curved street between the square and the western walls, consisting about 50 houses, the synagogue ( a ceramic ritual lavabo - kijor - has been walled over in the vaulted anteroom - today used as a columbarium - and the cemetery survived . Rousinov An extensive Jewish quarter used to be South of the main square , the Jewish houses were built north , west and south of the original core , surrounding the synagogue. All the houses in the W half of the main square were in Jewish ownershipby 1726 , surrounding the Catholic church from three sides . This fact is said to have brought Emperor Charles VI to issue an order in 1727 according to which ghettos were to be established in all towns and villages hitherto not existed , nevertheless , an enclosed ghetto was not established in Rousinov and Jewish families were permitted to stay in the houses on the main square .
Holesov An extensive ghetto consisting of about 50 houses in 4 streets used to exist in the NW part of the town. A greater part of the ghetto has survived , rural type one-storey houses from the 18th century and a two-storey school , a Renaissance Shakh synagogue is a museum with a permanent exhibition "The Hostiry of Jewry in Moravia ".
Kromeriz UNESCO protects this town. A part of Jewish quarter survived , the former Jewish town hall houses the district cultural center, the cemetery survived. overnight in Kromeriz

Day 3
Seeing Kromeriz
Brnìnec Oscar Schindler had the factory during WW2 here .
Boskovice The synagogue from 1639 was restored in 2002 - possible to see, there were discovered original wall paintings .
Svitavy – birthplace of Oscar Schindler Seeing the exhibition on him in the town museum .
overnight in Olomouc

Day 4
Seeing Olomouc Town is protected by UNESCO. Jews lived on the territory of Olomouc most probably as early as the 11th cent.In 1454 they were expelled and the synagogue together with the cemetery ceased to exist. jews began to settle in Olomouc after 1848. The religious congregation was reestablished after WW 2 and changed into a synagogue group in 1961. Gustav Mahler was a conductor of the Olomouc Theatre Orchestra in 1882-83.
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