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Marianske Lazne

The spa Mariensbad, the place where Johan Wolfgang Goethe met his last love 17 years old Ulrika von Levetzow & porcelain factory in Slavkov and museum in Mostov.

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This spa also called Mariensbad dates back to the end of the 18th century. It is the place where Johan Wolfgang Goethe met his last love, 17 years old Ulrika von Levetzow. It is the center of the porcelain production.


We recommend this tour in combination with Becov castle , Tepla monastery , Karlovy Vary - Carlsbad spa or Plzen - Pilsner Urquell brewery and beer museum .

Marianske Lazne spa
It has been popular with guests from all over the world. Numerous guests said the same - " There is not any more beautiful place on this planet..." ( the English king Edward, Franz Kafka, the American inventor T.A. Edison , ...)
Traditionally, there are treated diseases of kidneys, the urinary tract, air passages, locomotive organs and obesity, diseases of heart and blood vessels as well as deseases of skin and mental disorders.
Spa treatment consists of baths, the drinking cure, massages, inhalations, peat baths, physical exercises, diet and acupuncture, walks to the beautiful environs of the town and the fresh air play an important role, too.
The oldest recod concerning local mineral springs is the letter which the king Ferdinand sent to the abbot of themonastery Tepla ( in 1528 ). He asked the abbot to send samples of water ( from the present Ferdinand Spring ) to Prague because he believed salt might be found in it. People knew about the existence of the mineral springs here, but they did not make use of them.
In 1779 the abbot charged the doctor of the monastery, John Joseph Nehr, to carry out the analysis of local mineral springs. The doctor built the first spa on his own money. He called it " The Golden Ball " and in 1808 he opened the first spa season.The abbot Pfrogner then decided about the construction of the spa house. The place became very popular within a few years and it was the beginning of the growth of Marianske Lazne.

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Porcelain Factory Slavkov
Seeing the porcelain factory must be booked ahead.
The history of the Porcelain Factory in Slavkov goes back to 1792 when the first factory in Bohemia was founded by Johann Georg Paulus. Due to successful trials with kaolin-, feldspar- and silica-based material, the factory obtained a privilege for the manufacture of porcelainware in 1812.
The Porcelain Factory had become very prosperous between 1803-1843 owing to Georg Lippert, a native of Slavkov, a mine physicist and physician. Since 1867 Georg Haas and Johann Czjzek took over the management of the factory. At that time the Haas & Czjzek brand appeared for the first time in the world, becoming famous later on and still having meaning in the field of porcelain.
Slavkov products have always had a large number of customers, and the Haas & Czjzek Co. had been a part of the greatest porcelain manufacturers in the last quarter of the 19th century, and in Czechoslovakia between the wars. In the year of the 200th anniversary of its foundation, the Slavkov Porcelain Factory was proclaimed a cultural monument.

Mostov - Castle - Museum of Porcelain
The last owner of Slavokov porcelain factory - baron Georg Haas was governed by two passions. He liked the animals,he founded the zoological garden in the Bítov castle - the first one here. He kept there more then 200 dogs ( some breeds don´t exist any more ), horses, and at the first place was she-lion Mitsi-Mouse. He used to sleep with his she-lion in the bed. As the second passion he had many girls from the country as the mistresses - he had about 25 children, but he never got married. His life finished on the May 1945 by the shot from the pistol - two days after the visit of the Red Guards that came to confiscate his property, nobody knows if it was the suicide or the murder.

W from Prague - 2,5hours

Trips :
1)Marianske Lazne spa & Porcelain Factory Slavkov trip number CWW1 - 9hour round trip

Trips combinations :
2)Marianske Lazne spa CWW1 + Karlovy Vary CWW2 - 10hour round trip
3)Marianske Lazne spa CWW1 + Plzen brewery CSWW1 - 10hour round trip
4)Marianske Lazne spa CWW1 + Karlovy Vary spa CWW2 + Moser glassworks CWW3 - 11hour round trip
5)Marianske Lazne spa CWW1 + Karlovy Vary CWW2 + Nelahozeves castle CNW1 - 11hour round trip
6)Marianske Lazne spa CWW1 + Karlovy Vary spa CWW2 + Sirem-Franz Kafka CB3 - 12hour round trip
7)Marianske Lazne spa CWW1 + Karlovy Vary spa CWW2 + Plzen brewery CSWW1 - 12hour round trip
8)Marianske Lazne spa CWW1 + Karlovy Vary spa CWW2 + Nelahozeves CNW1 + Lidice WW2 memorial CW2 - 12hour round trip
9)Marianske Lazne spa CWW1 + Karlovy Vary CWW2 + Terezin concentration camp CNW3 - 12hour round trip
10)Marianske Lazne spa CWW1 + Karlovy Vary CWW2 + Karlstejn castle CSW1 - 12hour round trip
11)Marianske Lazne spa CWW1 + Karlovy Vary CWW2 + Krivoklat castle CW1 - 12hour round trip
12)Marianske Lazne spa CWW1 + Karlovy Vary CWW2 + Moser crystal factory CWW3 + Lidice WW2 memorial CW2 - 12hour round trip
13)Marianske Lazne spa CWW1 + Karlovy Vary CWW2 + Plzen brewery CSWW1 + Sirem of F.Kafka CB3 - 13hour round trip
14)Marianske Lazne spa CWW1 + Karlovy Vary CWW2 + Nizbor crystal factory CW3 + Krivoklat castle CW1 - 13hour round trip
15)Marianske Lazne spa CWW1 + Karlovy Vary CWW2 + Terezin conc. camp CNW3 + Lidice WW2 memorial CW2 - 13hour round trip
16)Marianske Lazne spa CWW1 + Karlovy Vary CWW2 + Nelahozeves castle CNW1 + Terezin conc. camp CNW3 - 14hour round trip
17)Marianske Lazne spa CWW1 + Karlovy Vary CWW2 + Karlstejn castle CSW1 + Krivoklat castle CW1 - 14hour round trip

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