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  Transportation by:   Car   Van
  max. # of passangers   3   6
  Destination City   CZK   CZK
  GERMANY - Berlin
  AUSTRIA - Salzburg
  POLAND - Auschwitz
  SLOVAKIA - Bratislava
  HUNGARY - Budapest

We can arrange virtually any transportation tailored to your needs. Please send your requirements to us and we will reply with a price quote.

Prices are incl. parking and tolls.


Reservation of transfer and tour or country trip - 5% discount

Reservation of 2 and more tours or trips - 10% discount

Returning customers - 10% discount

Student groups - 10% discount

Payment is required in advance in total.

Or we charge a deposit 50% of total price that is required for reservation in advance.
We arrange transfers in Prague - airport, railway station, restaurants, theatres, or any other place according to your request.
The tour can start after a guide with driver pick you up at the airport, or at the railway station, etc..
It is a 100% service, just for you.

Please contact us regarding the special request of vehicle! (Bigger capacity bus, double decker bus or specific brand of car).

All prices are flat calculated per one way transfer to your location of accommodation, or any other location according to your request.

Payment is possible by the credit card in advance.

Deposit 50% of total price is required for reservation in advance.

No Obligation - Internet Quick Order

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If you want to make the reservation of this service right now,
please contact us by phone: +420 604 254 334 or !

Thank you for choosing our services, we will do the best to make your stay in the Czech Republic comfortable and pleasant.
You can discuss with us city tours and country trips and your program during your stay.
Please, contact us to build your itinerary!

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