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Literary Genius Karel Capek Tour

He can be counted as one of the founders of classical science fiction.

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We would like to show you the spots where Karel Capek lived and worked, the places that influenced him and were influenced by him. Let us commemorate this great playwriter, one of the founders of modern science fiction. Capek is among the great figures of modern Czech literature. He introduced and made popular the word "robot." Many of his works discuss atomic weapons before they were invented, and post-human intelligent beings such as robots, the fear of social disasters, new diseases, dictatorships and violence. Capek was even nominated several times for a Nobel Prize in the interwar years.

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"With the self-evidence of his age, he always made plans in the future tense: "I will go, I will write, I will do." As if he had an unbounded plain of time before him. But at the same time he felt consciously the pressure of the briefness of his life, and so he rushed to publish his ideas, shortening his stories into shorter stories or fables. In the evil times, he confided to Karel Polacek that he was afraid of dying because he'd never done it and didn't know how to do it. "Don't be afraid, Capek, you get everything right," Polacek comforted him with a smile, because both of them knew that the approaching death of Czechoslovakia would be their death as well. And Karel Capek refused to leave the country, he stayed at home to accept death from the hand he hated most, so that he would hear his sentence passed with Czech soil beneath his feet... Olga Scheinpflugova,"
Literarni noviny (Literary News), 1965

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