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Hluboka Castle

Romantic Architecture. The Most Beautiful Chateau Interiors In The Central Europe

Order Tour Code: C SS3
Tour availability: Tour available in summer season

Hluboka is a medieval castle reconstructed in the Romantic 19th century style with beautiful interiors and valuable art collections. It is OPEN in winter.

We recommend visiting Hluboka in a combination with seeing Brewery Budweiser Budvar and Ceske Budejovice town Trebon castle and medieval town or Cesky Krumlov castle and medieval town protected by UNESCO .

To protect the border forests, sovereigns founded an extensive network of guarding castles with a permanent armed garrison. From the 13th century Hlubokawas one of the Bohemian sovereign´s power supports, too. The small Gothic castle underwent numerous reconstructions and was often held as a forfeit. In 1661 it was bought by Jan Adolf I von Schwarzenberg, whose family held the chateau for over 280 years. The splenidi interiors of the main sightseeing route include the staircase room, the entrance room, the bedroom of the princess Eleonora Schwarzenberg, her dressing room, the cabinet of J.G. Hamilton - the Scottish painter, morning salon, reading room, lttle dining-hall, smoking salon, reception salon, great dining-hall, library, chtaue theatre, horse room, ante-room of the armoury, roundel.

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The medieval castle with the most beautiful interiors and valuable collections of art reconstructed in the Romantic 19th century style.

Overlooking the River Vltava , there is the monumental structure of the romantic Hluboka Castle. The Castle was built around the middle of the 13th century and later purchased by the Schwarzenberk family, it was rebuilt several times. The latest modification in the Romantic style of the so-called Winsdor Gothic carried out between 1839 and 1871 transformed Hluboka into a representative residence of the Schwarzenberks. Representative interiors contain rare collections of Flemish tapestries, weapons, furniture and paintings. This is the most beautiful castle in the Czech Republic.
Hluboka castle is one of the most pictoresque historical sights in the Czech Republic. Its beauty, as well as its history, annually attracts hundreds of thousands of both domestic and foreign visitors.

Route A “Representation rooms” shows the piano of Hluboká Chateau: morning room, reading room, smoking room, small and large dining room, library together with the personal rooms of Princess Eleonore and an exhibition of weapons – entrance hall to the armoury and chateau armoury. The walls and ceilings of the interiors are richly decorated with wood carvings and covered in fine wood. The most valuable furniture is found in the morning room. Some rooms are decorated with paintings by 16th to 18th century European masters, chandeliers, stained glass windows and Delft pottery. The portraits on the walls depict the most important members of the Schwarzenberg family. Interesting is the example of the valuable mobiliary collected by the princely family of the Schwarzenbergs. This is the luxury furnished 19th century interiors including 10,723 books stored on the shelves of the chateau library. The rich collection of weapons is among the most valuable collections found in Czech chateau collections. Duration 55 minutes.

Private apartments route. The private rooms have a more chamber like character than the piano nobile of Hluboká Chateau and depict the life of the last owners after the Romantic conversion in the mid 19th century. These are the princely couples, Jan Adolf II Schwarzenberg with wife Eleonore, née princess of Liechtenstein, Adolf Joseph with wife Ida, née princess of Liechtenstein, Jan Nepomuk II with wife Tereza, née countess Trauttsmandorf, and Adolf with wife Hilda, née princess of Luxembourg and Nassau. The rooms were furnished according to the inventories of the last period of the Schwarzenbergs. There is a hunting dining room, preparation room, study, marble room, bedroom, servant room and original sanitary facilities with a WC and bathroom on the route. Of technical interest is the personal and goods lift. A highlighted motif on the tour circuit is the hunt as a distinctive feature of the life of the aristocratic residents of the chateau, their families and friends. The route goes through the rooms of the chateau’s ground floor and first floor. Duration 55 minutes.

Chateau kitchen route. A unique example of a kitchen of a large noble house. Just as the Romantic conversion of the chateau in the 19th century so the orientation of the kitchen and its position is inspired by English seats. The kitchen is in the basement in the part facing the north so the running of the large kitchen stoves would not disturb life in the chateau. The visitor will be surprised not just by its size – it takes up the basement throughout the entire main chateau facade –, but also the individual parts depending on the preparation and character of the individual dishes (cold cuisine, hot cuisine, confectionery). The authentic facilities and equipment was still used shortly after 1945. Duration 35 minutes.

Winter visitors´route. Autumn has arrived, and Hluboká Castle is still accepting visitors. Tradition has typically held that the castle gates would close to visitors on October 31 and remained closed until April 1 of the following year, when tourism revived. The newly accessible tempered rooms have now enabled the staff at Hluboká Castle to welcome those interested in a tour, even during the cold season. And there's certainly plenty to see. Rooms with a chamber-like atmosphere have been gradually re-installed for viewing. In the larger part of the ground floor, available for viewing during the winter months, the private suites of the last four generations of the Hluboká dominion's owners have been prepared. Entering through the corridor on the right side of the courtyard, we begin in the Hamilton Parlour of Princess Theresa. The corridor itself, aside from hunting trophies and graphic prints from the 18th century, also boasts framed photos of the Schwarzenberg family. The hunting motifs bring us into another room – Theresa's Smoking Room and the Small Dining Room. Next we see the magnificent Hunting Dining Hall, Preparatory Room, Dr. Adolf's Small Dining Room, his Study, the Living Room, and Bedroom. Duration 40 minutes. Opening days during the winter season: from January 3rd to March 19th, from November 14th to December 20th, closed on Mondays.

It is open every day except of Monday.
S from Prague – 2hours

Trips :
1)Hluboka castle trip number 11 – 7hour round trip

Trips combinations :
2)Hluboka castle SS3 + Tabor town SS10 - 8hour round trip
3)Hluboka castle SS3 + Konopiste castle SE1 – 8hour round trip
4)Hluboka castle SS3 + Ceske Budejovice town and brewery SS5 – 8hour round trip
5)Hluboka castle SS3 + Jindrichuv Hradec SS2 – 8hour round trip
6)Hluboka castle SS3 + Karlstejn castle SW1 - 9hour round trip
7)Hluboka castle SS3 + Cesky Krumlov town and castle SS1 – 11hour round trip
8)Hluboka castle SS3 + Trebon town and castle SS4 – 10hour round trip
9)Hluboka castle SS3 + Ceske Budejovice SS5 + Trebon town and castle SS4 - 11hour round trip
10)Hluboka castle SS3 + Ceske Budejovice SS5 + Cesky Krumlov town SS1 - 11hour round trip
11)Hluboka castle SS3 + Karlstejn castle SW1 + Ceske Budejovice brewery SS5 - 11hour round trip
12)Hluboka castle SS3 + Konopiste castle SE1 + Cesky Krumlov SS1 - 12hour round trip
13)Hluboka castle SS3 + Jindrichuv Hradec SS2 + Cesky Krumlov town SS1 - 12hour round trip
14)Hluboka castle SS3 + Jindrichuv Hradec SS2 + Karlstejn castle SW1 - 12hour round trip
15)Hluboka castle SS3 + Jindrichuv Hradec SS2 + Ceske Budejovice SS5 - 12hour round trip
16)Hluboka castle SS3 + Jindrichuv Hradec SS2 + Konopiste castle SE1 - 12hour round trip
17)Hluboka castle SS3 + Jindrichuv Hradec SS2 + Cesky Krumlov SS1 - 12hour round trip
18)Hluboka castle SS3 + Jindrichuv Hradec SS2 + Cervena Lhota SS6 - 12hour round trip
19)Hluboka castle SS3 + Cervena Lhota SS6 + Konopiste castle SE1 - 12hour round trip
20)Hluboka castle SS3 + Jindrichuv Hradec SS2 + Orlik castle S4 - 12hour round trip
21)Hluboka castle SS3 + Trebon town and castle SS4 + Konopiste castle SE1 - 12hour round trip
22)Hluboka castle SS3 + Trebon town and castle SS4 + Cesky Krumlov SS1 - 12hour round trip
23)Hluboka castle SS3 + Trebon town and castle SS4 + Jindrichuv Hradec SS2 - 12hour round trip

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