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Holasovice Village

Folk architecture open air museum.

Order Tour Code: C SS7
Tour availability: Tour available in summer season Tour available in winter season Recognized by UN as an unique heritage site

The UNESCO-protected Holasovice village was preserved as a unique example of a 19th century South Bohemian country village.
Combine seeing Holasovice with Tabor town.
The history of Tabor is connected with Jan Hus, a great reformer of the Catholic Church. The complex of underground tunnels built by Hus´s followers is a Tabor touristic highlight.
We recommend a combination with Hluboka castle , Brewery Budweiser Budvar and Ceske Budejovice town, Trebon castle and medieval town, Cesky Krumlov castle and medieval town protected by UNESCO , Tabor medieval Hussite town , Konopiste castle , , Jindřichův Hradec medieval town and castle or Velke Popovice brewery .

Holasovice village is a unique reservation of historical monuments and a part of the world cultural heritage. The location of Holasovice had probably caused the impression that time in the village passes more slowly.
And so the ground plan of the village could survive in its medieval shape to the present, and also the single buildings which are concentrated around the spacious village green are in the same shape that was given to them by their builders in the second half of the 19th century.
It was preserved as a unique example of the South Bohemian country environment of the 19th century and at the same time as proof of the art of architecture and plaster art of our ancestors.
The so-called folk, or Rural Baroque, causes the unique atmosphere of Holasovice.
It is a type of a rural architecture, based on using baroque, rococo and classicist building elements in the environment of a village.

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Although in Holasovice you will not be able to find examples of a peak presentation of buildings of this type either in the luxury and articulation of the gables or the richness of decoration, still because of its compactness and unity the village green of Holasovice presents itself as the most attractice example of the beauty of South Bohemian Rural Baroque.
Holasovice deserves the acclaim and inclusion on the UNESCO´s List of the World Cultural and Natural Heritage.

2 hours to drive, S from Prague
Holasovice village SS7 - 7 hour round trip
S from Prague – 2hours
Trips combinations :
2)Holasovice village SS7 + Ceske Budejovice SS5 – 8hour round trip
3)Holasovice village SS7 + Hluboka castle SS3 – 8hour round trip
4)Holasovice village SS7 + Konopiste castle SE1 - 8hour round trip
5)Holasovice village SS7 + Jindrichuv Hradec SS2 – 8hour round trip
6)Holasovice village SS7 + Karlstejn castle SW1 - 9hour round trip
7)Holasovice village SS7 + Cesky Krumlov town and castle SS1 – 10hour round trip
8)Holasovice village SS7 + Trebon town and castle SS4 – 10hour round trip
9)Holasovice village SS7 + Trebon town and castle SS4 + Hluboka castle SS3 - 11hour round trip
10)Holasovice village SS7 + Cesky Krumlov SS1 + Hluboka castle SS3 - 11hour round trip
11)Holasovice village SS7 + Hluboka castle SS3 + Karlstejn castle SW1 - 11hour round trip
12)Holasovice village SS7 + Hluboka castle SS3 + Konopiste castle SE1 - 11hour round trip
13)Holasovice village SS7 + Jindrichuv Hradec SS2 + Cesky Krumlov town SS1 - 12hour round trip
14)Holasovice village SS7 + Jindrichuv Hradec SS2 + Hluboka castle SS3 - 12hour round trip
15)Holasovice village SS7 + Trebon town and castle SS4 + Jindrichuv Hradec SS2 - 12hour round trip

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