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Private Country Trips North East of Prague and North Moravia

Sights within 70km North-East of Prague:

Tour Code: NE 70km

Vintage Skoda Car Museum
Skoda Cars Since 1895.

Tour Code: C NE1

Skoda Car Factory
Seeing The Production Of The Car Factory Skoda.

Tour Code: C NE2

Catholic Pilgrimage Site - Stara Boleslav
Famous Catholic Pilgrim Site. Site of St. Wenceslas´s Martyr Death.

Tour Code: C NE3

Bedrich Smetana´s Museum
The Museum of the Famous Composer Bedrich Smetana, the Father of Czech Music. The House where "My Fatherland" Was Composed.

Tour Code: C NE4

Kosmonosy Loreto
Kosmonosy Loreto, the Catholic Pilgrimage Sight

Tour Code: C NE5

Sights over 70km North-East of Prague:

Tour Code: NE 70+km

Kuks and Betlem
The Example Of The 17th Century Spa. Unique Baroque 17th Century Buildinds And Statues Complex. Baroque Pharmacy. Baroque Park.

Tour Code: C NNE1

Hradek by Nechanice Chateau
Example Of Romantic Architecture. Famous Battle In 1866 Between Austria And Prussia.

Tour Code: C NNE2

Castolovice Chateau
Interior´s Style Ranging From Renaissance To Biedermeier. Art Museum. English Park.

Tour Code: C NNE3

Opocno Chateau
Great Baroque Art Collection. Neapolitan And Venetian Art School Collection.

Tour Code: C NNE4

Litomysl Medieval Town & Chateau
Litomysl Town Chateau protected by UNESCO. Composer Bedrich Smetana´s Museum.

Tour Code: C NNE5

Josefov - Military Fortress
Military Fortress From The Year 1787.

Tour Code: C NNE6

Hradec Kralove Medieval Town
Hradec Kralove Medieval Town. Town of Bohemian Queens.

Tour Code: C NNE7

Petrof Piano Factory
Seeing the Largest European Piano Factory. Possibility To Buy Piano Directly From The Factory.

Tour Code: C NNE8

Bobbin Lace Of Vamberk
400 Years Old Tradition Of Hand Made Lace. Museum. Factory. Shopping.

Tour Code: C NNE9

Zoo Dvur Kralove
A member of European Association of Zoological Gardens and Aquaria (EAZA) and of the World Zoo Organisation (WZO-known also as IUDZG). The largest African sauna in Europe. The return of animals back to the wild. Seeing Safari from the Safaribus. Special evening safari rides.

Tour Code: C NNE10

Nachod Castle
Gothic Castle on the way to Wroclaw.

Tour Code: C NNE11

Nove Mesto nad Metuji Castle and Medieval Town
Charming old town and castle on the way to Wroclaw

Tour Code: C NNE12

Our licenced tour guides speak fluent English, German , French, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Japanese, Turkish, Portuguese, Greek, Swedish, Norwegian, Finish, Danish, Polish, Hungarian, Chinese, Hebrew, Dutch, Rumanian, Latvenian, Serbian, Croatian, Bulgarian, Tartar, Indonesian, Ukrainian, Arabic and many other languages.
All types of transportation are at your disposal, cars, vans, limousines, buses and coaches.

The trip can start any time you want, the guide or driver will pick you up at your hotel.

We offer many different city tours and a big choice of country trips and a combination of city tours and country trips, or a combination of all country trips.
It is possible to combine more than one trip outside Prague, provided that the trips are in the same general direction from Prague.

Please, contact us to build your itinerary, or check our offer on the web. site.

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It is possible to combine more than one trip outside Prague, provided that the trips are in the same general direction from Prague.
Please, contact us to build your own itinerary.
You can start your trip any time you want, your guide will come to pick you up to your hotel.
We organize custom tours especially for you.

The castles outside Prague are closed on Mondays except Melnik, Sychrov and some of them are closed in winter.

The crystal factories and breweries are closed on weekends except Kasak´s glassworks.

A visit to the breweries Budweiser and Plzen is possible every day.

Tickets to all attractions are not included in the tour price.

Summer season: from April 1st, to October 31st.

Winter season: from November 1st, to March 31st.
Discover with us the beauty of our country!

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