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Dresden - Germany

Once it was called Firenze on the River Elbe, Zwinger art museum.

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After bad wartime destruction, Dresden has regained much of its original architecture as a remarkable and attractive city. Explore the historic center, don´t forget to visit the art museum in the Zwinger Palace.


A combination with Terezin WW2 memorial - concentration camp is recommended.

To have a break on the way to Dresden, we recommend to stop in one of the following medieval towns: Litomìøice medieval town or Ustek medieval town .

Dresden - the city of art and culture!
The historic centre of the city on the River Elbe should be explored on foot - from the Zwinger and the Semper Opera House to the Royal Palace, which is under reconstruction, on to the Frauenkirche and to Brühl's Terrace, and to the town houses in the inner new city (Innere Neustadt).
After bad wartime destruction, Dresden has regained much of its original charm as a remarkable and attractive city.
Modern architecture merges with the historical city centre.
Dresden's reputation as a top European city of art has to a great extent been formed by the work of visual artists. Caspar David Friedrich, the »Brücke« group of artists as well as a number of contemporary artists, some of whom left the G.D.R., each stand for new forms and ways of artistic expression.
At the moment, there are about 600 visual artists working in Dresden.

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The Electors and Kings of Saxony were enthusiastic collectors of art and acquired art treasures of immeasurable value over the course of the centuries.
With his Electoral collection of cabinet pieces, Elector Augustus laid the foundation for the original collection in Dresden, which was counted among the most remarkable sights in Europe as early as the 17th century. So rapidly did the collectibles grow in number and variety that special museums were founded as long ago as the 18th century.

Thanks to the collections, state-owned since 1924, Dresden is one of the most important museum cities in Europe today.
The best-known museum of the Staatliche Kunstsammlungen Dresden is certainly the Old Masters Picture Gallery in the Semper museum building adjoining the Zwinger, where the most famous painting is Raffael's Sistine Madonna.
The New Masters Picture Gallery in the Albertinum building on Brühl's Terrace holds important works from the Romantic period to the present day.
The same museum building currently also houses the Grünes Gewölbe (Green Vault), the widely known, most valuable German collection of more than 3,000 works of applied arts. The subjects of the 37 Dresden museums range from civic history to military history, from the Technical Collections (Technische Sammlungen) to the Book Museum.

1)Dresden A1 - it is a 9-10hour round trip
It is 2,5 hours to drive there.
We offer an English-speaking driver , or a translator and the driver.

Trips combination:
2)Dresden CA1 + + Terezin conc. camp CNW3 - 10-12hour round trip
3)Dresden CA1 + Lidice village CW2 - 10-12hour round trip
4)Dresden CA1 + Nelahozeves castle CNW1 - 10-12hour round trip
5)Dresden CA1 + Veltrusy castle CNW2 - 12hour round trip
6)Dresden CA1 + Terezin conc. camp CNW3 + Lidice village CW2 - 12-14hour round trip

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