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Follow in the Footsteps of Your Ancestors
Let us find the place your family came from.

Tour Code: C B1

Follow Steps of Jan Hus
100 years before Martin Luther Jan Hus started the reforms in the Catholic Church.

Tour Code: C B4

Follow Steps of Emperor Charles IV
Sites the Emperor Charles IV Stamped With His Influence

Tour Code: C B5

Gustav Mahler
Follow steps of Gustav Mahler a classical music composer.

Tour Code: C B6

Archduke Franz Ferdinand d'Este
The assassination of Franz Ferdinand and his wife Sophia Chotek started WWI.

Tour Code: C B7

Antonin Dvorak
The greatest Czech composer.

Tour Code: C B8

Coloured Modern Glass Trip
Seeing 2-3 Glassworks. Glass Blowing. Glass Shopping. Artistic Glass.

Tour Code: C EE1

Porta Coeli Convent
Splendid Example Of Gothic Architecture. Collections Of Minerals & Archeological Objects.

Tour Code: C EE3

Boskovice Jewish Quarter and Chateau
Medieval Jewish Quarter. Boskovice Medieval Town And Chateau That Is One Of Purest Empire Styles In Europe.

Tour Code: C EE4

Velke Losiny Chateau
Velke Losiny Chateau. Witch Trials Of The 17th Century Inquisition.

Tour Code: C NEE1

Bouzov Castle
Bouzov Castle. Museum Of The Teutonic German Knights Order. Eugene von Habsburk

Tour Code: C NEE2

Kuks and Betlem
Unique Baroque complex. Baroque pharmacy. Baroque park. The example of the 17th century spa.

Tour Code: C NNE1

Litomysl Medieval Town & Chateau
Bedrich Smetana´s museum, chateau is closed in winter

Tour Code: C NNE5

Josefov - Military Fortress
Military Fortress built in the years 1780-1787.

Tour Code: C NNE6

Desna & Harrachov
Glassworks & glass museum & microbrewery. The highest mountains Krkonose.

Tour Code: C NN1

Bohemian Paradise - a nomination to UNESCO
Turnov jewelry-garnets workshop, museum of precious stones, Sychrov castle, Trosky castle, Rovensko village.

Tour Code: C NN3

Detenice Castle & Brewery
It is situated in the Bohemian Paradise area that is nominated to UNESCO.

Tour Code: C NN6

Frydlant Castle and Chateau
National Cultural Monument, , a famous 17th century commander Albrecht Eusebius Valdstejn (Wallenstein)

Tour Code: C NN8

Prachovske Rocks, Jicin Medieval Town
Albrecht Eusebius Valdstejn , Jewish Sights in Jicin - Karl Kraus, Mnichovo Hradiste Chateau - and the tomb of Albrecht Valdstejn

Tour Code: C NN9

Strekov Castle Ruins or Duchcov Castle
Giacomo Casanova´s last stay in Duchcov castle, Strekov castle was an inspiration of R. Wagner.

Tour Code: C NWW2

Jezeri - Eisenberg Chateau
Place of composer Christopher Willibald Gluck. The Nazi internment camp for high-ranking officers of the allied armies.

Tour Code: C NWW4

Telc Town and Castle
Medieval Town & Chateau Unique Example Of Renaissance 16th Century Architecture Protected By UNESCO. Chateau Garden.

Tour Code: C SEE1

Jewish Ghettos in Trebic (UNESCO) and Polna Towns
Basilica Of St. Procopius And Trebic 16th Century Jewish Quarter Protected By UNESCO. Polna Medieval Jewish Quarter. Exhibition Hilsner Affair In The Polna Synagogue.

Tour Code: C SEE2

Brno & Austerlitz - Slavkov
Brno & Austerlitz-Slavkov Napoleon´s Battlefield. Battle of Three Emperors. Vila Tugendhat Protected By UNESCO. Spilberk Castle With Famous Casemates.

Tour Code: C SEE3

Moravian Karst - Caves
Limestone Caves. Motorboat Ride Along an Underground River.

Tour Code: C SEE4

Moravsky Krumlov Chateau - Alfons Mucha
Fabulous Exhibition of Art Nouveau Founder Alfons Mucha´s "SLAV EPIC".

Tour Code: C SEE5

Jaromerice Chateau Upon Rokytna River
Chateau´s Center of Baroque Culture. Exhibition Of Musical Instruments.

Tour Code: C SEE6

Namest Chateau Upon Oslava River
There Survived A Working Room Of Former Czechoslovak President And One Of Founders Of United Nations Edvard Benes. Collection Of Baroque Tapestries.

Tour Code: C SEE7

Lednice-Valtice Area
Chateau Lednice With Its Famous Chateau Park. Chateau Valtice. Wine-tasting. Winemaking. UNESCO

Tour Code: C SEE8

Mikulov Chateau
Mikulov Town And Chateau. Jewish Museum. Wine-Tasting. Winemaking. Palava Hills UNESCO Biosphere Reserve.

Tour Code: C SEE9

Vranov Upon Dyje River, Chateau & Town
Vranov Upon Dyje River Chateau. Free Masons Center. National Park Podyji.

Tour Code: C SEE10

South Moravian Catholic Pilgrim Sites
South Moravian Catholic Pilgrim Sites. Velehrad. Krtiny. Hostyn.

Tour Code: C SEE11

Bucovice Chateau - Pearl of Moravia
Bucovice Chateau. Renaissance Architectural Pearl of Moravian Region. Purist Renaissance Architecture Outside Italy.

Tour Code: C SEE12

Znojmo Town and Castle
Znojmo Town And Castle. Wine-Tasting. Winemaking. Medieval Underground Passages.

Tour Code: C SEE13

Kromeriz Town and Chateau
Old Town. Archbishop´s Chateau With Its Famous Art Museum. Old Musical Archive. UNESCO.

Tour Code: C SEE14

Winemaking & Wine Tasting In Knights Templar 13th Century Wine Cellars.

Tour Code: C SEE15

Straznice Town, Castle, Open-Air Museum
Wine-Tasting. Petrov Village´s Wine Cellars. Straznice Town. Castle. Folk Architecture Open-Air Museum. Memorial Of Czech And Moravian Brothers´s 16th Century School. Jan Amos Komensky Comenius 16th Century Philosopher.

Tour Code: C SEE16

Cesky Krumlov Town & Castle Tour
UNESCO protected site. Egon Schiele Art Museum

Tour Code: C SS1

Trebon Castle & Medieval Town
Trebon Spa, Brewery and UNESCO biosphere reserve.

Tour Code: C SS4

Brewery Budweiser Budvar and Ceske Budejovice town
Brewing and beer tasting.

Tour Code: C SS5

Rozmberk Castle upon the Vltava River
Art collection. Armoury. A legend on White Lady.

Tour Code: C SS8

Tabor - a Hussite Medieval Town and Klokoty Pilgrimage Catholic Site
The 14th century underground system.

Tour Code: C SS9

Slavonice Medieval Town
A nomination to UNESCO.

Tour Code: C SS10

Prachatice Medieval Town, Husinec Village - Birth place of Jan Hus
Sumava National Park ( a reserve of UNESCO)- Boubin primeval forest.

Tour Code: C SS11

Plzen - Pilsner Urquell Brewery and Beer Museum
Brewing and beer tasting. Passages of the brewery cellars. Beer museum.

Tour Code: C SWW1

Klatovy Medieval Town
Catacombs with mummies, Baroque pharmacy

Tour Code: C SWW2

Svihov Water Castle
The 15th century fortification system.

Tour Code: C SWW3

Rabi Castle
The largest castle ruin in the Czech Republic.

Tour Code: C SWW4

Horsovsky Tyn Castle and Château
The aristocratic habitation patterns in the 16th-20th centuries exhibition. Natural park.

Tour Code: C SWW5

Kladruby Monastery
The best example of Czech Baroque Gothic architecture. A genius architect J. B. Santini Aichl. The largest collection of militaria.

Tour Code: C SWW6

Nebilovy Chateau
A collection of Venetian crystal chandeliers with floral motives.

Tour Code: C SWW7

Marianske Lazne
The spa Mariensbad & porcelain factory in Slavkov and museum in Mostov.

Tour Code: C WW1

Karlovy Vary - Carlsbad Spa
spa - have a bath and massage, tasting of mineral waters, visit of Moser glassworks

Tour Code: C WW2

Moser Glassworks in Karlovy Vary
Crystal blowing, Moser factory shop, Moser museum.

Tour Code: C WW3

Manetin Chateau amd Town
Baroque pearl of West Bohemia.

Tour Code: C WW4

Plasy Cistercian Monastery
History of pharmacy, once a property of Metternichs.

Tour Code: C WW5

Kynzvart Chateau, Spa - Town
Once a property of the chancellor Metternich.

Tour Code: C WW6

Becov Castle
Schrine of St. Maurus is a religious relic of European significance.

Tour Code: C WW7

Tepla Monastery
Baroque library, closed in January.

Tour Code: C WW8

Loket Medieval Town and Castle
J.W.Goethe´s love with U. von Lewetzow, castle is closed in winter.

Tour Code: C WW9

Ostroh Castle - Seeberg
Porcelain museum, Cheb medieval town.

Tour Code: C WW10

Dresden - Germany
Once it was called Firenze on the River Elbe, Zwinger art museum.

Tour Code: C A1

Bratislava - Capital of Slovakia
Once Prespurk on the river Danube.

Tour Code: C A2

Auschwitz - Osviecim (Poland) Concentration Camp
WWII memorial protected by UNESCO.

Tour Code: C A3

Heidelberg in Germany
Once it was a town of Fridrich of Falc that was the Winter King of Bohemia.

Tour Code: C A4

Kladruby Stud
Kladruby stud was found in 1579 by the Emperor Rudolph II. It is the oldest Euroepan stud.

Tour Code: C NNE10

Slatinany Stud and Hippologic Museum
Hippologic Museum. Slatinany Stud. Przewalski Horse.

Tour Code: C NNE11

SKODA HOLDING factories in the town Plzen

Tour Code: C SWW8

Mauthausen - Austria
Concentration camp, WWII memorial in Austria.

Tour Code: CA6

Passau - Bavaria Germany
Medieval town on three rivers. The cult of Mariahilf - Our Lady of Mercy.

Tour Code: CA7

Regensburg - Bavaria Germany
Medieval town Protected By UNESCO. Johannes Kepler.

Tour Code: CA8

Vesely kopec and the Green Hill
Vesely kopec folk architecture open air folk architecture museum and the UNESCO protected Green Hill a masterpiece of architecture of J.B.Santitni-Aichl.

Tour Code: C EE7

Klasterec nad Ohri Town and Chateau
Porcelain Museum.

Tour Code: C WW14

Duchcov Chateau
Giacomo Casanova´s Last Stay In Duchcov Castle.

Tour Code: C NWW6

Benesov nad Ploucnici Chateau
Charming renaissance chateau and town.

Tour Code: C NWW8

Jested Tower in the Jizerske Mountains and Liberec Town
Jested Tower is the candidate to UNESCO. Beautiful Landscape of the Jizerske Mountains.

Tour Code: C NN11

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