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Catholic Pilgrim Sights in Moravia

4 day round trip

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Day 1
Zdar nad Sazavou - Zelena Hora (UNESCO) click on: Green Hill
Obyctov and Zvole Churches click on: Jan Blazej Santini´s Architecture
Krtiny click on: Krtiny Pilgrim Site
Porta Coeli click on: Porta Coeli
Brno - overnight click on: Brno and Slavkov battlefield

Day 2
Svaty Hostyn ( Kromeriz )
Velehrad click on: Moravian Catholic Pilgrim Sites
Kromeriz(UNESCO) - overnight click on: Kromeriz country trip

Day 3
Svaty kopecek
Olomouc(UNESCO) - overnight click on: Olomouc country trip

Day 4
Olomouc(UNESCO) click on: Olomouc country trip
Litomysl (UNESCO) click on: Litomysl
Hory u Ceske Trebove
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Day 1
Zdar nad Sazavou - Zelena Hora (UNESCO)
Zelena Hora - Pilgrim church of St. Jan Nepomucky ( Zdar nad Sazavou ) The construction of the church between 1719-22 was ordered by abbot Vaclav Vejmluva of teh Cistercian monastery in Zdar , admirer of martyr St. Jan Nepomucky and was conferred to architect Jan Balzek Santini-Aichl . On a hill, near the monastery , this excellent architect designed a unique structure of five-tail-star ground plan ( the five stars were supposed to be reflecting in the Vltava river when hangmen threw the latter saint down from the Charles bridge and became one of his attributes ). A year before the church was finished ( 1721) Jan nepomucky was canonized in Rome and the church in Zelena Hora thus soon became the most famous and most visited place of pilgrimage in Bohemia and Moravia during the Baroque era.

Obyctov and Zvole Churches
Those that love the architecture know the name Jan Blazej Santini Aichl, the creator of the style Baroque Gothic. Choose the sights with our guide to admire his work. The Cathedral of the Assumption of Our Lady in Sedlec protected by UNESCO with the famous ossuary, the Church of the Nativity of Virgin Mary in the monastery Zeliv, the Pilgrimage Church of St John of Nepomuk on the Green Hill built on the base of five-pointed star protected by UNESCO, the cemetery symbolically built on a ground plan of a human skull, the Church of St. Wenceslas built on the base of the Greek cross, the Church of the Visitacion of Virgin Mary built on the base of the tortoise, the symbol of maternity, the pilgrimage place with 14 stations in Bobrova.

Former monastery of Premostratensian women by the Church of Virgin Mary . Originally there were two churches - the Czech one from 1299 and the Gothic one ( German ) from the 15th century . Both churches were rebuilt and extended around 1650 . SDince this place of pilgrimage had been very popular , a new Chuch of Virgin Mary was built in the beginning of the 18th cent. according to the plans of Jan Blazej Santini Aichl .
Porta Coeli A Cistercian convent Porta Coeli was established in 1233 . After 1782 , when it was ebolished , it served as a factory . Since 1901 the convent has been used by the nuns again.
Brno - overnight Brno - Petrov - a cultural national monument - a Gothic Cathedral of st. Peter and Paul had its origen on the place of the primary Romanesque castle and church .

Day 2
There is in the town the beautiful Baroque church with the statue of Pieta . By the temple there is the chapel that was the pilgrim site before the church was built and the statue was moved to the temple than .
Svaty Hostyn
The place was originally the Celtic oppidum , today it serves as a marian place of pilgrimage well-known by its legend of the miracle of Virgin mary , who protected in 1241 the local population against the Tartar foray . artistically valuable stations of the Cross can be seen there .
Place of pilgrimage with monastery , Basilica of st. Cyril and Methodio and extensive complex of Romanesque -Gothic remains of buildings with Cyrilic-Method tradition . In 1927 the cathedral was administered the title and privilages of small Basilica (Basilica minor) by Pope Jan pavel II. The head of Roamn Catholic church - pope jan Pavel II - visited the place in 1990.
Kromeriz - overnight
Kromeriz (UNESCO) - chateau with the Chateau Game Preserve and Flower Garden Today´s castle was built on the place of what was a fort probably in the 9th century , which was replaced with a Gothic Bishop castle rebuilt in the 16th century into a renaissance residency of bishops of Olomouc.In 1777, the Bishopric of Olomouc was promoted to archbishopric , increasing the prestige of the chateau and the town of Kromeriz itself.

Day 3
Dub ( by Olomouc ) - Oak Tree
The church of the Virgin Mary Dubska was built in the years 1734-1756 . We can find there the unique Baroque organs from the 18th century .
Svaty kopecek ( Olomouc ) - Saint Hill
The Baroque cathedral of the Virgin Mary Visits has been the most famous pilgrim site of the whole district in Hana since the 18th century . In May 1995 it had the opportunity to welcome also the Holy Father John Paul II.
Olomouc - overnight

Day 4
The Cathedral of st. Wenceslas and the Palace of the Premyslovec Dynasty are worth to see. The city of Olomouc founded in the 9th century is still considered the cultural and social center of Moravia. The Trinity Column can be considered as a pearl of Olomouc city center . Its height is 32 metres and it is decorated with 18 sculptures of saints in a larger than life size , relief of 12 apostles , the relief of Victory , hope and Love and a group of angels carrying light . The top is crowned with a sculptural group of the Holiest Trinity , this work was made from gold-plated copper and was created exclusively by local artists.
Litomysl (UNESCO)
In 1567 , the Litomysl area was gained by the powerful Pernstejn family and the Supreme Chancellor of the Czech Kingdom Vratislav of Pernstejn chose it as his main seat . He had the original castle rebuilt into a monumental Renaissance Chateau in a North Italian style between 1568-1581.
Hory u Ceske Trebove The pilgrim site built by the water spring .
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