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South Moravia in 5 days

5 day round trip

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Day 1
Telc (UNESCO) , castle is closed in winter click on: Telc medieval town and castle
Trebic (UNESCO) click on: Trebic medieval ghetto protected by UNESCO and basilica
overnight in Trebic

Day 2
Jaromerice nad Rokytnou castle is closed in winter click on: Jaromerice chateau
Vranov nad Dyji castle is closed in winter click on: Vranov
Znojmo overnight click on: Znojmo

Day 3
Lednice (UNESCO) and Valtice (UNESCO) castles are closed in winter click on: Lednice and Valtice
Slavkov click on: Brno and Slavkov battlefield
Brno overnight

Day 4
Brno (vila Tugendat - UNESCO) click on: Brno
Moravsky Krumlov (Alfons Mucha paintings - Slavic history) click on: Moravsky Krumlov Slav Epic
Kromeriz (UNESCO) click on: Kromeriz country trip
Kromeriz overnight

Day 5
Olomouc town(UNESCO) click on: Olomouc country trip
Pernstejn Castle castle is closed in winter click on: Pernstejn
Zdar nad Sazavou - Zelena Hora Church(UNESCO) click on: Green Hill
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The price list of Private Country Trips.

Day 1
Telc is one of the best preserved ancient towns in the Czech Republic. A combination of pure Renaissance and Baroque buildings, typically grouped, makes Telc one of finest examples of medieval urban architecture. The magnificent square, surrounded by arcaded houses and with a Baroque fountain in its centre, still retains the atmosphere of the Renaissance period. The chateau was originally a Gothic castle from the 14th century, but in the second half of the 16th century it was converted into the Renaissance building. The chateau interiors have rich decoration, carved and painted ceilings, frescoes, and other splendid features.
Trebic (UNESCO) Trebic Jewish Ghetto – one of the oldest Jewish settlements was a naturally-evolving urban structure , complete with every element typical of a Jewish ghetto - maximum use of the available space made further evolution of its buildings impossible. There were built a town hall , rabbinate , school, hospital, poorhouse , etc. – together 123 numbered houses aside from two synagogues . It is the best preserved original Jewish quarter in Europa protected by UNESCO . The Jewish Cemetery – today it is one of the biggest cemeteries of its kind in the Central Europa , with the area 11772 sq. metres. It is enclosed by massive walls , contains around 11 thousand graves , and nearly three thousand gravestones , the oldest of which dates from 1625. overnight in Trebic

Day 2
Jaromerice nad Rokytnou The castle is one of the largest Baroque building in the Central Europe . The construction was ended in 1737 .
Vranov nad Dyji The original fortress that had only one access from the South has never been conquered , even the Swedish army resigned in 1645 aftera few months , was reconstructed according to the plans of the famous architect Fischer von erlach in 1687-95.
Znojmo overnight We recommend to see the Romanesque rotonda of st. Catherine with the original wall paintings from 1134 .

Day 3
Lednice (UNESCO) and Valtice (UNESCO)
Lednice-Valtice - cultural landscape The Lednice-Valtice region is a unique example documenting a gradual influance of human work on landscape , having its climax from the 17th to 19th century. The cultural landscape creates an illusion of being magnified by creating view of surroundings . It represents a unique value for its dendrology and entomology and includes seven natural preserves.
Slavkov - Austerlitz - battlefield
Battle of the Three Emperors , the second greatest battle ever to take place in the Czech Lands . On December 2nd 1805 units of the French army totalling some 75000 men , led by Napoleon I. himslef , faced a combined Austrian and Russian force of 90000 commanded by Major-General Franz von Weyroth. The French victory led the collapse of the Third coalition ,the signing of a truce , the loss of some 63000 sq. kn of Austrian territory and the payment of reparations.
Brno overnight

Day 4
Brno (vila Tugendat - UNESCO)
Brno - Villa Tugendhat The modernist villa designed by German architect Ludwig Mies van der Rode is considered one of the most important pieces of the world´s modern architecture . the villa was built on a tilting slope between 1929-1930 and it still bears the name of the original owners ( who emigrated in 1938 ). The building has a rectangular ground plan and is an example of a no-corridor house of a single space with a steal framework . The main living area is divided by portable walls into individual functional parts - library with an office , living room, dining room. The utility part of the house is incorporated into the slope , with the garden oriented towards south-west spreading below it. The top terrace and bedrooms offer a good viewing opportunity.

Moravsky Krumlov ( Alfons Mucha )
It was mentioned first in 1227 . There is in the chateau ( from the years 1562-1568 ) the unique art axhibition - the work of Alfons Much . About 20 great paintings - Slavic Epos - in the sizes 6x4 metres and 6x8 metres , are incredible cycles of Slavic history , a half of them is dedicated to the Czech - i.e. Bohemian history .

Kromeriz (UNESCO)
The chateau with the Chateau Game Preserve and Flower Garden Today´s castle was built on the place of what was a fort probably in the 9th century , which was replaced with a Gothic Bishop castle rebuilt in the 16th century into a renaissance residency of bishops of Olomouc.In 1777, the Bishopric of Olomouc was promoted to archbishopric , increasing the prestige of the chateau and the town of Kromeriz itself.
Kromeriz overnight

Day 5
Olomouc (UNESCO)
Olomouc - Holy Trinity Column The city of Olomouc founded in the 9th century is still considered the cultural and social center of Moravia. The Trinity Column can be considered as a pearl of Olomouc city center . Its height is 32 metres and it is decorated with 18 sculptures of saints in a larger than life size , relief of 12 apostles , the relief of Victory , hope and Love and a group of angels carrying light . The top is crowned with a sculptural group of the Holiest Trinity , this work was made from gold-plated copper and was created exclusively by local artists.

It is one of the most beautiful and the most important castles in the Central Europe. Since the mid 13th century it was the seat of the Lords of Pernstejn , that played the important role in the kingdom´s policy . The Late Gothis and Renaissance reconstructions survived and it is the uniue example of these styles . The castle was used and is used in many movies .

Zdar nad Sazavou - Zelena Hora (UNESCO)
Zelena Hora - Pilgrim church of St. Jan Nepomucky ( Zdar nad Sazavou ) The construction of the church between 1719-22 was ordered by abbot Vaclav Vejmluva of teh Cistercian monastery in Zdar , admirer of martyr St. Jan Nepomucky and was conferred to architect Jan Balzek Santini-Aichl . On a hill, near the monastery , this excellent architect designed a unique structure of five-tail-star ground plan ( the five stars were supposed to be reflecting in the Vltava river when hangmen threw the latter saint down from the Charles bridge and became one of his attributes ). A year before the church was finished ( 1721) Jan nepomucky was canonized in Rome and the church in Zelena Hor thus soon became the most famous and most visited place of pilgrimage in Bohemia and MOravia during the Baroque era.

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